Holodeck 1- Songs for Old Friends (A Wake)

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But remembering where she was an what she was doing, Faye set about more introductions. “Daggum Hammor, my good friend Kiama Naim, our Chief Science Officer. Kiama, this is Daggum, my… fiance.” She flipped her gaze back to him. “Huh, that sounds pretty good you know?”

Meanwhile, Shara set out glasses so Micah could divvy up some of the moonshine, though she set a different glass aside for Faye to make her something fun and special but without the alcohol.

~The Calloway Women

Alex and Hammor

“I hope I’m not too late,” Walker said as he walked onto the holodeck. He hadn’t been quite sure what to wear, but knowing Faye he decided to keep it simple with slacks and a light button down shirt. But with his first step onto the sand, he paused as he pulled off his socks and shoes. Scooping them up with one hand, he continued on barefoot.

Approaching the group he held up two bottles Aldebaran Whiskey he was carrying in his other hand. “Sorry I’m late, I picked up a case of these back on the station, but somehow the case ended up in one of the lower cargo bays, tucked back behind a bunch of the long term engineering part stores. I’m going to assume that one of the crewmen ‘accidently’ moved it, instead of trying to secret it away,” he said with a grin. Taking in the group, and the glasses being poured on the table already, Walker lowered the bottles. “But enough of my story, and we can save these for later.”

CWO Darach - COO

Cochrane smiled at Darach and said “That sound like a issue for the Operations Chief. Fair warning… he can be grumpy.” He walked over and held out his hand to Walker and said “Good to see you here. I figured Faye would have made sure you made it.”


“Oh he would have been even grumpier if I hadn’t found that crate,” Walker said with a laugh, taking Cochrane’s hand.

“And she certainly did make it pretty clear that I was to be here. I think the invite went something like ‘blah, blah, blah, holodeck, blah, blah, your life is forfeit’. I figured I got the point and made sure to block off the time,” he said with a chuckle.

Shara began passing out glasses of clear stuff. “Everyone grab a glass and be forewarned it’ll knock you your socks off and then also probably knock you on your ass,” she said with a grin. She handed a glass with a bubbly pale yellow drink in it to Faye. “Shall we start in a minute.”

Faye nodded. “Yeah, I think we’re good to get going.” But her gaze cast it way over to Pikelsimer and she looked like she was definitely sizing up the man.

~The Calloway Women

Daggum stepped up next to her and he caught her glance. “So… what are you thinking? About him, I mean…”

“I don’t know,” Faye said quietly. “I mean, whom am I to say anything really? She seems happy and that’s what matters. Is it weird? A little, but I’ll get over it.” There was still a large part of her mind that associated her mother with Edward Calloway, and despite him being long dead, someone else in the picture was… uncomfrotable.

“Thank you,” Walker said taking the glass. He took a brief sniff and let out a low whistle. It didn’t sneak past him that Faye was handed a different glass, he was going to have to bug her about that later.

CWO Darach - COO

Revna took the glass and sniffed, oh now that was something worth drinking. A home brew moonshine, she’d bet her last bottle of mead, but she did not miss the change of drink for the younger Callaway woman from the corner of her eye. She didn’t bring attention to her observation. No one should drink alone - alcohol or not, whatever their reason. She set the glass down and smiled at Shara, “I think that might be more than I can handle.”
McKenzie, DA

Shara chuckled. “Feel free to grab something else, or just inhale the fumes. It’s surprisingly effective.” She held out a hand to Revna. “I’m Shara,” she said, and then gestured to Faye. “And this is my daughter Faye. I’m just the guest around here.

Revna could smell the fumes easily and it was quality shine that was for sure. But she took a glass of a fruit juice with her thanks. She took the woman’s hand, “Revna, I’m the new girl.” She smiled at Faye, “It’s nice to meet you both.”

“Welcome to the party,” Faye said. She’d figure the details of this person soon enough, though she was definitely curious about a person she didn’t know who was brave enough to drop into a wake. Kudos were in order.

Cochrane took a glass and looked around. “Ladies and gentlemen, if I may be so bold” he said over the assembled guests, “… a toast. To the people of Tracken - past, present, and future. May their memory and their strength continue to shine to us as an example of what we all strive for: community, hearth, and home.” and he raised his glass to group.


Revna raised her glass in salute and then sipped from the drink. It was very good.

“Hear, hear.” Shara lifted her glass and drank a moderate sip, casting a sideways grin towards Micah. It was good stuff. But she felt attention on her and turning her head, she met Faye’s gaze. They had worked out ahed of time sort of how they wanted to handle this, but now it was time for words and actions. And mirrored in her gaze Shara saw the same uncertainty. How did you sum something like that up? Maybe you didn’t need to try.

Moving to let Faye and Daggum stand with them, Shara switched ‘’on’, letting herself hold the space she stood in and reached out a hand to Faye.

Faye took her mothers, hand, letting her fingers wrap around Shara’s and squeeze gently. She was already emotional and they hadn’t even gotten started.

Daggum reached out and took Faye’s other hand, squeezing gently.

Squeezing her daughter’s hand, the two women share a moment of silent communication before Shara began. “We asked people to join us this evening for many reasons. But the core of it all is the fact that on Tracken Two, you never went it alone. Even those that chose a life of solitude could participate in the community in their own way. Tonight I am here because I was an unconventional woman who married an unconventional man and raised a very unconventional daughter. Tracken itself seemed to defy convention, and yet at its core, it gave and bred the things that so many people want: camaraderie, love, kinship, protection and belonging. You could do your own thing, be your own person and you still belonged. Here we are on a Starfleet vessel where much of that can be said as well., but its… different. And I know for some of us that finding those things took unexpected turns and were not always easily found, but I like to think that it’s because of places like Tracken that we get to enjoy that here.

Shara sighed slightly. “I wasn’t sure who I wanted to be or what I wanted to do when Edward and I first moved to Tracken. In fact, we almost didn’t go. I thought it was a ridiculous idea.” Shara shot Faye a look as if to say, ‘listen up kid, you might learn something’. For her part, Faye was amused. “I mean, it was hard enough getting by as I was at the time, working on a small moon. Edward thought I was wasting away there, and maybe I was. But I wasn’t looking for anyone to rescue me and I certainly wasn’t asking him to. But he did anyway, in his own quiet way and when he told me about this colony one of his freighter shipmates was moving too, his eyes lit up. He was nothing less than enchanted. And I thought to myself, here’s this man I unexpectedly fell in love with. I could try it, for a little while. And if we weren’t happy there we could leave. And so we went and ended up finding things we didn’t know we were missing.

“For me, Tracken is this incomplete thought and feeling. I was whisked away before it was gone, so a part of me has to remind myself that it doesn’t exist anymore, except in here”-she tapped her head-” and in here,”she said as she placed her hand on her heart. “And maybe that’s easier some days, though I feel all their absences deeply. I am Shara, wife of Edward, best friend of T’Lora and Jaris. On Tracken I was a hunter and forager, a mathematics teacher and a musician. I am still all those things, but it’s al very different now.” She turned to Faye to let her daughter take over and say her peace.

~Shara Calloway

Juice in one hand, Faye drew in a deep breath. “And I am Faye, daughter of Shara and Edward, best friend to Cameron, protege of T’Lora. Growing up on Tracken was so different than many others I’ve talked to over the years, but also I’ve come across many who also grew up on colonies. Some had more than we did, some less, but the commonality was self-reliance. I’m not going to sugar-coat this. We’re here tonight because a lot of people died.” She gestured over to the rows upon rows of candles burning brightly within their hurricane shades. “Each candle represents a member of our community that no longer lives. Who died under horrific circumstances. My mom and I decided that while that event was sad and still is sad, that tonight would not be. But we can’t let it pass without honouring their lives but recognizing how they died.

She shook her head for a moment, trying to gather her words. And she went to say more but couldn’t and decided that maybe that was enough. So she shrugged. “I guess there’s not much to say. I’ve told the story in detail to some people here, but the thing about all the changes I’ve been going through is that now that I’ve told the story a few times, I don’t want to. I’m ready to let it go. And that was the whole point of this. My mom and i never got closure. Normally when your loved ones die you do something, but circumstances didn’t allow us to have that. So this is our way so thanking them and saying goodbye. Please do walk amongst the candles. Each one has a name on it. And listen to our stories and know that you now share Tracken with us. That you too get to carry its spirit with you wherever you go.”

Faye lifted her glass. “To Tracken, its people and the things they held dear.”

~Faye Calloway

Daggum squeezed her hand and whispered “That was great, love.” and raised his glass. “To Tracken.”

Along with the rest of the assembled crowd Revna raised her glass and there was a chorus of “To Tracken” and then everyone was drinking. Revna smirked watching those that had no idea what ‘shine’ was taking big heaping gulps of it or sniffing and sipping and a shocked shiver go through them. But either way it was a beautiful tribute of support for the two woman standing before them.
McKenzie, DA

“To Tracken,” Walker echoed as he raised his own glass, before taking a drink. He tried to suppress a grin at what sounded like a cough somewhere as someone took a drink. That was one thing they never did teach officers back at the Academy, how to drink.

CWO Darach - COO

Alex raised his glass. “To Tracken.” and he took a drink. He had one advantage… he had had the moonshine before. A long drink and a wink at Darach, and he looked around and smiled. Community… thats what they were here to celebrate. And in doing so, they further cemented the ideal in their own way. This ship, its crew, was a community not much unlike Tracken, he thought to himself. Isolated, self-reliant, and used to doing things their own way with little in the way of guidance or outside direction. He smiled slight and looked at the Calloways. He knew nothing would ever replace their home or it’s people… but here, at least in this moment, perhaps they had found something of ‘home’.


Daggum Hammor

Shara sipped a bit more and as the liquid warmed her belly she smiled. “Alright, there’s lots of food and drink and a nice fire going, so help yourself and get comfy. But you folks get to choose the next bit: do you want a song or a story first?”

~The Calloway Women

“I vote story,” Walker said finishing off his drink. Picking up one of his bottles of whiskey, he refilled his glass. “Plus I haven’t had quite enough to drink yet to start in with the singing.”

Chuckling he took a drink.

CWO Darach - COO

“I second the motion.” Alex said with a grin and then took a drink.

Cochrane, CO

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