Gotta Eat Sometime

Posted July 19, 2021, 10:51 p.m. by Commander Zef Rollo (Counselor) (D Grisham)

Revna was curious but not put off by the seeming conflicting statements and posture. She came wanting to make Revna uneasy to push her, and now was overtly friendly. Sore spots of her own indeed. “It’s not a secret, but not something I advertise either. People tend to latch on to such things and assume that’s all I am. And it’s not. Good for you though. If you didn’t make it awkward that means it’s comfortable. And comfort is good but not nearly as much fun as awkward. As for sore spots , hit all you want. My Da would tell you that having sore spots means you’ve lived a life worthy of retelling in the great epics. And so far, I’ve discovered, he’s right.” She picked up her mug and cupped it with both hands, bring it to her face and letting the steam warm her before sipping at the strong black tea. Next trip back to the station she was making Mike give her the honey he used when he made it. She smiled to herself, he’d probably refuse, telling her he needed to hold on to something that would make her come home. Like anything could stop her from going home to him.

McKenzie, DA

“He probably not wrong, but later maybe I’ll tell where that goes a little sideways for me,” Faye said more sombrely.

The counselor entered the officer’s mess starving! The increase in hormones was reeking havoc with her system and she didn’t have the nuances down yet. As always, her grey/blue eyes scanned the people there and she was strangely happy to see Calloway. “Faye? I feel like I haven’t seen you in a week!” Zef walked over to the table as she spoke. Not wanting to be rude, her eyes settled on the other woman. “Hi, I’m Cmdr Zef Rollo, the ship’s counselor. I believe you are Revna McKenzie?”

—Rollo, CNS

Revna looked up at the counselor confused and concerned. They’d met while the Manhattan had been docked at the station. Revna had had an hour appointment with Rollo. They had agreed to meet twice a week. Formally and informally. Zef had even said that she needed someone to talk to herself and had asked Revna if she would do that for her. Revna had of course agreed. She had even given Revna permission to call her Zef if she was comfortable with it. Perhaps she was trying to protect Revna’s privacy by not hinting Revna had seen her, but everyone did mandatory regular evaluations and Revna was not ashamed that she was still in need of counseling. The strange unnecessary introduction concerned Revna instantly however. Revna half stood and pulled out a chair for the woman, “Perhaps you should sit down. Are you feeling alright Cmdr? We met last week. In fact we have an appt. tomorrow.”

McKenzie, DA

She’d realized her mistake as soon as it was out of her mouth. “Of course we did. I’m so sorry… Its been a difficult couple of days for me and now there’s a physical…condition I’m dealing with that’s really throwing me off my game.” She looked around for Chef Harv. “I feel like I’m going to fall over if I don’t eat something very soon.”

Hypoglycemia maybe? Had she skipped a meal? She said a physical condition? She looked at Faye who obviously knew the woman better and mouthed the word ‘Doctor?’

Faye didn’t know what was up (OOC: I’m assuming she doesn’t know about the pregnancy at this point) so she gave a subtle shrug. She didn’t know, but she was keeping a close eye on Zef now.

Well that was awkward, and it wasn’t even her this time! “Speaking of appointments, yeah, we need to sit down too. It’s been a rather huge whirlwind and I feel like I’m still on some sort of shuttle speed racing course.” It might seem uncaring to others, but Faye was attentively watching Zef with a hint of concern that the counsellor would know was genuine.

~Faye Calloway, Counter-Intelligence

“You’re absolutely right, Faye. Everyone’s been busy getting the ship on its way back out into the Delta quadrant and running test to make sure the Manhattan is in top form. Where is Harv?”

—Rollo, CNS

“I’ll get you something.” Revna told her and made her way towards the kitchen. Now normally Revna would not invade a chef’s space, any more than a bar tenders, but something was wrong with the counselor and if she needed food, then Revna would get it and see if that calmed her down. Her understanding was also that coffee and whatever stew he had on was free game. She didn’t see anyone in the kitchen so she grabbed a bowl, spoon, a cup of coffee, and water in quick order onto a tray. She returned, with haste, to Zef and Calloway. “Here, I hope this alright, it’s what was left on the stove.”

McKenzie, DA

“Thank you, so much…I could have…” Blue-grey eyes settled on Revna. “Thanks, I appreciate it.”

“Harv’s stews are always good. Haven’t had a less than awesome one yet in the two years I’ve been here,” Faye said before digging back into her own.

Turning to Zef, Faye smiled softly. “Missed you at the wake, but in traditional Faye Calloway fashion it was eventful!” she said breaking into a grin.

~Faye Calloway, Counter-Intelligence

Zef nodded. “I wanted to go but I was dealing with something of my own that day. If it helps any, I was there in spirit.” She was extremely nauseous while the wake was going on and spent a couple of hours on the bathroom floor either laying on the cool tiles or bent over the commode emptying her stomach.

Revna smiled softly, it had been a beautiful event to remember those that had been lost. Manhattan certainly had its own community.

At that moment a voice came from the kitchen. “Who the hel-” followed by a loud “DAMMIT CALLOWAY! PUT YOUR LADEL IN THE SINK! HOW MANY TIMES-” and the door burst open and Chef Harv stomped out with a dripping ladel in hand, saw the three women, stopped, shook his head, and then said “Oh… my apologies, ladies. I didn’t know anyone else had arrived. Please, if you need anything, just ask. Happy to be of service.” He looked at Zef and said “Hey, Doc. How you feeling? Everything good?”


While Faye responded to Harv, the counselor looked up at him and gave a tiny shake of her head, telling him everything wasn’t good.

“Geez, get distracted one whole time and leave the ladle sitting on the side counter and suddenly every instance is my fault,” she said, shooting Harv a sideways glance. And then she smirked.

~Faye Calloway, Counter-Intelligence

Revna looked up at the voice and then at Calloway and grinned. And now Harv was asking if Zef was alright. Zef had only said there was a physical condition and she felt like she was going to pass out. Now with two people who obviously knew her well, Revna picked up her mug of tea and moved toward the replicator. She did this for two reasons. If Zef was feeling like she would pass out, whether from physical or mental strain, several people standing around, hovering, would not help her. Second if the ‘physical condition’ was super personal, and since she didn’t state outright what it was, she would want to talk to someone she knew - not a stranger. Revna ordered buttered toast with honey. She sipped her tea while it swirled into existence. She set the plate on top of the mug, picked up the toast and took a bite as she walked over toward the windows.

McKenzie, DA

With a half-glare, Harv said “One time? Its every time. And don’t try to pull one over on me. You leave the ladle on the cutting board after your first bowl so that when you pull a loaf of my bread out and set it on the board, it soaks up the stew remnants while you slice it. This ain’t my first spin around the mixing bowl, Calloway.” He then looked back at the other ladies and said “Again, anything you need. Oh!” and he looked at Zef. “I’ve got something for you, Commander. Hang on.” and he dashed back in the kitchen. He came back a moment later with a small clear bag filled with what looked like gold bits of crystal and handed it to Zef.

“Ginger, brown sugar, lavender, and mint. Crystallized so you can suck on them like candy. Helps ease upset stomachs and heartburn.” and he patted her shoulder.


“Oh, Harv, you’re such a gem. I’m sure these will come in handy.” She reached out and held his hand for a squeeze. “Thank you.” Zef set the clear bag by the top of the stew bowl and picked up her spoon. She was so hungry she barely chewed the first bite and felt relief when it hit her stomach. That bite was followed with several others until the edge had been taken off of her discomfort. Finally, she blotted her lips with a napkin and took a deep breath. Noticing Revna was still absent, she looked around and spotted her by the windows. “I didn’t mean to run her off…” Raising a hand, she waived the woman back over and patted the empty chair. “Please, sit. I didn’t mean to shake up the table. I just really needed to get some food in me.”

—Rollo, CNS

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