Botanical Garden - Burning the Midnight Oil (Open)

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Posted by Civilian Luke Wyatt (Military Liason) in Botanical Garden - Burning the Midnight Oil (Open)
Walking back through the ship was like revisiting a bad nightmare, but his memories were not all bad. The Garden that Faye had once proudly shown off to him was perhaps one place he could find some solace. It was as beautiful as he once remembered it.

Walking in through the doubled entrance the first thing he forgot was just how big it was, as if someone had taken a chunk from one of Earths nature reserves and carved it into the Manhattans hull. As he dived into the centre courtyard behind him he left the Experimental Plants and Fruit trees, all heavily scenting the air around him.

Luke walked underneath the arch which was above the threshold to the courtyard, he turned right and made his way down the curvy path knowing that there was a small circuit that led him back to the entrance, the courtyard was filled with more native tree’s and plants you’d see in most gardens. His pace was slow as he took in each piece of greenery.

This was one of the things that drew him back to the ship, not many had this type of luxury especially out here in the DQ, he really could see why Faye loved it so much. He’d never been a green thumb but he’d left the Manhattan with fond memories and took them back to Earth where he started growing his own fruit and vegetables, mostly chillies.

Rounding back to the entrance he carried on forward so this time the pond was on his right shoulder, its stepping stone path disappearing behind another bout of trees, though the sound of its running water and the laughter of a couple utilising its benches found its way through the mass of trunks and foliage.

Finally Luke found himself ascending the winding hill path which snaked from left to right and crossed the stream that flowed down from its water source at the peak. He took it slow and paused to gaze at the tropical glasshouse which was an explosion of greens, reds, purples, blues and oranges through its slightly misty glass panes.

Arriving at the furthers point from other people and the path. Taking his bag and placing it on the floor he retrieved a Padd and a cooler flask before sitting himself down on a bench that overlooked everything. He had planned on doing some work, writing his initial assessments and letting FedSec HQ know he’d arrive safely. FedSec, gods he didn’t know whether the opportunity was a gift or a cruse but either way he’d try and do things differently this time.

  • Luke Wyatt, ML

She had found out, naturally. It didn’t take her long to, though since everyone seemed caught off guard by the new arrival, she didn’t feel put off by the lack of warning, but the news left her… unsettled. He was here, and after a cursory glance around, Faye headed up to the spot her gut told her she’d find him.

It was late, and yet she was still in uniform. Still her sciences blue, but with her new hollow pip addition and beside her rank a Starfleet Intelligence insignia pin. Formally, she was entirely under Cochrane’s command and didn’t take orders from Intelligence HQ, but her work still continued to span places and departments so it was a big mish-mash of groups involved. She didn’t mind though.

Upon initial arrival as expected I was met with a degree of caution, calling it hostility would be over-exaggerating however I have to note Mrs. McKenzie may or may not be a problem, she will certainly require some getting to know before I make any hasty decision. Luke put down his PaDD having just finished another paragraph, most of his report was from his journey here, the people he met and then the initial meeting with the ship key personnel.

He’d see her approaching, if he was looking. If not, she’d quietly approach and come to the third layer on the Hill. The bench overlooking everything so had so desperately wanted to show him that one night was underneath a fantastical looking tree wth large boughs that held groups of leaves that looked like rain drops. The effect was ethereal. “You found my tree,” she said softly. Dark hair in its usual tidy French braid, she presented a tidy form compared to how she normally was in the garden, all ready to dig in the dirt happily.

~Faye Calloway, Counter-Intelligence

Looking up just as he was about to begin writing again Luke recognised the voice, “Its hard not to.” It was one of the bigger tree’s as far away from people as possible, it was quiet and yet controlled the scene around it. “You look really well.” It was a genuine compliment, “I can move if you’d like?” He asked leaning to get his bag and begin packing. When he left Luke didn’t say goodbye, he felt it wouldn’t have any benefit and he was in a and place. He needed to remove himself from the situation, for everyone’s benefit but being back, he knew that too was a mistake.

  • Luke Wyatt, ML

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