Officer's Mess - Burying The Hatch- ... Wait, Didn't We Do That Before? (Tag Wyatt)

Posted July 20, 2021, 4:21 p.m. by Captain Alexander Cochrane (Commanding Officer) (James Sinclair)

Posted by Civilian Luke Wyatt (Military Liason) in Officer’s Mess - Burying The Hatch- … Wait, Didn’t We Do That Before? (Tag Wyatt)

Posted by Captain Alexander Cochrane (Commanding Officer) in Officer’s Mess - Burying The Hatch- … Wait, Didn’t We Do That Before? (Tag Wyatt)
As soon as the meeting after Luke’s arrival was done, Alex sent word to Faye that he was back and to be prepared for it. He then cleared his scheduled meeting with the Gravien Planetary Defence Council and sent word to Luke to meet him in the Officer’s Mess for a late lunch, if he cared to. Alex thought giving him a choice and seeing if showed would be the barometer for how his presence back on his ship would be. If he showed, ok… they might be able to have a civil discussion and hopefully get past… well… the past. If he didn’t show? Well…

It didn’t surprise Luke that Alex would want to see him so soon after all they needed to put the past where it was, in the past. The once Chief of Security officer had made some question choices and said some questions words but since then he’d grown and matured. That and been given a renewed interest.

Alex took a seat in the empty room. Harv came out and said “Oh, heya. Skipper. Didn’t expe-“ “Wyatt’s back, Harv. Civilian now. FedSec.” and he emphasized the last part. Harv nodded and said “You tell Calloway?” Alex nodded. “Ok. Reubens and beer coming up. Potato salad on the side.” and he disappeared into the kitchen.

Cochrane, CO

“Captain” Luke said entering the officers mess, “Thankyou for your invitation, I hope I’m not late” he arrived knowing he wasn’t late but was keen to mind his manners and to build bridges with his host. “I didn’t think I’d be allowed in here anymore” he chuckled.

  • Luke Wyatt, ML

Alex looked up as Luke came in and he smiled a polite if not overly-friendly smile. “Special occasion. Harv is cleaning out the cold storage. You get to taste and tell him what’s gone bad or not.” and he laughed softly and held out his hand. “Have a seat.”

Alex folded his hands on the table and looked at Wyatt. No sense beating around the bush. he thought silently and so he said “So why come back, Luke? Of all the places you could have gone… why back here? And what was with the lack of communication from your people?”

Cochrane, CO

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