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Posted by Lieutenant Commander Faye Calloway (Counter-Intelligence Officer) in Calloway’s Quarters- Mentoring in All Forms

Posted by Captain Alexander Cochrane (Commanding Officer) in Calloway’s Quarters- Mentoring in All Forms

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Faye Calloway (Counter-Intelligence Officer) in Calloway’s Quarters- Mentoring in All Forms
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Giggling, Faye got up carefully and set her mug down. She brought over her computer and set it on the table in front of them and pulled up the message. “So she sent me this with exactly two words accompanying it: No comment…”

And then Faye played the video:
The video showed two sides of a vid call. One side: a remarkably sober looking Shara and Micah on the couch they currently sat on, dark of night in the window behind them. On the other, an Andorian woman with long white hair with beads in it. Her face was painted to resemble a rising sun in yellows and oranges.

“Dearly beloved,” the woman began, “… we are gathered here under the blessings of the Universal Harmony and Light-Bearers Church of the Everlasting Love and Harmonious Living Church and Souvenir Store to join these two beings in holy matrimony. Shara Calloway… do you love, honor, trust, cherish, and desire the man next to you? And do you wish him to be your partner in love and light till darkness takes you and you cast into the abyss of the everlasting night never to be seen or heard by the universe again?” Shara looked at Micah and smiled. To anyone who didn’t know her, it looked like a love and adoring smile. Micah, though, saw the struggle to keep from laughing and simply nodded and said softly “Yeah, I know…” “I do.” said Shara. The ‘minister’ looked at Micah. “And do you, Micah Pikel… Pikelsimmer? Piike-simer? Pickalsimmer?” and Micah rolled his eyes at Shara and said “Pikelsimer. Close enough. Lets do this.” and the minister said “Right, Pikelsimer. Do you promise to love, honor, cherish, and satisfy all the needs - both physical and spiritual- of the woman next to you?” and the ‘minister’s‘ eyes focused on Shara and she licked her lips as her words took on a somewhat daydream-like quality. “Even if that means taking on a second lover to help with her most intimate desires… satisfying her while she tells them about how she makes homemade yogurt and cheeses… and wants to raise small horses and sell them to tiny cowboys…” and she shook her head and said “Oh, I’m sorry… What was I saying? Oh yes… do you promise to love and cherish her as your partner and wife until such time as the holy light is vanished from the universe and you are left alone and cold amidst nothingness for all eternity?”

Micah and Sha stared at the screen and then Micah just said “Uh… yeah.... sure. Except that one past with the tiny cowboys.” The ‘minister’ smiled and said “I pronounce you wed! Congratulations. Now.. we have a wide assortment of souvenirs to help you memorialize your wedding. Would you be interested in the -” and the vid ended.

Faye was shaking with laughter. It was still funny! “I still have to reply. I only got this earlier today and I’m not sure what to say to her.” Her voice was getting higher pitched as she tried to retrain her laughter.


Alex fell over.

Out of the chair.

Landing on the floor and laughing so hard he started turning beet red and the veins stood out on his neck. For many, many minutes he couldn’t talk. No words could be formed as he saw, over and over again in his mind the vid. Suddenly he stopped laughing and looked at Faye as if he had been shocked back into seriousness. He looked at her with wide eyes and the said only…

“Tiny cowboys.”

And he started laughing again.


Faye was already primed for laughter, knowing what was coming, but the more he laughed, the harder she did and as soon as he started again, her ribs were hurting.

“Church of the Everlasting Love and Harmonious Living?!” She bust out into laughing again. Tess sat on the arm of the sofa looking at the who Humans as if she wasn’t sure this amounted to one of those emergency situations or not.

When, finally, they were able to contain themselves once again… and breathe, Faye looked at Alex and shook her head. “When you asked if I was okay with it, now you know why I can’t be mad. I mean, who can be upset with… that? Oh, my face hurts!”


Alex lay on the floor, breathing heavily and tears streaking his cheeks. “Oh they are getting tiny chaps and hats for anniversary presents every year. I mean… but… how?! How did they of all people end up doing that? Them? They are the two most serious and wholly independent people I have ever met. How did they decide they would elope with a vid church?! AND DID YOU SEE THAT WOMAN’S HAIR?!”


“Homemade yogurt and cheeses!” Faye said with a cackle but she forced herself to frown for a moment to let the impetus to laugh pass by again. “Oh Gods. And my mom nearly cracked. Like, sure, I’m still getting to know her but there’s no way she did that sober. I’m telling you they had to have been, and yet they managed not to look it.”

Suppressing another laugh, Faye reached for her coffee again. “More seriously, I think I might get it. Maybe this will surprise you about her, but when she’s decided something so commits 110%. That includes relationships. She did tell me she was engaged once early on after Voyager returned to the Alpha Quadrant but she broke it off because she realized she was using him as a rebound to dad. think about it Alex, she loved my dad so fiercely that it took her over two decades to actually get married again. I’m definitely going to pepper her with questions when we chat next, but as weird as it is to think of Pikelsimer as my step-dad”-she made a face-“I have nothing but respect for the man. So… yeah. That and I feel we have an understanding too. Much like the warning you gave Daggum,” she said with a grin.


“Yeah… but I couldn’t take Daggum. Pikelsimer could make this whole damn ship disappear if he set his mind to it. But if anyone could take him… it’d be you, Faye. Or should I call you Little Pikelsimer now?” and he chuckled.


“No,” Faye said flatly. “How about we never say that again. Nothing against the guy, but man is that name a mouthful. Captain Calloway has such nice alliteration and suits me much better don’t you think?”

“The very thought fears me with dual excitement and fear.” and he laughed.

Settling back into her spot, Faye regarded Alex for a moment and then shook her head. “You know, it’s remarkable. Think about it, Alex. Pikelsimer is, like you say, wholly independent, and so is my mom. I’d go so far as to say they thrive being on their own. It’s not that they don’t answer to anyone, but it weighs less on their every decision. But something is different when they are together. Something so strong and unexpected they got married after knowing each other, what, two months?!” Her stormy eyes gazed deeply as she smiled. “Here you and I are, me engaged and yes a bit mystified at how fast the whole thing went and you learning how to rebuild a relationship, and we’re looking at them like something crazy happened. But imagine being at that part of your life where you can make such a massive decision and, not brush it iff, but just go with it. Be spontaneous. Right to the point of telling your daughter without apology or shame: look what I did. Yep, that was me. I want that, Alex. That surety even if was a spur of the moment thing. Possibly drunken too. But she didn’t say, Hey Faye, ‘don’t worry, we’ll fix this’. Or ‘look what we did that we shouldn’t have and now have to annul’. Nope, she’s going through with it. Some part of her loves that man that much that she’s willing to connect herself to him forever on w whim. That’s commitment!” she said with a grin.


Alex pondered the statement and reflected a bit before saying “Well… I think you are at that point, Faye. At least for now. The spontaneous points in our lives aren’t singular… they come when things are aligned and the circumstances set to allow us to take a much bigger step forward in our own development than we normally do. It’s like a child growing up. They are always growing, but they hit those growth spurts and suddenly they are changed overnight. Thats what is happening with you and Daggum… you are meant to be, so the universe made it so you and he could have that growth at the same time; and be there to help each other integrate it into your lives. Same with your mom and Pikelsimer. And I, for one, think its wholly and completely beautiful and absolutely fitting that it happened for them in that way. Tiny cowboys and all.” and he laughed.


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