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=/\= What do you mean, ‘You don’t know’? You tell me there is a Diplomatic Advisor coming on board and that I’ll get their file when they arrive, but you can’t even tell me who ‘they’ are? This is not irregular; its ridiculous. =/\=

=/\= Captain, I assure you this is all above board. It is simply a last minute assignment and the bureaucratic documentation has yet to catch up, is all. =/\=

=/\= Right. Once again, logistics seems to fail on the other side of the wormhole. =/\=

=/\= I understand the frustration, Captain. They will arrive within the hour. =/\=

=/\= Well, I hope ‘they’ don’t expect much in the way of a reception. =/\= and Cochrane shut the comms off.

Alex glared at the blank screen and then tapped the comms. =/\= Mr. Creed, Mrs. McKenzie. Meet me 8n Shuttlebay Two. Mrs. McKenzie, your new advisor is arriving. =/\=

Alex stood and walked briskly out of the ready room.

Cochrane, CO

Creed entered the shuttle bay as quickly as he could from the bridge, leaving Chief Wynters in charge as he strolled into the bay. “Your tone just then sir, it always means trouble for me,” Jack said with a sideways smirk as he looked around briefly to quickly see he was as he suspected first of the ordered pair in. “So… new advisor sounded less fun than say… a new Dabo machine… you know we can install one.”

Sitting in her office pouring over more reports Revna looked up. Advisor? What advisor? S’Tek didn’t say anything about…and she sighed. It didn’t matter who said or didn’t say. She stood up pulling on the floor length vest with the diplomatic corp emblems, downed the last of her ice water and tapped her combadge. =/\=Acknowledged Captain. I hope they realize this is short notice for an official welcome.=/\= She left her office turned for the turbolift, “Deck 20” and off the lift sped. Getting off she heading aft and entered the shuttle bay and walked over to the captain. “Cpt. Cochrane, Cmdr Creed,” she said by way of greeting.

McKenzie, DA

“Revna.” Creed said with a polite nod, now the time was just to wait for their guest.

“Ardashir.” Revna nodded and looked at the arriving shuttle. What new insaneness had the Federation sent her now?

He’d dealt with the crew of the Manhattan before, Luke had even loved them and he respected Alex more than he’d have let on but his new job meant he was meant to butt heads. He was meant to look at the bigger picture not just the safety of the ship which was odd when he came under the diplomatic corp but that’s where the Federation Security came in, he was as influential as a captain but as important as a janitor. His decision could be ignored or acted on, either way, he’d voice his opinion for the greater good. Stepping off the shuttle ramps was the oddest situation ever, “Captain, Mrs McKenzie, Et all” He bowed his head in respect, “I expect questions so I’m willing to answer them, but I have one. Where is Faye.” He’d thought of a million things to say but there was one burning question, how was Faye. There was nothing he could do to forget her, maybe the harsh reality of her forgetting him might help. But the one thing he wanted to do was apologise.

  • Luke Wyatt, Military Advnisr/FedSec

“Faye is working on a task I assigned her, we can send her regards later I suspect… unless there is a reason to derail this meeting further than we need to?” Creed said, wondering if it was really needed to bother Faye right now. As her official department head as CIO, he often had tasks for her he developed out when intelligence contacted them. It kept her busy, and her talents sharp. She was always exceptional, so he preferred to keep her mind active and working than doing more mundane tasks he was sure they could assign her if they absolutely needed to.

Creed, XO/CIO

Hmmm there was a history here, and it didn’t look pleasant. Great. And who exactly was the man? Revna resisted the urge to berate them all for their lack of manners. If they couldn’t manage basic introductions among their own, what were they going to do when diplomatic envoys came on board?

Cochrane nodded slightly towards Creed and cleared his throat. Hands clasped behind his back, stared at Wyatt. The two men had a… interesting… relationship, to say the least.

Lieutenant Commander Calloway is indisposed, as Commander Creed said. And that is probably a conversation not had in a public forum… Mr. Wyatt. Welcome back. Please, let’s go to the Conference Room. I assume you remember the way?” and he gestured to the door.

Cochrane, CO

Ah well now she had a name at least, if not his purpose on board. Wyatt had obviously been told about her, but the diplomatic corp or S’Tek had dropped the ball on disseminating information. And if this was another one of their idiot tests she was going to send her baby sister to the main offices in San Francisco. That thought made her smirk slightly.

Luke accepted the response, he hadn’t really expected a heroes welcome. He, after all wasn’t exactly a well liked member of crew but then again that’s why he got the job he was given, he voiced the heart wrenching opinions, whether people liked them or not. “No of course not, please lead the way” Though this wasn’t his ship, nor the way that he strictly came under Alex’s command he more than anyone respected the man. There was only one person he respected more and she wasn’t here.

  • Luke Wyatt

With no explanation, introduction, or other pertinent information forth coming, Revna fell back on what she knew, listening and followed the small group out of the shuttle bay and towards the conference room.

McKenzie, DA

Cochrane led them all silently through the passageways and onto the turbolift. A silent ride and the doors opened and they all made their way to the Conference Room.

Taking his seat, he said “As I’m sure that introductions may be necessary…” and he looked at McKenzie. “Mrs. Revna McKenzie, this is Mr. Luke Wyatt. Apparently he is to be advising you in some fashion. I hope you know more than I do. Mr. Wyatt was the Chief of Security on the Manhattan previously.” He looked at Wyatt and said “Mr. Wyatt, Mrs. Revna McKenzie, Chief Diplomat for the ship.” He clasped his hands on the table and gave Creed a look that said Oh, I am so not happy right now. and then took a breath.

Creed nodded politely as he took a deep breath. He wasn’t sure how this meeting was going to go, but it did feel like it was going to be a memorable one all the same.

Revna took a seat near Cochrane and folded her hands into her lap quietly. She nodded politely at the introduction. “Mr Wyatt.” If it was a pleasure or not was yet to be seen. She noted the look between Cochrane and Creed. There was a lot more going on here than just a returning crew member. She filed it away for later.

“Now could anyone here please tell me what in the Nine Hells is going on, please and thank you.”

Cochrane, CO

Revna turned her gaze on Wyatt, “I think that would fall to you Mr Wyatt as it appears no one on board knows what is going on, except for you. Please enlighten us.” There was no aggression to her voice, body language, or mannerisms, but it was clear she expected him to provide those answer, at that moment.

McKenzie, DA

Luke nodded and let out a breath, “As some of you are aware I left the Manhattan in the not so distant past and was approached by an organisation within the Federation who were looking for people with a no nonsense approach, anyway without boring you all It was a branch between the diplomatic Corp and FedSec. After recent events and my knowledge of both the crew and ship I was assigned to become your Military Liason, both diplomatically but mainly I have been tasked with looking at the bigger picture and that picture being the Federation as a whole. I wish I could explain I’m not here to step on people’s toes but that’s pretty much the job title, I don’t want us to be stepping on egg shells and I want to be as open and as clear to you as possible.”

  • Luke Wyatt, Military Liason

Then try again, was Revna’s only thought. “No, let’s making something clear Mr. Wyatt. You work for me. If toes are to be stepped on then I will be the one doing it. I choose when, where, how, which toes and why they get stepped on. You are here to give me your opinion and view point from a military angle. Your job is to step back, watch, and listen. The first time you decide to step on toes, without my approval or that of Cpt Cochrane, I will have your arse in the brig. I’m not getting shot at or stabbed because FedSec wants a piece of the Diplomatic action.”

McKenzie, DA

Creed, XO

Luke nodded slowly, he was an expert at this sort of reaction by now, that and FedSec training only helped that. “I think you’re getting the wrong end of the stick here Miss Mckenzie, while I appreciate your stand it’s misguided but I think and hope we’ll get along just fine once we’ve managed to get to know one another and draw some clear lines” Luke let out a knowing sigh. “Captain I have sincerely returned to only help this ship. We have had a not so smooth history to put things lightly but please don’t take my position as a Military Liason lightly nor Federation Security, because believe my Handler does not, I will try to remain unseen and unheard for as much as I can. I’m not here to make enemies maybe if we look before we leap before judging me being here. Miss Revna is and will be your Diplomat I am here to see things from a Militaristic and Security point of view for the Federation as a whole.” Belive it or not Luke had hated his time onboard before, he was always met with hostility and in turn it made him more hostile. Every always needed an enemy it just seemed to always fall on his shoulders, he was eager to make a change.

  • Luke Wyatt, ML

By the gods there was going to be a diplomatic incident on board for stupid crap. Like polite introductions and remembering a person’s correct form of address.

Her voice as always was even, gentle and sincere, “I truly hope so, Mr. Wyatt. I have no desire to be at odds with you. I believe we should have a very frank conversation very soon. I look forward to it. We are all are on the same side here gentlemen. We all just have different jobs as part of the bigger whole of the Federation. That includes Star Fleet, the first look at the Federation that new species see. We all deserve the chance to show we can do our part and do it well.” And she did even though she didn’t expect it to be fun. The word “handler” however started a tension headache at the base of her skull.

McKenzie DA

Luke was thankful for the quick diffusion of the situation, he knew he could come across in all kinds of wrong tones but he hoped this new job and maybe even a new work relationship would help him develop his people skills. “Of course, I didn’t mean to imply that my role here was the only one that mattered. I don’t have the best way with words and sometimes what I mean and say are two different things.” He smiled, “Besides who really know what’s going to happen out here in the frontier.” Both comments were an understatement, last time Luke was here he’d made a terrible try of connecting with people one being a woman who he had attempted some questionable capturing techniques and then started to grow fond of and the other was Cochrane, he hoped they could build bridges.”

  • Luke Wyatt, ML

Cochrane looked at Wyatt fo a long moment, his face stern and his brows furrowed…

And then he started to laugh softly.

“Lesson one, Mr. Wyatt… remember honorifics and titles and use them accordingly. It’s Mrs. McKenzie… newly minted, in fact. Maybe once we are all done here, she can tell you the story. It’s… something.” and he smiled at Revna and then turned back to Wyatt.

Mrs. McKenzie nodded her thanks to Cochrane. It simpliefied things a bit. When she said it people thought it was only because she was so happy to be married. And that was half of it, but the other half was, as Cochrane said, titles and honorifics were important. And she preferred Mrs. to her other titles. And there would probably be times she needed to use them, but she’d put it off as long as possible. She stared wide eyed at Cochrane as if she had no idea what story he was talking about. If there was actually someone in this galaxy that did not know the story already she wasn’t telling.

“Now as far as you… As you can probably surmize, your arrival is something of a… let’s say ‘surprise’… to all of us here. As such, we are not well versed in what you will actually be doing. So let’s start with the specifics of your role… and then go from there, shall we?”

Cochrane, CO

McKenzie, DA

“I can imagine Captain” Luke thought about the next choice of words, “I will be assessing the latest species we meet but not on a social or diplomatic capacity but in a technological, defensive, offensive and militaristic capability are they threat to the Federation, to the fleet and to this ship either as an enemy or as an ally, it’s my role to find the natural order of things within the Delta Quadrant but also to find out who the biggest bully is and understand if we as an organisation are bigger, my reports will be be seen by Mrs. Mckenzie and the Captain and whoever they deem fit, I’ll also be sending reports back to headquarters. So when I say my decision may effect us its not me making that decision but my report could cause the top to order the fleet, this ship to a specific mission. Cause and effect. I will for all intense and purposes be reporting to Mrs McKenzie for anything diplomatically orientated, ill also be working closely with intelligence. The main reason for this role is simply because of this, we can’t have a repeat of what happened with the Gamma Quadrant the Federation don’t want to risk another all out war here or back home, and by pulling at the right threads in the right places it our hope this can be avoided.”

  • Luke Wyatt, ML

Cochrane regarded Wyatt as he spoke. When he was done, Alex said “All right… so you are here as a military advisor to Mrs. McKenzie and a… what… risk analyst for FedSec? Is that about correct? And your reports are going to be used… I am assuming in conjunction with… our ship reports and Mrs. McKenzie’s diplomatic ones to help determine Star Fleet and Federation course of action in the quadrant? Is that at least your understanding of your role here, Mr. Wyatt?”

Cochrane, CO

He nodded, “Thats pretty much what I understand from it” Luke smiled, there wasn’t much else he could really add to make it any more understandable and he certainly wasn’t going to tell them all about the other reason, that was reserved for the Captain himself and even then Luke knew he’d be pushing his luck with FedSec but he had a point to prove and a bridge to build.

  • Luke Wyatt, ML

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