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Posted July 21, 2021, 8:25 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Faye Calloway (Counter-Intelligence Officer) (Lindsay Bayes)

Posted by Captain Alexander Cochrane (Commanding Officer) in Calloway’s Quarters- Mentoring in All Forms

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Faye Calloway (Counter-Intelligence Officer) in Calloway’s Quarters- Mentoring in All Forms

Posted by Captain Alexander Cochrane (Commanding Officer) in Calloway’s Quarters- Mentoring in All Forms
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Alex smiled and reached over and took her hand. “Faye… there has always been a plan in my head. Several… and not one of them involved you staying here forever.” and he squeezed her hand and then let go.

“Always a couple steps ahead of me,” she said, shaking her head.

“Command mentorship. Promotion. High profile award. No… you have never been destined to stay here. And if you tried, I’d sedate you and send you to Hammor in a cargo crate.” and he laughed. “You deserve happiness, Faye. Your own life. And that is what you are getting here… the tools to build your own life away from here. I’m not asking you to stay, Faye… I’m asking you when do you want to go?”


It was hard! She didn’t even want to talk about it! But it was Alex and they would have had to have this conversation sooner or later. “After the wedding. I want to get married here, on the Manhattan. In the garden. “I want the last memory I have of this ship and the Delta Quadrant to be one of joy and love. And then maybe I can say…” Nope, she couldn’t do it. Tears filled her eyes and she looked away. Tess’s head perked up at her person’s sudden emotional shift but for the moment it seemed okay so Tess just gazed at Faye with her clear blue eyes.


“Goodbye.” and Alex smiled.

It stung to hear it and Faye visibly flinched. No. She wasn’t ready to do this, not with him especially.

He leaned back and brushed a tear of his own away and said “You know the one thing that they never teach us at the Academy? At Command School? They never teach us how to, once we build these crews and teams and relationships and family that we have to build do this job the right way? They never tell us how we deal when they end… and they built a system in which they always end.”


“I don’t like it,” Faye said, admittedly a little more petulantly than she’d have liked.

“I’ve said goodbye before, but it was… different,” she said quietly, once again petting Tess. “Did I ever tell you the story about the Marine I punched in the jaw on the Samurai?” Just thinking about that insanity made her smile.


Alex shook his head and said “No… but I’d like to know how that worked out for you. And them!” and he laughed.


Faye smirked and then chuckled. “Not well! Basically, he was out for a run on the decks and barrelled right into me, and knocked me hard on my back. Now, the important detail was that he was mixed species-part Caitian- and well over two metres tall. I was more or less the same build I am now. So this Marine apologizes and offers e a hand up. I’m breathless and I feel one of my old rib injuries from my Lost Years aching. And on his arm is a tattoo of a special ops Marine group that I remembered from my Maquis days. Long story short they were responsible for attacking and arresting a nearby cell. My dad and I witnessed it, but from a hiding place as we tried to get out of their.

“So I muttered a curse under my breath after seeing the tattoo and he’s all confused as I tell him to get the hell away from me. He goes to walk away and curses at me and, well, it’s me and I took offence. So I go after him.” Faye smirked. “I had less impulse control back then. Anyway, we get into it and then he calls me a bad name, so I deck him square in the jaw. I was certain I dislocated it, possibly even broke it. And well, wasn’t he surprised!” She laughed.

“So he, retaliated and kicked me in leg. Hard. Straight in my femur. I went down really hard and couldn’t move and I landed on my back again and broke that stupid rib clean. He called medical and then walked away, leaving me on the deck. Later in Sickbay he had a broken jaw that he said he sustained in training. He’d actually gone back to the marine training area and fought!”

“Long story short, the two of us were like an old married couple, constantly bickering at each other, always ready to fight. Drove everyone crazy. And it was stupid on my part because I was on probation after my medical leave. He got promoted and my punishment? The captain made me plan a party for the crew.” Faye rolled her eyes. The panic attacks I had in private were really bad, and I was on meds then too.”


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