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Posted July 22, 2021, 11:55 a.m. by Commander Zef Rollo (Counselor) (D Grisham)

It had been almost a month since they’d left Event Horizon. Zef and Anasera had been having weekly chats, deepening their ties and sharing daily life stories—especially about the pregnancy.

“As much as I’d hoped he’d come around completely, I think Alex is still having some difficulty with the situation.”

Dark eyes looked at her from the monitor with compassion. “I’m really sorry, Zef. I thought once we’d taken care of the logistics of insemination, that he would be alright with the agreement.” Anasera nodded to someone off screen. “It’s Zef, if you’d like to join in, Brom. She says Alex is still having issues.”

A moment later, Brom Ghelfi sat down next to his wife and looked at their surrogate across a distance of light years. “I’m sorry to hear that, Zef.”

Despite the news, the counselor looked calm and radiant in a turquoise and gold blouse, her hair pulled up in a knot. “There’s nothing to be done about it. He will either come to terms with it or he won’t. I know he loves me…that isn’t the issue. Its something proprietary that I didn’t know about or consider. The two of you are extremely generous with the Degansa, so I don’t have any complaints. My family has been in touch and send their thanks to you for choosing me. They understand the honor and are grateful for your gifts to them.” She said this last part with a smile. It was satisfying to be able to help everyone back home.

Zef looked away long enough to pick up the glass of juice off to the right on her desk and when she refocused on the console, the Ghelfi’s were speaking in hushed tones to each other. “…tell her…” “…make it worse…”

When they saw her observing them, they both looked a tad guilty.

“What was that about? Is there a problem?” Zef asked.

“No no…nothing like that…” Anasera said.

“We just wanted to let you know that what you’re doing for us is so unselfish and kind. We think its a priceless gift, and now to think it might cost you your relationship with Alex…Well, we’ve been talking and have come to a decision. If you decide for whatever reason to leave the Manhattan, We’ll gladly set you up here on Baj in a house of your own with a yearly stipend to keep you comfortable.”

Zef looked at them, her mouth open in surprise. She recovered quickly. “No…no, that’s way too much! Gods forbid I have to leave the ship, you two don’t have to do that!”

Anasera and Brom looked at each other and smiled. “But we would gladly do it, Zef. As I said—your gift to us is priceless.”

She was dumbfounded by their generosity and got a sheen of tears in her light eyes. “That is so kind and I appreciate it, but it won’t come to that…”

—Zef, pondering her future

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