Naim's Quarters - A Long Overdue Dinner

Posted July 22, 2021, 8:03 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Shon Baht (Medical Officer) (Ben Z)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Shon Baht (Medical Officer) in Naim’s Quarters - A Long Overdue Dinner

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Shon Baht (Medical Officer) in Naim’s Quarters - A Long Overdue Dinner

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Shon Baht (Medical Officer) in Naim’s Quarters - A Long Overdue Dinner
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The angst Shon had felt dissipated with Kiama’s encouraging response. “You flatter me,” he said as he settled into one of the chairs at the table. “Although, I’d have to trade in my blue uniform for a red one and… I don’t know, I just like the way medical colors look against my skin.” He pretended to admire his hand’s complexion. Then he sighed and leaned back, a thoughtful expression passing over his face for just a moment. “What’s for dinner,” if you don’t mind my asking?”

(Lt. J.g. Baht, Medical)

“Medical blue certainly suits you, but I think command red would as well,” Kiama grinned as she sat down at the table as well. “Why would I mind? This is a dinner invitation after all,” she laughed good-naturedly and lifted over of the bowl. The smell of rice and mushrooms started to fill the air and she said, “Risotto with different types of mushrooms. The rice is replicated, but the mushrooms are from the Arboretum and Chef Harv allowed me to use his kitchen again.” A wide smile played across her face as she pushed the serving spoon towards Shon.

~Kiama Naim

“Ooooh,” Shon breathed as he eagerly scooped the dish onto his plate, “well that’s undoubtedly delicious.” He remembered his manners well enough to at least wait for Kiama to be served before digging in. His eyes almost rolled back as he enjoyed the first few bites, not quite managing to stop himself from speaking with his mouth partially full. “So good. You know, mushrooms kinda just seem like plant diseases to me. I mean they taste good, but they’re a fungus, y’know? We’re kinda eating a parasite.” He paused, not sure this was good dinner conversation. “But it’s great, really!”

(Ensign Baht, Medical)


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Kiama chuckled softly and a warm, almost tender smile played across her face as she watched Shon enjoying the food that much. Lifting a forkful of risotto to her mouth, she said with a wink, “But a very tasty and thankfully harmless parasite. if you know which ones aren’t poisonous,” before popping the food into her mouth.

Once she had swallowed her mouthful of risotto, Kiama asked, “So tell me, what have you been up to since we last had a chance to really talk and catch up? How was the last mission for you? What happened to you and your team down on the planet and later in sickbay?”

~Kiama Naim

Shon back in his chair, taking a moment to finish chewing. Then he sighed and rubbed the underside of his smooth blue chin. “Where to start…” He figured the beginning was as good a place as any, but it was kinda boring. “Well, so, Lieutenant Wynter and I went down to Graven to tour their medical facilities. While we were down there, they told us about the affliction that had been killing people in accordance with the positions of their moons… well I thought it’d be best to do some research so I volunteered to stay down on the planet that night to sift through medical records for similar incidences.”

He paused for dramatic effect. Shon wanted to be a good storyteller, but honestly he was not sure how to describe what happened next in anything more than simple facts. “I did find some information that was interesting, but you know I was down on the planet at night when all of the Graven were sleeping so it was a bit creepy… and then I start hearing these noises. And I know its none of them, so I think it’s one of us. Or hope it’s one of us, I guess. I stick my head out into the hallway and there are these specters coming toward me, incorporeal things that are saying all sorts of terrifying threats and warnings and talking in cryptic messages… I ran back into the room with the researcher where he was sleeping and had us both emergency beamed to sickbay.” This time Shon paused to catch his breath, but he also looked to Kiama to measure her reaction.

(Lt. J.g Baht, Medical)




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