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Looking out the window for a moment, Faye inhaled slowly, her fingers fiddling with the ring on her left hand. “You know what’s weird? I keep thinking, ‘Oh I should drop by mom’s quarters today;, and then I have to remember she’s in a different quadrant again. It’s weird how quickly I got used to having her here,” she said in general. She wasn’t going to openly ask Zef what was wrong, now seemed the wrong time and place. Look at all that social growth! It was slightly amusing actually.

~Faye Calloway, Counter-Intelligence

“Funny thing, I actually miss her too. I admired your mother’s no nonsense approach to most things and her total acceptance of me being involved in your therapy. When you hear from her, do let her know that I’m thinking of her, will you?” She noticed the way Faye played with the ring. “Can I see it? Scuttlebutt says you’re engaged to a behemoth of an Orion.”

—Rollo, CNS

Faye laughed lightly. “Yeah, my big green man. Daggum,” she said with emphasis. The same man she had admitted to having feeling for but being conflicted about the past from. She held out her hand so both could see. ‘A silvery, almost mercurial looking metal was fashioned into vines with multiple small leaves and flowers along each of the three vines that were woven and twisted around each other. In the center of each flower was a small deep red, almost black, gem. And in the center of the ring was set a bright, teal-but-with-a-deeper-blue hue gemstone cut in the rectangular fashion of emeralds from Earth. The stone almost shimmered in the light, giving it a look that made it seem like the inside was almost made of liquid.’ “And I’ll definitely pass on your message to my mom.”

Revna didn’t miss the ring fiddling. She had the same habit. She smiled at Faye. “Well I don’t know about the scuttlebutt but I’d say your ring is as new to you as mine is to me. Some times I don’t even notice it’s there, it’s like I’ve always worn it, and others it surprises me to see it there. And let’s not get into how heavy it can feel at times.” Revna smiled flipped the cap of her soda like a coin, caught it, and then took a sip of her drink.

McKenzie, DA

Zef looked over at McKenzie, “That’s right, you are newly married! Well, I need a look at your ring too. Then I can sit here jealous that I don’t have one to show either of you.” Once that was out of her mouth, she had a second of thought—was she really jealous? Did she want to be tied to Alex for the rest of her life? Part of her mind immediately said yes, but a smaller part said no. She would have to think about that later.

—Rollo, CNS

Faye shot Zef a long look. “We actually got properly engaged just before the wake, while we were cooking the hasperat. It’s uhh… a lot but I’m really happy.”

Revna dutifully held her hand over towards but also where Faye could look if that was something she wanted to do. Revna didn’t want to be rude. Made of a silvery polished metal, it had two layers to it, and an arrow inlaid on the divide between the two. “Mike had them custom made. This one here-” and she pointed to a section that was made of a white and rose colored material, “- is the antler of the Cxiter stag. Found only on one of the planets here in the Delta Quadrant. This one-” and she pointed to a duller and somewhat unfinished metal that looked rough and wiry, “- is made from a meteorite taken from the North Sea on Earth. The last thing is the metal itself. Its tritanium… but it’s tritanium from the hull of the Atlantis. My last duty post and where Mike owned the punk bar on board. The antler represents our first home, here, in the Delta Quadrant. The meteorite is where our people are from. And the Atlantis hull is where we met and fell in love. And the arrow means we will always fly true… together.” Revna grinned goofely, “Yes my husband is a total romantic and you wouldn’t know it to look at him. And I absolutely adore it!”

McKenzie, DA

“It’s lovely!” Faye said with a genuine smile.

Zef took her time examining the rings. “They are both so uniquely beautiful!” She turned to Revna, “And I think having a romantic for a mate is wonderful thing!” Looking back to Faye, “How about Daggum? Is he romantic too?”

“Did you know I was on the Atlantis too? I left well before you got there, of course. But I owe my life to that crew. Truly. If they hadn’t done what they had, I’d be dead, or… well, actually probably dead,” Faye said with a snort.

~Faye Calloway

As she listened to the two women, the counselor played with the necklace she was still getting used to wearing, while finishing the bowl of stew.

—Rollo, CNS

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