Event Horizon Station- Promises

Posted July 23, 2021, 10:37 a.m. by Lieutenant Commander Faye Calloway (Counter-Intelligence Officer) (Lindsay Bayes)

Posted by James Sinclair in Event Horizon Station- Promises

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Faye Calloway (Counter-Intelligence Officer) in Event Horizon Station- Promises

Posted by James Sinclair in Event Horizon Station- Promises
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As their week together drew to a close, Faye was getting antsy. She didn’t want Daggum to go! But there was nothing they could do about that. He had to go back to his assignment and she had to stay here. That’s just how it was.

It didn’t mean it didn’t suck!

But she wanted their last evening together to be special. But there was no way she could possibly match that extraordinary first day together. Not a chance. And so Faye decided it wasn’t worth trying. To match or surpass, of course. But it didn’t mean she didn’t want to try.

She lay on their bed (she hadn’t bothered using her room at all) with a PADD while Dag was having a workout and she was scribbling ideas with a stylus.

They all sucked! Why was she so bad at this? Maybe because she was nearly forty and had only just had her first date a few days ago? Uggh!

A few minutes later, she felt her chest tighten and she chucked the padd across the room. It bounced off the wall near the door and the cracking noise ripped through her in a satisfying way. Maybe her mom was on to something with the whole cathartic release thing.


Daggum came through the door a few minutes later and as was greeted by a crunch as his foot met the PaDD. He looked down, looked up at Faye and smiled. “So either you are frustrated by a computer… which I know isn’t the case… or you are frustrated by something else.” He fell down on the bed next to her, using his mass to bounce her up and closer to him. He wrapped sweaty arms around her and laughed. “So what do I need to do to make you smile again, huh?” and he squeezed her to his damp with sweat shirt, holding her fast and nuzzling her neck.

Daggum, Faye’s Fiance

Despite the tears that wanted to fall, she smiled at his entrance and the wonderful sensation of his skin on hers and that incredibly thing he did to her neck. “Mmmm,”Faye murmured. “You’ll make me forget, that’s for sure.” Her voice was quieter and even as she rolled the thoughts through her brain, she realized it was pointless.

Pulling back, Faye gazed up at him. “This wonderful week! It’s been incredibly. You’ve been incredible. And that first date? Unbeatable. And…” She shook her head and looked away. “I can’t do it. I wanted to do something romantic. Plan a date for our last evening together before you go and I’ve got nothing. I have ideas. But they’re hardly romantic. And it’s so stupid!” And… there went the tears. “It’s like I can be romanced, but I don’t know how to do the same? Uggh! And what does that say about our future? I mean, honestly!” She had scenarios upon scenarios in her head and they were increasingly shifting towards bad endings. Who was she kidding?


Daggum pulled her close and kissed her, smiling all the while. He held the kiss for a long moment, and then swatted her rear and pulled back and said “Wife-to-be, fetch us that damnable technological wizardry! Then work your magic and lets see if we can read what some of those ideas are, shall we?” and he released her and nudged her to go get the PaDD.


She grumbled but still slipped off the bed, if grudgingly, and retrieved the PaDD. Sitting cross-legged, she held the device, which still surprisingly worked. They were naturally tougher than they appeared at first. Not unlike her.

With a huffed sigh, Faye began to read, grimacing as she did. “Go dancing at the nightclub on the station. A picnic in the garden on the Manhattan. Steal a shuttle and go somewhere.” Okay that one she laughed at just a little. “And that’s as far as I got. But none of it seemed enough. Faye shrugged.


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