Deck 4 Garden- It's Who you Know

Posted July 23, 2021, 12:09 p.m. by Civilian Revna Freya McKenzie (Diplomatic Attache) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Faye Calloway (Counter-Intelligence Officer) in Deck 4 Garden- It’s Who you Know

Posted by Civilian Revna Freya McKenzie (Diplomatic Attache) in Deck 4 Garden- It’s Who you Know

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Faye Calloway (Counter-Intelligence Officer) in Deck 4 Garden- It’s Who you Know
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Anyone standing near the raised beds on the right hand side from the door would probably hear the muttering, and if you know whose plot it was, you’d also guess it was’t happy. to be fair, it was her own fault. She had been so busy the last few days that she hadn’t been in to harvest and tend to her plot. Big mistake.

Her goinza vine had somehow decided not to climb the metal openwork obelisk in the centre of her bed and instead had snaked itself around all her hot peppers. One whole plant was dead! Sure, this was all an experiment, but this was an entirely avoidable outcome. Snip! Snip! Pieces of leafy vine flew over her shoulder and onto the large main path that circled the garden space.

~Faye Calloway, Counter-Intelligence

Revna entered the arboretum and looked around, trying to decide which way to go. Then she heard the muttering and got beaned in the head by a piece of flying vine. Revna walked over and looked. “Well the term I hate might start with a p and end with an s, but I bet yours starts with a g and ends with an a. Want any help?”


Faye looked at Revna with a puzzled look. “G and an a. G and an a. Sorry about the vine,” she said distractedly as her mind immediately started cascading through words that might fit the bill. “I didn’t check on my bed and now this vine, which will have beautiful flowers if I let it live ,has decided to strangle my peppers. I could use a third hand actually. If you could snip sections that I pull loose, this would be much faster.”

The vine seemed thin, but it was surprisingly tough and had all these equally sturdy tendrils that snaked out and had wrapped themselves along any stem it could find, including those that held maturing very spicy chilies.

~Faye Calloway

Revna looked at her, “Goinza.” She set down her sketch pad and pencils and stepped into the bed. “Sure, no problem. I used to help my aunt when I was kid. I think I can handle snipping as long as you tell me where.” Revna picked up the pruning shears and began snipping where Faye told her. “Looks like you have a very green thumb. These are super healthy.”

A smile blossomed on her face, despite the frustration. “It makes me happy,” Faye said as she pulled a section towards them. “Just snip in the middle between my hands. I’ll rip it out bit by bit. “You knew what this was. That surprised me. Most people wouldn’t know a goinza vine from a morning glory.” And it was true. Other than the botanists, she’d been the teacher for a lot of gardening things more often than not. Not that she was complaining, but it was nice to find someone who knew a tiny bit more than ‘that’s a ornamental flower’ and ‘that’s a vegetable’.

~Faye Calloway

Revna chuckled and snipped. “Thank my Aunt Trine for that. She loved plants. She was a doctor and grew all the plants, flowers, herbs, whatnot that she needed to make medicines. I used to help her. She insisted we knew the names of everything in her garden.”

Faye nodded and then focused on carefully unwinding a tendril from a pepper stem. Releasing it, she pulled on the vine and held a section for Revna to cut. “I mentioned at the wake that I worked in the gardens. We had a large community garden that we all tended to make sure we had food. While we had a replicator On Tracken, it was reserved for things like medicines we couldn’t make ourselves and other essentials. And even then sometimes we didn’t have the power cells needed to generate it, so we tried to make sure we had our bases covered.

Sitting back on her heels, she looked around the garden. In the section they were in (closest to the green house), they were across from generous beds of flowers set in front of an expanse of trees that formed something of a copse on the side of the pond. Faye gestured around them. “I designed this place. My mom called it an homage to Tracken. I wanted to disagree, but the more time I’ve spent here, the more I realize she was right. I wanted to capture something from back then and leave it here. It’s funny the things we leave behind of ourselves.”

~Faye Calloway

Revna had only been here a couple of times but she really loved it. “It’s beautiful. Makes me not so lonely to come in here. My home, where I’m from, sounds a lot like your Tracken. We all worked together to build what we have, no matter what our skills or ‘job’ is. When I’m done here, done finding myself, that’s where I’ll go, back home. Well maybe. Home has a new definition once you’re married.” And she chuckled and snipped another section and helped to carefully unwind the vine from another pepper plant.

McKenzie, DA

“Yeah, it does. Daggum is also in Starfleet, and we both have ambitions for our careers. I’m not yet sure how that’s all supposed to work, but I know we can figure it out.” Faye considered Revna as she pulled on another section of vine. “Finding yourself. I did that here, I’m sure you will. Though if I’m prying, you can tell me to shut up, but does that mean you feel lost?”

~Faye Calloway

“It won’t be easy. Distance makes things hard and relationships are hard. But for the right person, it’s SO worth it.” Revna smiled. “And every once in awhile you need people to intervene for you to help with the hard parts.” If not for her Da and Runa and Gravel where would she and Mike be now? Revna was quiet for several minutes. “I’m not sure ‘lost’ is the correct term. I was lost, and it defined everything I was. Now I’m learning who I really am.”

Revna McKenzie

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