Officer's Mess - Burying The Hatch- ... Wait, Didn't We Do That Before? (Tag Wyatt)

Posted July 23, 2021, 12:17 p.m. by Civilian Luke Wyatt (Military Liason) (J Ridgley)

Posted by Captain Alexander Cochrane (Commanding Officer) in Officer’s Mess - Burying The Hatch- … Wait, Didn’t We Do That Before? (Tag Wyatt)

Posted by Civilian Luke Wyatt (Military Liason) in Officer’s Mess - Burying The Hatch- … Wait, Didn’t We Do That Before? (Tag Wyatt)

Posted by Captain Alexander Cochrane (Commanding Officer) in Officer’s Mess - Burying The Hatch- … Wait, Didn’t We Do That Before? (Tag Wyatt)
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Luke nodded, “Well actually that’s another reason why I took up your invitation.” He took out a small device and places it on the table, it was made to disrupt communication signals and was undetectable but normal means of surveillance, he then took out another device and placed it to the other this one emitted ultraviolet rays that scattered camera lenses but both were undetectable to any humanoid “Sorry for the show, I dont mean to be fancy or secretive but I know the organisation I work for now has a black smear within it and Id rather stay in thier good books, to anyone listening or watching it’ll just appear as a glitch.” He smiled.

“So heres the addition I want to share with you and to get into the meat and bones of it Federation Security wants me to highlight possible species, planets and or individuals suitable for recruiting as Federation Security operatives within the Delta Quadrant in an attempt to embed them at their governments highest levels. I wasn’t joking when I said their biggest concern is meeting another Dominion their answer is spying.” And there that was it. “We have about 2 more minute before the glitches look suspicious, and believe me I’m doing this because I know what secrets can do, Ill be having a similar chat with two other individuals once I think they’re safe and for mine and your own protection so we dont feel like getting together on the weekly nobody but will know who has been told, that’s the only secret.”

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Cochrane looked hard at Wyatt for a long moment and then took a breath. “First. What FedSec does is their own business, but I will not allow anyone not vested in this crew or this ship try to dictate what we do from the shadows. If you are here to recruit, fine. But our primary mission is scientific exploration and discovery. And feel free to tell your superiors that, should I happen to find out about your recruiting task before I am made aware of it through you or them, I will be less than pleased. Encourage them to be upfront, will you? We will be much more likely to be successful if they are.” and he looked at the devices and nodded that Luke could turn them off. “Second… if anyone puts bugs my ship and tries to listen in, I’ll have Faye track them and go to town on their systems. If they want to hear what we have to say here, they can get off their fat a$$es and come here themselves. You know as well as anyone, I won’t say behind your back what I won’t say to your face.”

Cochrane, CO

“I know and Its not through trying this ship had had its fair share of secrets and meddling, but they want it their way maybe with time they’ll be a little less secretive I’m sure theirs things I don’t even know but I wanted you to know what I know and to do it by taking any precautions besides these were hard to get hold off.” Luke turned them off one after the other. “And thats pretty much it, if only I had more interesting news to share with you.”

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“I appreciate your candor and frankness.” Alex said with sincerity. “So now that we have professional duties outlined and work boundaries beginning to be set… you left here under a very dark cloud, Luke. And there have been some very… significant changes since you did so. Some we can discuss, some are not for me to say. So where are you at as Luke, not FedSec Military advisor? And have you talked to Faye since you left?”


“I haven’t spoken to her yet and honestly I would be a fool to think if I could come back and not have to deal with my past, professionally or privately.” Luke sat back and considered it for a moment longer, “I think when the time comes which it will naturally we’ll have a chat and go from there. I’m not going to avoid her but I don’t know if seeking her out is something I have in mind either.”

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“Fair enough.” Alex said. He sat in silence for a moment and said “I wasn’t a very good Captain or friend to you before… I’m sorry, Luke. I don’t have many times in my life I wish I could go back and do things differently; but your time here before is certainly one of them.”


Luke nodded “And like wise, I could have handled things different but in a way me coming back here means we can right those wrongs and turn our experiences into a lesson learned.” He was glad to have had this opportunity to speak to Cochrane, clearing the air meant Luke could get on with his life and his job in the best way he could btoh professionally and personally.

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