Diplomacy - Letting Someone Else Have Your Way (TAG Wyatt)

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Posted by Civilian Luke Wyatt (Military Liason) in Diplomacy - Letting Someone Else Have Your Way (TAG Wyatt)

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“Diplomacy is the art of telling people to go to hell in such a way that they ask for directions,” -Winston Churchill

“You have no idea how much it contributes to the general politeness and pleasantness of diplomacy when you have a little quiet armed force in the background,” - George F Kennan

As had become her habit, if Revna couldn’t sleep, for whatever reason, she found herself in her office. Tonight the reason was she ached. Physical therapy had been intense and she just ached. That was a good thing, she was getting stronger, but she’d woken up and had walked for awhile. Until she found herself in her office. There was always some new species to learn about, customs and protocols to learn. They lived in such an era that looking up the information was almost instantaneous and it was rare to not have warning. But Revna didn’t work that way. Things didn’t always work out that you had your leisure to work with. And so it was that she found herself sitting in her office, leaned back in her chair, feet on desk, fingers tapping out the rhythm to the latest list of songs Mike had sent her as she read over the information she had on the Ocampa. A glass of water sat on the desk next to her. She was very tempted to make a cup of black tea but she really needed to try and sleep at some point. But first she was going to finish reading this report and then maybe, she’d try for more sleep. The one benefit of her job, she got to pick her own hours so she didn’t have to worry about being ‘late’ for duty anymore.

McKenzie, DA

Time had come for Luke to extend the proverbial olive branch, again to yet another person this one however was not from his past but more his future. Stopping at her office door Luke pressed the chime, if suspected from his questioning of other crew members and his own opinion of her Mrs Mckenzie would be working or at least procrastinating in her office, it’s was what he’d be doing.

  • Luke Wyatt, ML

At the chime Revna sat up, dropping her feet to the floor. Middle of the night? Someone else either couldn’t sleep or preferred strange hours. She glanced up at the ceiling where Mike’s voice was coming through the speakers, “Sorry Love, I’ll have to turn you down for a bit,” and she grinned at herself. “Computer lower volume to level 1.” The computer trilled and the music became a soft whispered background melody to the room. “Come in!” She turned her chair towards the door and stood up to greet whoever was there.

The office was decorated in earth tones: browns, coppers, greens, deep blues and reds, soft oranges. There were paintings on the walls, real paintings, not reprints of beautiful landscapes of glaciers, deep fjords, snow capped mountains. A shelving unit on the wall held a wide range of mementoes from species and cultures from around the Alpha and Beta quadrants. Above her desk was a large round wooden shield edged in metal. Runic writing adorned it. The wood was painted a deep wine color and the writing was in a deep cobalt blue. In the center was a depiction of shield crossed by a claymore and a traditional Nordic bearded axe. On the wall across from her desk was a small but comfortable sitting area with a couch and two chairs and a low table. Her desk was neat but it was also equally obvious she had been in the middle of work.

As the doors opened she nodded to herself. “Mr. Wyatt, please come in. Would you like something to eat or drink?”

McKenzie, DA

“A non-alcoholic Pina Colada if that’s ok?” His time on Earth meant he bounced around placed and once pace was a little training ground in Hawaii where they served ALOT of Pina Coladas which seemingly became one of his favourite drinks, without the alcohol they were smooth and refreshing. He entered the room behind her but waited to be invited to go any further.

  • Luke Wyatt, ML

Revna nodded and walked over to the replicator, “Of course. Come in, have a seat or stand. I don’t know how long you were stuck in the cramped confines of the shuttle, so standing may be more comfortable.” She tapped in the controls on the replicator and then turned walking over to him and handed him the non-alcoholic Pina Colada. Then she twisted the cap off of her Solo soda and with impressive and deadly accuracy she flicked her wrist and the cap landed in the center of a bowl of other caps on her desk, and then took a long pull off the bottle. “So, let’s have a frank conversation without all the trappings of ‘diplomacy’ and ‘protocol.’ Outside of official interactions, I’m Revna.” She sat in one of the chairs, leaned back, and got comfortable.

McKenzie, DA

Having taken the drink and her invitation Luke sat down in the opposite chair, “Its nice to have this chat, would you prefer Revna or Mrs. McKenzie? You can call me Luke or Mr Wyatt depending on how you feel, I do prefer Luke if I get a vote.” He sipped his drink and it tasted almost as good as the real thing.

  • Luke Wyatt

“I prefer Revna. When we’re in the midst of all the fancy and mostly absurd trappings of diplomacy, I prefer Mrs. McKenzie, though there are other titles at my disposal should they be needed. So I hope you have an eye and ear for details, Luke.” She took a pull off her drink, contemplating him. “So there is obviously some history between you, Cochrane, and Creed. And I’m going to go out on a limb and include Lt Cmdr Calloway in that, given your first question off the shuttle. Your history, your story is your own. We all have one and we all come to new places, I know that personally and better than a lot. I don’t except you to tell me, unless it’s going to affect our work, and I will extend you the same respect.”

McKenzie, DA

“I Was Chief of Security prior to your arrival I employed some questionable methods to apprehend at the time what I believed to be a credible and deadly threat which turned out to by Lt Commader Calloway.” Luke paused, “It got weirder when myself and Lt Commander Calloway began to have an intimate relationship and Captain Cochrane intervened much to my past self’s displeasure. Choice words were made and I left. That said its in the past, and I’m not going to hide from it especially when now I have become a better and more aware person. So that’s the summation of it really.” He looked to the others if they had anything to add.

  • Luke Wyatt.

Revna nodded, “Before becoming a diplomat I was a counselor in Star Fleet for 20 years. I resigned my commission after I had to have surgery for an injury I sustained in the line of duty. I decided after that it was time for a career change. Joined the diplomatic corp and they sent me here. So you are here to give me your take on potential military threats or allies? Is that it in a nut shell?”


He tilt his head a little thinking, “That and among other things, I guess honestly I’m here to not only asses the military threats but the technological threats to our organisations, it doesn’t even have to be a civilisation jut a ragtag group with a chip on their shoulder, if their likely to cause a threat to our mission then I’d highlight it, military threats come in all forms even from civilians. I guess as well its to sums up whether our methods and ideology align, find the bullies of the quadrant figure out if we want to protect the little fish or just be big enough to eat them.”

  • Luke Wyatt, ML

Revna listened and nodded, she could agree with all of that. She had a knack for tactics, but not on a grand scale. It wasn’t her area of experience and was grateful for anyone, in any area, that could advise her. But when he finished talking she laughed, loudly for long minutes. “Oh were you a Viking in a past life, Luke Wyatt? Because it sure sounds like it.” She breathed deeply, chuckling. “Oh, sorry, sorry. Everything is so serious on this boat…I needed that. I apologize.” She took a deep breath, that was still to her an amazing sensation. “Lt jg Namid Argimeau is the scientific intelligence officer. As far as how she and I go she looks at the technology a group has and makes sure I don’t offer or show them anything too far above their own skill, and let me know if there is something we should try to negotiate for. So not specifically military technology but could come under her purview. She might be someone, if you don’t know her already, to get to know.” She took a swig off her Solo. “So where does that leave us? You have a job outside of advising me, but at the same time you do answer to me in certain situations. And we are both outside of Star Fleet.”

McKenzie, DA

“I think it leaves us in good stead to become good friends and allies, I’ll have to introduce myself to Lieutenant Argimeau since our interest align somewhat.” Luke smiled, “This appears to be the start of a good friendship don’t you think?” Luke was relieved that they could hash things out, “I do have one question though, whats a viking?” He hadn’t heard of the word before.

  • Luke Wyatt, ML

“I do think. I’m sure our positions will make that rocky at times, but,” she shrugs with a wicked grin, “my superiors have found it’s not good to try and strong arm me into stupid decisions.” She laughed then, “Viking is actually a job description. My people, my ancestors, come from the Scandinavian people of Earth. A Viking was a man or woman who sailed the seas and made a living pillaging and plundering. A pirate basically. A weapon for hire, a trader, a sailor, all the above. Your statement, ‘find the bullies of the quadrant figure out if we want to protect the little fish or just be big enough to eat them’ really sums up the mentality.”

McKenzie, DA

He considered the term, “A Viking, sounds good to me” Luke had no idea if it was actually a good or not especially when she added pillaging and plundering to the job description but who was he to judge. “So if Im the Viking what does that make you?” He had no clue of the heritage she was peaking about, maybe he would have to look into it and find some common ground outside of thier job roles.

  • Luke Wyatt, ML

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