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Posted by Captain Alexander Cochrane (Commanding Officer) in Calloway’s Quarters- Mentoring in All Forms

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He hadn’t been there and seen the deep hurt her mom rarely ever showed. This went deeper than Gavin’s disdain for the Maquis and the whole thing was endlessly complicated. But… that was between her mom and her brother and Faye was trying hard to imagine a relationship with her uncle. Inhaling slowly, she let out a sharp breath. “Computer, erase recording and begin new message.”

After a chirp, Faye began anew. “Hey Gavin, this is Faye, Shara and Edward’s daughter and you niece. I recently discovered that you were my Academy sponsor and, well… I was rather surprised. I have a lot of questions and…” She reached out and paused the recording for a second to give herself time to think. After a few seconds, she hit record again. “I think it’s maybe time we met. Lots had changed in my life and some really great things are happening. Including the fact that I am getting married. Family has always been super important to me and so my fiancé Daggum and I… well, we’d like you to come. If you’re not interested, that’s fine, you can just ignore this message. But if you want to come, reply and I’ll give you the details once I have them. Your niece, Faye. “Computer end recording.” She quirked an eyebrow at Alex to what he thought about that attempt.


Alex looked at her and smiled. “Computer. Send message, Command priority.” and the computer chirped and the message was gone and on it’s way.

Her jaw dropped and honestly as much as she was shocked… she should have seen that coming.

“Nice. I think he will be pleasantly surprised.” and he grinned and winked at her.


“Jerk,” she muttered, though he knew her well enough by now to know she wasn’t really mad. Leaning back in her chair, she exhaled. “Since you’re well used to dealing with complicated family interactions, any advice for if he actually says yes and comes? I told my mom that I did’t want to make things difficult for her- she’s had a hard enough time as it is- but she simply said she’d manage. I’m not sure I entirely believe her.”


Alex thought for a moment and said “Well… the day of the wedding isn’t the time for them to reconnect. Get them together a few days early. Let them hash out what needs to be hashed out. Then, if he decides it wasn’t a good idea to be there, he can leave and it won’t interrupt your day. And if they can talk, well, then you have more family there for you. Either way, the wedding is not the stage for any contention.”


Faye nodded and couldn’t help but smirk. “Did you know no one came to her wedding to my dad? Story goes Gavin refused because he thought it was ludicrous that she was getting married to a man she’d known fro only six months. Can you imagine how he’ll react when he learns she got married again to a man she’s only know two months?!” Faye laughed. “That’ll be a show worthy of popcorn!”


Alex chuckled and said “Meh. Pikelsimer can make the records look like they’ve been married twenty years.” and he laughed again. “Of course, he could also make it look like Gavin married them and was the godfather to their triplets, so that isn’t really saying much.” and he laughed a little louder.


Faye chuckled. “You know, for all the changes I’ve seen in my mom, she’s still very straightforward with what she chooses to share. I can’t see her dissembling all that much with the facts here, even if she might possibly be embarrassed by the method.” She looked up at Alex from the desk. “And sometimes I think we’re just so different, but then there are things like marriage where we just both jump in when we’ve got an inkling it’s the right thing. I mean, if I stand back and look at Dag and I from an outsider’s perspective I can see how it would be rather shocking,” she said with a smirk.


Alex set a hand on hers and said “No… it’s not. It’s really… it’s really quite a beautiful thing to see, Faye.” and he patted her hand.


“Yes, but you’re acclimated to my neurotic brain. It’s a special skill there Cochrane and don’t you-” Faye’s attention was diverted to her console as it chimed for an incoming subspace call. She laughed. “Oh, guess who! It’s epic subspace bride! Stay close, and you can mock her with me.” She shot Alex a look. “Lovingly, of course.”

Activating the call, Faye appeared, wearing her trademark grin and deeply penetrating eyes. “Well if it isn’t Mrs Subspace Bride! How’s the honeymoon? Oh! And Alex and I both laughed ourselves silly. I think Alex might have injured his ribs. Still waiting to hear back from Dag, but he’s been on shift so he might not have see it yet, but I expect an appropriately amused response.”

Shara’s hand flew to her face and she shook her head. “Not how I pictured another wedding, but at least it was entertaining,” she said dryly, and yet she couldn’t help but smile.

“Where my new daddy?” Faye said, though her expression looked skeptical and she shot Alex a look.

“Inside the house. I’m on his ship right now. Are you weirded out?” Shara said softly, knowing that it was a lot for Faye to manage in that brain of hers.

“Yeah, a little, but I’m processing and it’s fine. Are you happy?” Faye asked, leaning forward. Tess had woken up and seemed to be assessing the situation from the sofa.

It wasn’t the smile on Shara’s lips that told Faye everything she needed to know, but the brightness in her eyes as she leaned forward. “Yeah, Baby Girl, I’m really happy. And I mean apparently I now co-own 800 acres out here, so anytime you want a vacation, it’s here.” But the brightness faded from the eyes quickly.

Faye frowned. “What’s up? Is something wrong?”

Shara visibly struggled to find words. “Faye… I don’t know how to even talk about this and…”

Something was really wrong and Faye didn’t know why exactly, but a shiver swept over her spine. “Then just say it,” she said firmly.

Okay, she could do this, right? Faye would be understandably upset but she would forgive her right? The fear was there- she didn’t want to lose this daughter because she had been reunited with the other one. “Micah and I have a guest here, Faye. I didn’t instigate it, because legally I couldn’t, but… a woman by the name of Nadine Wells is visiting. She’s… my other daughter, your half-sister.”

Wait what? No, she had to have misheard. She was Shara’s daughter. Half-sister?! What the hell?!

“Faye?” Shara said softly. “I can explain, I just need you to be okay.”

Her breath was catching in her throat as her brain was running through scenarios and everything started to feel fuzzy. Tess leapt off the couch with a concerned mew and snaked her way around Faye’s legs.

~Shara & Faye

Alex put a hand on her shoulder and peered into the comms. “Hang on, Shara… she’ll be okay. Just give her a sec.” He turned her in her chair to face him and looked at her. “Faye… look at me.” and he grabbed her chin and held her eyes to his. “Look at me, Commander.” he said in his Captain voice. “Breathe. Don’t think. Breathe. There is an explanation coming. Get your data first, then process. You know the drill. Data first. Look at me and repeat it. Data first, then process.” His voice was firm, but caring.


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