Main Sim - Transporter Room 1

Posted July 29, 2021, 1:52 a.m. by Commander Zef Rollo (Counselor) (D Grisham)

Posted by Lieutenant Pretha Oberon (Security Officer / CRIT Leader) in Main Sim - Transporter Room 1
Pretha had been in Security when the red alert sounded. As the explosion rocked the ship she growled and grabbed phaser and scanner and took off towards the hanger as the Captain’s call for security and medical rose on the comms. =^=Captain, Pretha here. Heading to transporter room one with team. Will report as soon as we have something.=^= She reported as she jogged down the corridors towards her destination.

As she arrived in the transporter room, she glanced to the Chief behind the console. “Search for survivors, Chief. Let’s get them out of there and into safety asap. Medical should be here any moment.” She wasn’t sure how many to expect, but she tapped out her command to the CRIT team to meet her in transporter room one and be prepared for anything. This was going to be a test to them all. No more drills or sims, this was the time to see how they could, together, keep the Manny on her wings.

Lt Pretha Oberon

The counselor was in session with an engineering officer when Oberon’s message came through. This would be her first action with the CRIT team. “I’m very sorry, Ens Morgan, but I’ve been called to assist in an emergency. Yeoman Brooks will reschedule our meeting for sometime in the next few days.” Surprised, Morgan nodded and got up to leave.

Zef wasn’t far behind him, hurrying through the outer office. “Reschedule his appointment. I’m off to transporter room 1 for a mission with the CRIT team.”

With no chance to ask questions, Dave simply nodded. “Yes, Cmdr Rollo.” And she was out the door. A few moments later Zef entered the transporter room. She’d stopped by security to get a hand phaser and it was restring on her hip in its holster.

—Rollo, CNS

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