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The screen blinked on to show a female Trabe. The woman had smooth flowing golden hair with small braids toward the ends. Her face was oval and fair, the Trabe ridges at nose and brow more delicate than the male counterparts. In this case, there was also a hint of accents along the flow of the ridges over the brow. Her age appeared to be mature, perhaps on the edges of entering middle age. Her eyes were a bright grey.

=^= I am Tebia. We detected your ship. Please. Are you for or against us? =^= She paused. =^= I recognize your people have grievance against us as well. So many. =^= Her expression denoted an unspoken add of ‘Are you joining the others against us?’

=/\= This is Captain Cochrane of the Federation Science Vessel Manhattan. How about we save past grudges for when we can get the shooting stopped and try to settle this with words, not phasers and torpedoes. You sent a distress call, we are here to see if we can assist. Simple as that. =/\=

She bore an expression that was a mix of surprise, relief and uncertainty, her lips parting as though to speak, then was distracted by the scene shuddering causing her to reach for something to steady herself and the screen to ‘fuzz’ over briefly. A voice carried from off screen, also female, relating to ‘primary power magnetic couplings severed’ .. Tebia focused and replied. =^= Thank you =^= she said simply, appearing uncertain as to what more to say.

For Faye, she had a number of potential in points - notably wrecked, but still powered in places, ships.
- Wookiee

“Hey Rodriguez, can you do an active scan of one of the more damaged Kazon lead vessels again for me? I need something to piggyback on and they already know we’re doing that,” Faye called out as her fingers began moving swiftly across her console as she snagged a infiltration program that would get her into the Kazon’s system. They could fight it of course, but if she could get in, then she could play a game of system shut-down. She’d leave the enviro systems, of course, and the lights. Maybe. And ohh! maybe a little friendly fire? Now that was devious! She laughed inwardly

~Faye Calloway, Counter-Intelligence

Cochrane, CO

Creed, XO

There were three potential targets for Faye that Rodriguez could find. One was a wreck with no life signs but an active power system. It was drifting not too far from where the Manhattan had established itself. It appeared that it had been struck amidships rupturing the hull that had set off a series of smaller explosions that had resulted in explosive decompression, killing the crew. The power levels were fluctuating without having any ‘controller’ but it was not at the moment at risk.

A second target was more a damaged shuttle that may have been ejected from a ship, or launched. There were no life signs and it too was drifting. It had taken exterior physical damage but was otherwise intact.

The third was a life escape pod that had a life sign, but also looked to have a link with one of the other Kazon ships still intact.


“I have three possible targets. A wreck with fluctuating power systems, a damaged shuttle, and an escape pod. I suggest the escape pod since it is the only one with life signs. If anyone is nosy they will just assume we are looking to possibly rescue the occupants. Scanning now Faye,” Celina said.

Celina Rodriguez CTO

Alex looked at Comms and said “Broadcast on all channels to everyone above and below the planet.” =/\= Attention Kazon and Trabe vessels and platforms. This is the Manhattan. Cease fire. I repeat, cease fire. We offer to serve as mediator in order to help temporarily cease hostilities in this area. We are responding to a distress call. Do not fire upon us or we will defend ourselves. I repeat, cease fire and allow us to commence negotiations. =/\= He closed the comms and looked back at Faye. “Shut ‘em all down if you can, Commander.”

Cochrane, CO

Initially at least there was no change … but then this needed to filter through four different Kazon sects.

“Cascade it is,” Faye said. “We’ve got a bunch of derelicts, and.. yes, one… okay, I got this,” she said as she cracked her fingers and set about working at a rather furious pace. Her eyes were skimming what she was typing in, but only barely and so much of it was done by instinct. Build it, toss it out and see what bites she got. But she had some ready-to-go infiltration programs.

Faye went after the escape pod. It was likely not to have much more than monitoring sensors and communications and that meant no one would be there to bump her out. She took her infiltration program (tidily packaged to hide itself, thank you very much) and she sent it out on the Manhattan’s sensors to the escape pod. Would it take? If so, she’d know pretty damn fast because she would then get feedback from whatever Kazon ship was talking to the pod and that was her first target. The beauty of this was they would all infect each other before they really knew what was going on. Timing was key and so was being bold. No playing nice. Not today. Well, okay, maybe alittle, She did promise not to injure anyone… intentionally.

“Someone give me a count, please! How many active shooters do we have right now? Don’t care who.” Faye called out across the bridge.

~Faye Calloway, Coutner-Intelligence

Active shooters appeared to be the single uninhabited Trabe platform on their side. The Kazon targets were becoming slim. With the apparent destruction of the one Kazon-Nistrim vessel - that was still tumbling toward the planet - the other two in that clan had warped out. That left the three other Sects who looked to be down to a single ship each specifically with one having two. They were the ones firing down to the planet.

So 5 in all at this time.

The escape pod was linked to the Kazon-Pommar ship that was, with the other single Kazon-Mostral ship, focused on the Trabe platform. It was not difficult for Faye to get a connection. Once inside the Pommar ship she quickly found it laced with firewalls; apparently they didn’t trust one another that much. It wasn’t that Faye couldn’t get in, but she’d need to choose which area to focus on to gain access rather than having an open field.

As Faye was working, the Trabe platform went quiet.

OOC: I didn’t see a post to say that the tractor was activated to catch the tumbling ship .. correct me if I missed it

The easiest place to begin was with the weapons systems. Faye moved swiftly to narrow her vector of attack, eyes taking in the feedback she was getting from the Pommar ship. “Come one,” she murmured as her focus was absolute.

“Sir do I engage a tractor beam on that tumbling ship,” Celina asked.

Celina Rodriguez CTO

“Absolutely! We cant have it slamming into the planet. Try and get it in a stable orbit. If not, bounce it off the atmosphere.”

Cochrane, CO

The tractor beam caught the ship on the far limit of its range. As it caught the mass and momentum jerked the Manhattan as the ship strove to stabilize; the inertial compensators only a moment behind and causing her occupants to jerk forward. As the Kazon ship’s forward momentum was stalled and it was slowly being pulled back the next event happened ..

The Trabe vessel succumbed to it’s damage, suddenly flaring up in a series of explosions sending energy and debris about, overcoming one of the two Kazon ships who had been firing on the planet.

A piece of debris caught the nearby derelict Kazon ship that Faye had had as an option. Almost as a chain reaction it blew, sending its own circle of debris. One such piece caught the Manhattan in the lower decks with a shudder and a screeching crunching sound that could be heard even on the bridge. Sensors would show a hull breach stretching from Decks 18-21, though localized.

Whether it was because of the sudden change or from the comms call .. space suddenly grew quiet.

“Damage Report and casualties! Engineering, get Damage control teams activated and moving. Medical teams to affected areas! Scan for survivors from the vessels present and check for escape pods! Rescue teams on standby!” Cochrane said over the din of alarms.

Cochrane, CO

There were some 31 life signs amongst the debris and escape pods. Inside the ship that the tractor beam had pulled from certain destruction there were seven survivors.

Kiama reflexively gripped the edge off her console with one hand, her eyes opened wide as the piece of debris hit the Manhattan. But without missing a beat, she replied, “Sensors show a localised hull breach on decks 18 to 21, Captain. No report of casualties so far.” She glanced briefly at Cochrane before turning her focus back towards the sensor readings in front of her. Keeping an eye on the internal sensors, any incoming damage and casualty reports and the external sensors.

~Lt. Cmdr. Naim, CSO

Emergency force fields snapped into place around the affected areas.
There was a power interruption, cutting power to the tractor beam leaving the Kazon ship drifting in space. It would be affected by the planet’s gravity, however that would take a couple of hours before the tug would grow serious.

Damage reported to have cut primary power feeds from engineering. Secondary power was at 83%
Engineering areas were the most affected
Torpedo tubes 3 and 4 were offline
Phaser array 7 was showing primary power interruption and was online
Power for metaphasic shield generator was showing yellow - possibly compromised
Overlapping shield generator showed damage in the Deck 19 area. The damaged area would have weakened shield power there until repaired.
Penetration depth was several meters from the debris that was still lodged in the hull spanning four decks
Power to Deck 18 was off .. primary anyway. Secondary power was on.

There were no casualties reported, though damage control crews reported several injuries of various level.

The problem with the kind of work she was doing is that there were so many targets. One on one was easy, so to speak. But she didn’t have her eyes on what was going on out there and she had to adapt without all the information, so she was reliant on the bridge chatter to keep her in the loop. For now she kept up her attack on the Kazon-Pommar’s weapons system, simply looking to shut them down ad effectively disconnect their command protocols that controlled them. They’d be unable to fire until they figured out exactly what was wrong. Her fingers flew over the console with precision and speed.

~Faye-Calloway, Counter-Intelligence

With the sudden changes and the ‘pause’ … Faye thought she had a link to the Kazon-Pommar weapons systems.

OOC: Is this something they would know without actually firing or would they need to try and find that it didn’t work?
- Wookiee

OOC: I was imagining it was a cause and effect sort of thing where if Faye did something and saw an immediate reaction she’d know the link was secure, but also I would imagine all her special programs she’s tapped in to down in Computer Science Lab 2 would be able to tell her if she had a connection and how strong it was.

“Security and medical teams to transporter rooms. Prep for emergency transport of anyone out there. Divert power from non-critical areas to shields. Engineering, make sure we get primary power feeds restored asap. We’re still in a combat area… heads on a swivel, people.”

Cochrane, CO

“Shields are definitely compromised at the site of the impact Captain, sensors are showing we still have a chunk of debris lodged in our engineering hull. On top of the other damaged systems, until we get that clear we are going to have a pretty big weak spot. Recommend we try not to take a hit there again.

“I’m also showing torpedo tubes 3 and 4 offline. Trying to route emergency power to combat systems, but options are limited until main power comes back online.”

As Walked looked over the reports coming into the console, he did notice one of the green lights. “But in the good news, sensors are still online, and we are detecting life signs in the debris.”

CWO Darach - COO

Pretha’s voice came over the comms just then. =^=Captain, Pretha here. Heading to transporter room one with team. Will report soon as we have something.=^=

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“I’ve got a connection, most likely,” Faye called out urgently. “Kozon-Pommar. Shutting down their weapons systems and rerouting their command protocols. If they try to fires, they should get zip all.”

~Faye Calloway, Counter-Intelligence

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