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Pretha had been in Security when the red alert sounded. As the explosion rocked the ship she growled and grabbed phaser and scanner and took off towards the hanger as the Captain’s call for security and medical rose on the comms. =^=Captain, Pretha here. Heading to transporter room one with team. Will report as soon as we have something.=^= She reported as she jogged down the corridors towards her destination.

As she arrived in the transporter room, she glanced to the Chief behind the console. “Search for survivors, Chief. Let’s get them out of there and into safety asap. Medical should be here any moment.” She wasn’t sure how many to expect, but she tapped out her command to the CRIT team to meet her in transporter room one and be prepared for anything. This was going to be a test to them all. No more drills or sims, this was the time to see how they could, together, keep the Manny on her wings.

Lt Pretha Oberon

The counselor was in session with an engineering officer when Oberon’s message came through. This would be her first action with the CRIT team. “I’m very sorry, Ens Morgan, but I’ve been called to assist in an emergency. Yeoman Brooks will reschedule our meeting for sometime in the next few days.” Surprised, Morgan nodded and got up to leave.

Zef wasn’t far behind him, hurrying through the outer office. “Reschedule his appointment. I’m off to transporter room 1 for a mission with the CRIT team.”

With no chance to ask questions, Dave simply nodded. “Yes, Cmdr Rollo.” And she was out the door. A few moments later Zef entered the transporter room. She’d stopped by security to get a hand phaser and it was restring on her hip in its holster.

—Rollo, CNS

Luke had been in his quarters when the red alert sounded, the hardest thing about his job was not always being needed on the bridge or anywhere for that matter with importance during a good old scrap. That said and mostly due to his annoyance and being bothered had him up and out into the corridor. Of course, that meant technically he was breaking the regulations, during red alert, those should be manning their station or non-essential somewhere safe but Luke was Luke. He had changed, but not that much. He was heading in the opposite direction to Zef when she passed him, notably, she was in a hurry. He couldn’t understand where she’d be going but then in the back of his mind he remembered she was part of the CRiT team. Doing a U-turn Luke followed, maybe there was something he could be doing after all.

Deep in engineering, Kaia was working on a console, solving some complex equations when the call came. Her face lit up and she shut the program she’d been working on and grabbed her tool-belt. “CRIT calls, chief,” she shouted to the CE as she clambered into a Jeffries-tube, knowing a short-cut to the nearest Turbolift that only her small frame could navigate.

It was only moments after Zef entered the transporter room that Kaia entered - one of the panels in the wall sliding to the side to allow her to jump out of the crawlspace. She quickly replaced the panel and stood beside Rollo, quickly straightening her uniform shirt and checking to make sure her engineering tools were intact. “Our first real field-test, I’m so excited!” She exclaimed eagerly.

Kaia, Engineer

“Could you use an extra body?” Luke spoke up standing in the doorway, he’d not be disappointed if they said no he’d only end up finding another way to help but after all he was trained and cleared for the field and he hoped that would win him over some points. Being the ex-chief of security no matter how bad it went still mean he had the qualifications, and before he didn’t think he’d have time for the specialised team but with his new assignment it might just be the thing he needed.

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