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Posted by Captain Alexander Cochrane (Commanding Officer) in Aged By Silver Birch (TAG Cochrane)

Posted by Civilian Revna Freya McKenzie (Diplomatic Attache) in Aged By Silver Birch (TAG Cochrane)
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Oh it had been a long day, and Revna had a sick feeling in her gut that things were only going down hill from there. She needed a drink, and she didn’t want to drink alone. That was a nasty habit. Of course who she’d rather have a drink with she couldn’t which just cycled the issue. Plus what she wanted to rant over would fall on far too understanding and eager ears. That made her smile.

There was only one person on board she really knew well enough to be willing to share a drink with. And unless her instincts had failed her, and that was something she was working through, that someone needed a drink more than she did. Grabbing a round bottle filled with a honey gold liquid. What she wanted was an amber filled bottle in a black velvet nag, but that wasn’t here either.

Minutes later Revna stepped off the lift down the corridor, and rang the chime on Cochrane’s quarters.

McKenzie, DA

There was an almost minute delay, but finally the door opened. Cochrane stood in the doorway, his uniform on but his jacket open. “Mrs. McKenzie? Is everything all right? What can I do for you?” Alex asked with a slightly confused look on his face.

Cochrane, CO

“Cpt. Cochrane. What in Helheim! I need a drink and unless I’m totally daft so do you. Whisky right?” She offers the bottle, “You’ll love this then. And I hate drinkin’ alone.”
McKenzie, DA

Alex paused for a second and then simply stepped aside and held out an arm. “Do come in. And you aren’t wrong…”


Revna walked in pulled the tab on the wax, and with ease from experience born from knowing how her sister sealed bottles, popped the cork. She passed the bottle to him. “My sister made that. Calls it ‘honeyed whisky’. It’s aged about 12 years. That’s how long she’s been making it. It’s going to go down sweet, smooth, smokey and no kickback. You’ll realize what got ahold of you about the time you get 4 good pulls in you.” She leaned against a chair and levelled her gaze at him. “What as that?” and she waved out towards the corridor and the arrival of FedSec employee Luke Wyatt.

McKenzie, DA

Alex held up a finger and then went to the comms terminal and sent a message to Zef saying McKenzie was there to discuss the Wyatt issue and he’d send word when they were done. He then took two glasses from a cabinet, poured them three-galuartees full each, looked at the bottle approvingly, and said “Ah yes… Mr. Wyatt.” and he indicated a seat. “Please, be seated Mrs. McKenzie

Revna took a seat in one of the chairs to the side of the interesting table, and then the glass he passed to her, and really looked around.

His quarters were set up with the doorway in the middle of a large living space. A couch sat below the large window that made up the wall opposite the door, and a low but very sturdy-looking and oddly disturbing table sat in front if it flanked by large chairs on either side. To the right of the door was a desk set so that a person sitting there would have their back in the far right corner of the room which, in turn, was flanked by bookcases similar to the ones in the Captain’s Ready Room. To the left of the door was a small kitchen with a tall table and chairs sat on the door side of the kitchen island which held the sink. Past the sink was a cooking surface and a replicator and cabinets. The surface was barren, but showed signs that it was used frequently.

In the far left corner near the window sat the assortment of musical instruments on stands: bass guitar, upright bass, and a saxophone. In the far opposite corner was a small piano, a cello, and a guitar.

Music The presence of the instruments put her both at ease and made her lonely. It was okay to be lonely though, and though the feeling wasn’t fleeting she could put it aside.

As he sat in one of the chairs he sighed. “Mr. Wyatt was the former Chief of Security here. He had a… rocky… tenure. And to be fair, it wasn’t all his doing. He never quite found his rhythm here… and I didn’t really help. There were some extenuating circumstances that made his job much more complicated than it should have been. That, coupled with a dalliance with a crew member who was mentally and emotionally vulnerable, caused more than a bit of friction. He left under quite the cloud. Now as to his arrival… I knew about that at the same time you did. Definitely not my idea. But I will say he is a very capable person. You could have worse working for you, that’s for certain.”


Revna nodded, “Lt Cmdr Calloway. Not hard to put together. Wyatt’s very first order of business off the shuttle made it obvious. His body language on emphasized the intensity of his emotions. She’s engaged now to a lovely man by the name of Daggum.” Revna grinned, “Which I’m sure you know. I hope her finding her happiness doesn’t cause an issue with Mr Wyatt.” She took a long pull off the glass, eyes closed, savoring the flavor. It reminded her of early summers on the North Sea, staring up at the clouds as the long boats rocked over the waves. She rested the glass against the arm of the chair and looked over at Cochrane. “Now I don’t know about that. I seriously doubt Mr Wyatt is here to actually work for me. Oh he will it’s part of the reason he is here, but sitting beside me just to whisper, ‘Hey we could take them,’ or ‘maybe we should back off, they’re bigger than us’ is not reason for FedSec to send me an advisor. One that I still have yet to hear from Ambassador S’Tek about. Which is odd. But there is no doubt in my mind that FedSec has other goals for Mr Wyatt.” She pointed out the window, “And if FedSec thinks I’m too dumb to realize that, their....oh gods…this is giving me a do know what my husband is famous for, right?”

McKenzie, DA

Alex smiled and took a drink. “Oh, that I do indeed. Now one must say… it’s is a very good song.” and he chuckled. “I wonder if Mr. Wyatt is a fan?” he mused with a grin.

Cochrane, CO

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