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The first of the casualties started to trickle into sickbay from the region around the impact. Earlier there were two who had come in with minor sprains from crew who had lost balance and fallen at the impact.

Three came into the sickbay, assisted by two others.

One man had a nasty gash along his leg that was wrapped in an emergency bandage. He was assisted by another, and was limping with noticeable pain.
Another, a woman, was moving unsteadily on her feet, one hand at the side of her head. She looked disoriented and was assisted by another who was well, but looked even more afraid than the woman.
The third, a Vulcan, had visible burns along one arm and possibly his side, though he was dealing with it with typical Vulcan control.


Pretha’s voice came over the comm just then. =^=This is transporter room one, medical emergency. We have a Kazon presenting with siezures. Transporting him to medical now!=^= While she seemed a bit agitated, she also seemed to have things under control.

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The Transporter effect ended and the two were in a place that had a different decking in an open area - a space designed for transporter emergencies like this one. The two materialized in a sickbay that was active but not chaotic with several crew being looked at for what looked to be minor injuries. Close up Pretha could not see or feel any distinct injury in the Kazon she cradled, though his breath was bad and his eyes had a blue tinge where they might normally be white. His breathing turned labored as though he were having trouble breathing, moving from breaths to short strained gasps.
- Wookiee

Seeing the Kazon enter she passed off the patient with the burns rona nurse. “Bed two” Jasmine snapped and began moving towards it with a medical tricorder already raised and ready to scan him. Jasmine wasn’t an expert on kazon physiology but the labored breathing and blue tinge made her instantly think pulmonary, head injury, or a combination of both. “What happened to him,” she asked Pretha. While Jasmine wasn’t sure the woman knew anything, the fact she was bringing him in held promise. Lifting the tricorder, Jasmine began the scans.

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