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Posted Sept. 10, 2021, 3:23 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Kiama Naim (Chief Science Officer) (Silke Fahl)

Even thought there had been more than one moment since her arrival on the Manhattan where it would have been beneficial for her to talk to a Counsellor, Kiama somehow had never gotten around to do so. Other than taking care of her boarding evaluation, of course. But after the surprise visit from her mother and with things being on the slower side in her department with them being in-between missions, she thought that maybe now would be a good time to rectify that and talk with the new Counsellor about everything that had happened. Of course she had talked with Faye about it all and her friend was a wonderful sounding board. At the same time it was also good to talk to a professional. Work things through in a different way. So it was with all of that going through her mind that she found herself in front of the Counsellor’s office after having scheduled an appointment. After making sure that her hair and uniform where still in prefect order, she pressed the chime and waited patiently to be called inside.

~Lt. Cmdr. Naim, CSO

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