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Posted by Gamemaster Wookius Furrius (Senior Gamemaster) in Sickbay - Main Sim

Posted by Lieutenant Jasmine Wynter (Chief Medical Officer) in Sickbay - Main Sim

Posted by Gamemaster Wookius Furrius (Senior Gamemaster) in Sickbay - Main Sim
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The first of the casualties started to trickle into sickbay from the region around the impact. Earlier there were two who had come in with minor sprains from crew who had lost balance and fallen at the impact.

Three came into the sickbay, assisted by two others.

One man had a nasty gash along his leg that was wrapped in an emergency bandage. He was assisted by another, and was limping with noticeable pain.
Another, a woman, was moving unsteadily on her feet, one hand at the side of her head. She looked disoriented and was assisted by another who was well, but looked even more afraid than the woman.
The third, a Vulcan, had visible burns along one arm and possibly his side, though he was dealing with it with typical Vulcan control.


Pretha’s voice came over the comm just then. =^=This is transporter room one, medical emergency. We have a Kazon presenting with siezures. Transporting him to medical now!=^= While she seemed a bit agitated, she also seemed to have things under control.

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The Transporter effect ended and the two were in a place that had a different decking in an open area - a space designed for transporter emergencies like this one. The two materialized in a sickbay that was active but not chaotic with several crew being looked at for what looked to be minor injuries. Close up Pretha could not see or feel any distinct injury in the Kazon she cradled, though his breath was bad and his eyes had a blue tinge where they might normally be white. His breathing turned labored as though he were having trouble breathing, moving from breaths to short strained gasps.
- Wookiee

Seeing the Kazon enter she passed off the patient with the burns rona nurse. “Bed two” Jasmine snapped and began moving towards it with a medical tricorder already raised and ready to scan him. Jasmine wasn’t an expert on kazon physiology but the labored breathing and blue tinge made her instantly think pulmonary, head injury, or a combination of both. “What happened to him,” she asked Pretha. While Jasmine wasn’t sure the woman knew anything, the fact she was bringing him in held promise. Lifting the tricorder, Jasmine began the scans.

Jasmine Wynter. Cmo

Scans did not show any physical damage, at least on the outside. There was no head injury. Scans did show, however, that there was neurological and lung damage. There was a high concentration of a mercury cadmium in his lungs spreading to his bloodstream.
- Wookiee

“No contusions, aneurysms, or subdural hematomas,” Jasmine rattled off ruling out the normal reasons as to why the patient was displaying signs of early neurological trauma and respiratory distress. “Pulmonary scans indicate inflammed aveolar sacs which could account for the shallow respiration and blue tinge around the eyes. Placing a pulse ox on his chest, Jasmine looked up to see the bed displaying his O2 saturation in his lungs was declining. While low, the 92 reading was not dire or indicative of pulmonary collapse yet. “Get him on O2,” she ordered to the nurse as she began to mentally tick off what she wasn’t dealing with to figure out what was happening. Without contusions to the body, this meant the damage was not caused from a crushing or physical injury.

“Did he inhale anything,” Jasmine asked, “running the tricorder over the nasal and esophageal tissues? If he had inhaled a volatile substance it would account for the damage she was seeing however the tissues looked intact from the scans.

Several heart beats later, Jasmine snapped her fingers rapidly at a nurse. “Get me a tox screen,” she ordered as she drew a blood sample and handed it to the nurse.

Once the vial of blood was run the nurse handed the PaDD with the results back to Jasmine. Her brow wrinkled as she read the results. “We need to do gastrointestinal irrigation. I need 50 cc’s of edathamil calcium disodium and 20 cc’s of bisacodyl, ” she ordered before leaning towards the Kazon. Jasmine touched his hand to direct his attention to her. “You have mercury cadmium levels in your blood that are off the chart? We need to cleatate the cadmium and flush the mercury from your system. Can you tell me what happened?” The supplemental O2 should help him talk some as the nurse prepared the hypos.

Jasmine Wynter CMO

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The Kazon’s reaction was sluggish; while he may have taken offense at a ‘woman’ touching him that was superseded by his ‘feeling’ of impending death. His breathing was labored, forced and quick as though trying to get enough oxygen. That may, in the next moments, be helped with the application of oxygen. “Capsule struck. Thruster engine damaged. Leak. So much smoke. Couldn’t see. Breathe.” After that he was noticeably exhausted from the effort to speak, but after the application of the oxygen the Kazon noticeably relaxed in his breathing efforts.

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“Easy there,” Jasmine said administering the hypos into his neck. “Try to relax and not talk. You have pulmonary edema due to the inhalation of the cadmium in the smoke. This medicine will help flush the toxins from your system. You will start feeling better but in the mean time you are going to feel like crap,” she admitted. Jasmine’s bedside manner was tailored to her patients. Some patient’s needed molly coddling words and attention so sickeningly sweet they could kill a diabetic in five minutes flat. Others, like the Kazon, were tough guys and usually did far better with direct, no sugar coating responses.

Placing another hypo to his neck, she continued. “I am giving you an analgesic to help with the sensation that someone is using an iron on your lungs. I am also starting you on an antibiotic. Monitor the patient for signs of chemical Pneumonitis due to Cadmium Fumes.” Her conversation was directed at both the Kazon and the attending nurse. “It should help you feel better but if you start trying to roam around and become a pain in my ass I am going to just knock you out for the next few hours. Capisce?” Cochrane was going to want as much info as he could get from this patient probably but even in the best times Kazon’s were not the most cooperative of species and with a sick bay full of wounded she did not have time to play nursemaid to those that were being dificult.

Looking at Pretha, she handed the woman a PaDD. “I am sure you have questions but try to keep it minimal. If you can have him type it out any responses.” Normally Jasmine was not this abrupt but they were still triaging the injured. She would be there if they needed her.

Jasmine Wynter CMO

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