Sickbay- Songz's Physical

Posted Sept. 11, 2021, 2:52 p.m. by Lieutenant Jasmine Wynter (Chief Medical Officer) (Kate O'Neill)

Posted by Civilian Sair Songz (Counselor) in Sickbay- Songz’s Physical
Sair had laughed a little when she had first learned about Starfleet’s rules on regular physicals in her first stint in the exchange program. For adult Kobliads, missing an appointment would result in death. So every thirty-three days, she saw a doctor to get her custom dueridium injection along with, now, her gene therapy treatment. When she had still been a regular doctor, she had seen to her own treatments since she knew her metabolic match perfectly and it was easier than trying to teach a rotation of new people how to get it just right. But things were different now and Sair was a bit nervous about entrusting her life to strangers. On the other hand, her previous experience in the Federation had given her a great deal of understanding into the people who served in Starfleet and she knew she could trust them.

Stepping into Sickbay with a stasis crate in hand, the lilac haired counsellor looked about and flagged one of the staff. “Excuse me, I’m looking for Doctor Wynter?” she said with a bright smile.

~Sair Songz, CNS

“She is over there,” one of the doctors waved a stylus behind her shoulder. “Yo doc you have a patient,” they yelled as they continued the scan on the patient in the bed.

Hearing her name, Jasmine put down her coffee and moved towards the officer. “Hello. You must be the new psyche officer. Pleased to meet you,” she extended her hand. “I assume you are here for your check in?”

Jasmine Wynter CMO

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