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Posted Sept. 11, 2021, 5:55 p.m. by Civilian Sair Songz (Counselor) (Lindsay Bayes)

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Posted by Civilian Sair Songz (Counselor) in Find the Grace (Tag Sair)


Creating a welcoming office space was the goal of many a counsellor, and Sair was no exception. But everyone’s aesthetics were different and often culturally informed. Thus she took a more mild approach to the place and hoped it didn’t veer on the side of boring. But at least there was a tidy space here now, rather than the crates and chaos of before.

“Come in!” she said cheerily, her black flat shoes treading over a large area rug in muted blues, greys and greens. It spanned half of the therapy area in front of her desk and she had set a small round coffee table in front of small sofa and two arm chairs, in a blue-grey colour. Behind her was the desk with two basic chairs in front and a pale wooden shelving unit to the left by the replicator.

Next to the door was a stone carving that was half the height of the door. Carved out of white dolomite, it was a miniature replica of the giant tree that was in the lobby of he Assembly Complex in Kobliad’s capital. The tree had a wide trunk with the appearance of a thick bark and was easily deciduous with sweeping branches with teardrop shaped leaves. Carved around the trunk of the tree were arms with hands seeming to hold the tree and they wound themselves up the trunk.

Sair presented a tidy figure but was opting to try and mimic a uniform in her own unique way. Over black slim trousers she wore a long sleeved blue tunic of medical, and her medium length lilac hair was swept off to the side and secured in a small messy knot. She was prepared for this appointment and yet she was still nervous, but her light brown eyes showed confidence.

~Sair Songz, CNS

Revna was wearing an ankle length, a-line, long sleeve, light grey, linen dress with navy blue trim and embroidery. She had a duster length vest over her dress, with the pins and accoutrements that marked her as a member of the diplomatic corp. It was her ‘uniform.’ Her copper blonde hair braided with her rune beads. Her eyes were bright, she was awake, alert, and ready to work, but she looked tired. She stepped through the door when Sair bid her enter. She looked around the office, smiling. She liked it. She’d worked with enough other counselors over the years to find small joys in how the counseling officers were so dynamically different, but always fundamentally the same.

Revna walked over to Sair and extended a traditional Kobliad greeting. This was done out of respect and a genuine desire to welcome the newest member of the crew, and a whole lot less about her position as a diplomatic officer. Though Revna had to admit she’d be required to act in such a way anyway. “Dr. Songz, it is a pleasure to meet you. Revna McKenzie.” Revna was obviously comfortable in the room, noticeably relaxing as she came in the door. There was a tension in her, but it wasn’t about the person or the space she found herself in.

Revna McKenzie

Sair’s smile deepened wider into a grin. “Welcome,” she said with a graceful bow of her head. “Come on in and make yourself comfortable. And in this office it’s just Sair, feel free to use my first name if you’re comfortable,” she said as she moved over to one of the armchairs and took a seat. “Oh! And help yourself to something from the replicator if you like.” She was impressed by the greeting, but also didn’t expect less from a diplomatic officer. In many ways, Sair was acting as an ambassador for her people and she had adjusted to people treating her as such here and there. It was weird still, but understandable.

~Sair Songz, CNS

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