Event Horizon Station- Promises

Posted Sept. 13, 2021, 1:15 p.m. by James Sinclair

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Faye Calloway (Counter-Intelligence Officer) in Event Horizon Station- Promises

Posted by James Sinclair in Event Horizon Station- Promises

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Faye Calloway (Counter-Intelligence Officer) in Event Horizon Station- Promises


Slipping her smaller hands into his, Faye shook it. “You got yourself a deal, Dag. And a promise. And I don’t make promises I can’t keep.”

The ship carried on its way back to Event Horizon and soon they were docking back in the shuttlebay. Though it had been a little while since she had flown, her intuition was still finely honed and Faye set the ship down gently. Reaching forward, she patted the top of the console. “That’s it, good job,” she told the shuttle.

Cleaning up the detritus of their picnic, Faye beamed at Dag. “Just need to deal with this and it’s club time! How do you feel about Bolian Electronic Dance Music?” she asked, her grey-green eyes gleaming.


Daggum smiled broadly at her as he helped clean up and said “Oh I absolutely hate it!” and then he laughed. “No, not really. It’s just not my thing… but I want to experience your things, too.” and he tossed the remains of the meal into the recycler. “But after that, we have a stop to make. I got you a little something for your going-away present, and it arrived this afternoon.” and he winked at her.


Faye just stared at him in awe. “A present? Another one? I mean, really, Dag, you’re setting the bar rather high you know,” she teased. They had gotten engaged and he had given her the exquisite ring on her finger plus a magical first date she’d never forget. What else could there be? But as he reminded her earlier that what she brought t the table was always enough, so she wasn’t about to compete.

As they locked up the shuttle and left the bay, she gazed deeply at Dag, picnic basket in hand. “Ever since the brig, I’ve felt this need to do this one sort of dance that I haven’t really been able to do. I mean, I might dance that way in my quarters, and Alex was teaching my swing dancing of course, but I’ve never danced for someone, Dag. And maybe that’s my gift to you in return. For you to see me that way, in a way that others don’t usually get to.”


Daggum looked down and said “Faye… love of my life… my bride-to-be… my friend… you can dance for me in whatever way you want to whenever you want to. All I ask is that you keep your clothes on in public. Well… at least some of them.” and he he grinned and winked at her.


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