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Posted Sept. 14, 2021, 1:34 p.m. by Captain Alexander Cochrane (Commanding Officer) (James Sinclair)

Posted by Civilian Revna Freya McKenzie (Diplomatic Attache) in main sim - Officer’s Mess

Posted by Civilian Revna Freya McKenzie (Diplomatic Attache) in main sim - Officer’s Mess

Posted by Captain Alexander Cochrane (Commanding Officer) in main sim - Officer’s Mess

Revna took the lift from the bridge down to deck 4 and inspected the rooms she had assigned for the Trabe and Kazon delegations - Deck 4 section D rooms 421 and 422 for the Trabe and Deck 4 section M rooms 497 and 498 for the Kazon. There was the matter of the rescued survivors, but they would be in sickbay for awhile and she could arrange for their accommodations after. Revna made a mental note to check with Cochrane before she did so. They had been ordered 5 representatives each so she would want to double check with him before she gave them rooms close to the official delegation or if they would attempt to have them returned to one of the remaining ships. If that was even a possibility at this point.

Then it was up to deck 3 and she made her way into the Officer’s mess and moved back towards the kitchen and poked her head in. “Hey Chef Harv, you around?”

McKenzie, DA

The familiar voice came from the kitchen door, which was propped open and a delightfully sweet and herbal scent was wafting forth from. “No. I’m on Delta IV getting massaged by beautiful women. Where else would I be?”

Chef Harv

Revna laughed, “Yeah? Got any strapping men there on Delta IV for me?” Of course if they were all clones of Mike that would be awesome and she laughed at herself.
Revna walked into the kitchen inhaling the herbal scent and sighed happily. “That smells amazing. Anyway, Cpt. Cochrane sent me down to have you prepare the Officer’s Mess for the delegations of Trabe and Kazon coming on board. I have to meet him in two hours when they come aboard, but I’m happy to help out if you need it.”

McKenzie, DA

“You’re married. I’m gonna tell your husband.” he said flatly. Tha Bajoran was busy pulling some kind of pastry from the oven: decadently spiraled rolls with cinnamon, sugar, and some kind of heady herbal topping. “Kazon and Trabe, eh?” he said as he set them aside to cool. Wiping his hands on a towel, he looked at the new Diplomatic Attaché. “He knows those two hate each other… right? As in ‘Kill On Sight No Matter What’ hate?”


“Oh if you will tell him that, he’ll steal a shuttle and show up here, and nothing would make me happier,” Revna chuckled. “I’m certain Cpt Cochrane is aware. We just discussed it at length as we watched them pulverize each other. We responded to a distress call and right now he’s making them behave. The Kazon don’t take to female authority figures, so I hope he knows what he’s doing because I’m not sure I’ll be of much help.” It was a rhetorical comment, Revna had no doubt that Cochrane knew exactly what he was doing. But Revna doubted that the talks would go smoothly.


Harv shook his head and mumbled something about preferring Syndicate Underbosses, but then said “Okay… what do you need from me? Other than disruptor pistols taped the underside of the tables?”


“Cpt Cochrane just said to get it ready for a delegation. So I would assume if you know of any dishes that would be familiar to both sides. I am sadly lacking in my knowledge of local cuisine. And maybe,” Revna looked out at the dinning area. “Care if I move stuff around? I don’t like the idea of one table, where they are close enough to grab each other, or separate tables so they can ignore each other either. I’m thinking a square configuration, same table, opposite ends.”


“U shape. Kazon on one side, Trabe on the other, you guys in the middle. That way they can’t jump across the table or keep things hidden underneath it.” and he looked at her.

“What? You think this is my first time catering hostile parties?” and he laughed. “I’ll set it up. But get that new Security Chief in here. I want her take on it, too.”


Revna shook her head, “Nope, just wondering if you would purposely make some biscuits that are like bricks and leave them by my plate. I can use them as projectiles.” She grinned and then nodded, “No problem.”

=/\=McKenzie to Lt T’Lara. Chef Harv and I could use your expert opinion down in the officer’s mess for securing the area of the oncoming delegates.=/\=

Revna looked back at Harv, “What else can I do?”

McKenzie, DA

Harv looked at her, in total seriousness, and said “Start your plan on dealing with the fallout when this goes sideways…” and he walked into the kitchen.

Harv, Chef

Revna looked at him dead serious, “That’s why I asked for the fake biscuits. Cochrane told them no weapons, and it would be in bad form for me to show up armed.” Revna moved back towards the dinning area, “Thanks, Harv.” Revna moved over toward a table and sat, pulling the PaDD out of her pocket. She would work with what information she had until T’Lara got there. Revna wanted to hear what she had to say.

McKenzie, DA

T’Lara perked an eyebrow while she listened to McKenzie’s Comm and responded with a firm tone of voice.
=/\= I will be there momentarily. =/\=
She then put the final touches on her daily security report and began her journey towards the officer’s mess to provide her ‘expert’ opinion on something.

-T’Lara, CoS

=^=Thank you, Lt.=^= Revna closed the com and stared around at the mess. What she wouldn’t give for 20 shield-maidens, just in case. A basic honor guard, trained in hand to hand, obviously. She really liked her Harv’s idea for disruptor pistols taped underneath the table. She sighed, violence was not her usual go to, and not her job either, but Revna was realistic. There was no record of any attempts to negotiate between the Trane and Jason since Cot Janeway’s attempt. Repirations were needed but getting there would be a long road.

McKenzie, DA


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