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Posted Sept. 18, 2021, 12:24 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Kiama Naim (Chief Science Officer) (Silke Fahl)

Posted by Civilian Sair Songz (Counselor) in Songz’ Office - Someone to talk to

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Kiama Naim (Chief Science Officer) in Songz’ Office - Someone to talk to

Posted by Civilian Sair Songz (Counselor) in Songz’ Office - Someone to talk to
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Even thought there had been more than one moment since her arrival on the Manhattan where it would have been beneficial for her to talk to a Counsellor, Kiama somehow had never gotten around to do so. Other than taking care of her boarding evaluation, of course. But after the surprise visit from her mother and with things being on the slower side in her department with them being in-between missions, she thought that maybe now would be a good time to rectify that and talk with the new Counsellor about everything that had happened. Of course she had talked with Faye about it all and her friend was a wonderful sounding board. At the same time it was also good to talk to a professional. Work things through in a different way. So it was with all of that going through her mind that she found herself in front of the Counsellor’s office after having scheduled an appointment. After making sure that her hair and uniform where still in prefect order, she pressed the chime and waited patiently to be called inside.

~Lt. Cmdr. Naim, CSO

At her desk, Sair was filling in notes from her last appointment and lifted her head. “Enter!” she called out, knowing it was likely her next appointment.

As the doors swished open in front of her, Kiama stepped inside and let her gaze wander through the room.

A large area rug in muted blues, greys and greens spanned half of the therapy area in front of her desk and she had set a small round coffee table in front of small sofa and two arm chairs, in a blue-grey colour. Behind that was her desk with two basic chairs in front and a pale wooden shelving unit to the left by the replicator.

Next to the door was a stone sculpture that was half the height of the door. Carved out of white dolomite, it was a miniature replica of the giant tree that was in the lobby of he Assembly Complex in Kobliad’s capital. The tree had a wide trunk with the appearance of a thick bark and was easily deciduous with sweeping branches with teardrop shaped leaves. Carved around the trunk of the tree were arms with hands seeming to hold the tree and they wound themselves up the trunk.

Rising from her desk adn tapping a couple keys to turn off her computer, Sair stepped around and stood next to the sculpture, her fingers casually brushing the leaves on a branch. Presenting a tidy figure, Sair as in her usual slim black trousers and long sleeved blue tunic of medical, and her medium length lilac hair was swept off to the side and secured in a small messy knot. “Kiama, right?” she said brightly, hoping she hadn’t gotten her appointments mixed up.

~Sair Songz, CNS

“Yes, that’s me,” Kiama replied with a wide smile and a soft laugh. “Thank you for seeing me, Counsellor.” Turning her head to fully look at the sculpture next to her. “If you don’t mind me asking: What is the meaning of this beautiful tree?” she asked as she gestured towards it. Her black eyes wandered slowly up and down the whole length of it as she attempted to take in as many details as possible.

~Lt. Cmdr. Naim, CSO

Sair beamed as her eyes swept over the sculpture. “It’s a mika tree,” she said, pronouncing it mee-ka, “and this is a miniature version of a giant sculpture that stands in the atrium of our government complex. It represents a saying on my world, amito qon do temz, which translates to ‘service to the realm’, and is a reminder of a moral imperative to serve our community. It was a gift from my colleagues. They wanted something tangible to remind me of Kobliad while I’m out here, as a reminder that even following my own path away from home, I’m still doing so serving my people.” She had anticipated that the sculpture might provoke some interesting reactions in people and thus thought it better to have it in her office than in her quarters.

“What a lovely gift and reminder of your home and culture,” Kiama smiled, her black eyes still on the sculpture.

“Please do make yourself comfortable and let me know if I can get you anything before we settle in. I could use a glass of water myself,” Songz said, still smiling.

~Sair Songz, CNS

“A glass of water with a little bit of lemon juice would be nice, thank you,” Kiama replied with a warm smile as she sat down in one of the armchairs. While she waited for Sair to join her, Kiama continued to let her gaze wander around the room. Though of course as always she used all her senses and the upbeat emotions she was sensing from Sair were very contagious. In the best way possible.

~Lt. Cmdr. Naim, CSO

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