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Apart from an increase in communication, there was effectively little more ‘action’, though Faye would see that there was an attempted use of weapons fire.

“That will definitely help. The last place I want to be is in the middle of a fire fight, shields down, trying to rescue survivors…”

As Walker talked, he was still working to get whatever emergency power they had to both shields and weapons, in case they still had to fight there way out.

CWO Darach - COO

There was an eerie silence in space. Three ships remained including the disabled one they pulled back from the brink of the planet’s atmosphere. Debris floated about. Small explosions from debris either decompressing or something within having overloaded or simply reacted to the damages involved.

Rerouting power was not difficult; they were not at warp and any power from the reactors and impulse engines were available. There was still that ‘soft’ spot where they had been struck, though that was not fully a matter of power but coverage.
- Wookiee

Seeing a message coming in from Pretha and knowing she was needed in both places, Faye knew it was Alex’s call. “Captain, Oberon wants me on CRIT. It looks like my gamble paid off on the Kazon ship. Do you still want me here?”

~Faye Calloway, Counter-Intelligence

“Stick around, Commander. We may have need of your services again on short notice.” Cochrane replied.

Her eyes still locked on the sensor readings, Kiama listened to everything her fellow officers said. Right now there was nothing else for her to report, so she herself kept her silence. Hopefully they’d be able to intervene and help to deescalate the situation before more people got hurt or lost their lives.

~Lt. Cmdr. Naim, CSO

There were effectively only two Kazon ships left, with the last remaining third having warped out of orbit toward the end of the battle. Scans would show the other two Kazon ships were themselves damaged. One had significant engine damage, though their power core was intact. It’s life support was fluctuating; something was evidently not well there. The second looked to have light damage all around, but principally with its shields. The tractor beam ‘rescued’ section drifted and was not in any immediate danger of the gravity well of the planet below. Space was dotted with debris and the spatial dust from the dwarf stars.

Naim would note that below on the planet, which was a sizeable world with highly active volcanic activity. The atmosphere was murky. Here and there where the cloud cover was thinner could be see trails of lava and lakes of the same peeking through. Scanners could pick out the ‘city’ below - it was not on the world but above it, hovering not far from the surface. The atmosphere was hot and toxic; this was not a resort world by any stretch of the imagination.
- Wookiee

“All right… Mr. Darach, get me an update on the damage as soon as the Damage Control Teams have assessed and coordinate with Engineering to get repairs underway. Tactical, keep us updated on ship positions and weapon status. Science, scan for survivors and start prioritizing evacuation, coordinate with Security and Medical on getting them safely on board and locked down and tending to. And comms… see if we can get everyone on the line, please. I think it’s time everyone and us has a chat.”

Cochrane, CO

“Aye Sir. I’m on it,” Naim replied with a nod and without actually looking up at the Captain as she started to scan for survivours and plan the evacuation. “Also, our sensors show that the planet has a lot of highly active volcanic activity. The atmosphere is hot and toxic and I’m detecting a city. Though not on the surface but hovering a relatively short distance above the ground.”

~Lt. Cmdr. Naim, CSO

“On it Captain,” Walker said as he sent requests for update to the engineering teams.

Mal’athar stood and moved back to the science station and Cmdr Naim. “Can we get any readings on the pattern of volcanic activity? Timing, intensity, locations? Any readings on tectonic plate movement? Can we get any reading on the number of life signs, structural soundness of the floating city? Are they at risk of atmospheric contamination or crashing to the surface?”

Initial planetary scans indicated that the world was in a significant volcanic state. Being in an orbital pattern that looked to be a loose figure 8 around the two dwarf stars the gravitational influence from both was wreaking havoc over the surface of the world. It wasn’t that there was volcanic and plate activity, it was more like where ‘wasn’t’ there some kind of tectonic and volcanic activity. The city, on another quick scan, had a force field around it, though it was low enough to be in a thermally affective zone, not to mention a poisonous atmosphere around it. Power levels, however, appeared to be fluctuating but not critically.

While systems were working on the ship to get information up to the bridge, it was mostly variations on the theme of what was reported already with greater detail and projected time for repairs. Damage control teams were in place, and drones were being prepped to get a visual inspection outside the ship on hull damages.

Medical was reporting several injuries were coming in from minor to moderate injury.

Almost as though to break the silence, transmissions came from both the planet and one of the Kazon vessels nearly at the same time.
- Wookiee

“On screen.” Cochrane said and then eased back in his chair. A relaxed demeanor could do more to ease tensions at the beginning.

Cochrane, CO

The split screen came up again, though at the moment they were on separate channels and muted. The images could not have been more starkly contrasted - a clean bright room with a vase of some kind of crimson flowering plant in the background, the Trabe woman in the foreground - with a smoky, dark, bridge with reddish backlighting. A Kazon with a nasty gash along one cheek dominated the foreground.

At the sound of an incoming transmission Mal’athar returned to her chair to have a clear view of whoever was on the other side of the transmission.

Revna, still standing to the side of the bridge was taking in all the activity and then few brief Kazon transmissions. She approved of Cochrane’s relaxed demeanor, allowing him to control the feel and pacing of whatever interaction was about to happen. Revna turned her attention back to the screen, anything she could learn from observation would allow her to advise Cochrane.

Mal’athar, XO
McKenzie, DA

Pretha’s voice came over the comms just then. Albeit a bit flustered, she sounded like she had things under control. =^=This is transporter room one, medical emergency. We have a Kazon presenting with siezures. Transporting him to medical now!=^=

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Cochrane motioned for the channels to be opened and stood up. Clasping his hands behind his back he said “This is Captain Cochrane of the Federation Science vessel Manhattan. We are responding to the distress call emanating from the planet below. We are also conducting Rescue operations for those in jeopardy in orbit above. We have several of the Kazon contingent on board already, and they are being seen to by our medical staff. Now before we begin, I want to be clear here: We are conducting operations of mercy… we are not here to take sides in your dispute which we are aware is a long-standing one. We are, however, open to acting as mediator between the two groups in order to seek out a peaceful, if temporary, resolution that will get everyone to a safe position. Am I understood?”

Cochrane, CO

“We understand,” the Trabe woman replied. “With the destruction of our platforms we have no credible offensive ability. We are .. pleased for your mediation.”
The Kazon’s expression was one that looked for all intents and purposes as though he did not fathom the meaning of mercy, and especially not toward the Trabe. He appeared younger than many with his hair reddish in distinction with others that were more notably dark. Whether from his position or another consideration he replied, “Manhattan. We hold a truce with The Cochrane.”

Meanwhile, Faye was monitoring the communications between the other ships (if there were any) to keep tabs on any sudden shift in the situation.

~Faye Calloway, Counter-Intelligence

With Pretha’s comm coming through the bridge, Walker lowered the volume of the rest of the comm chatter, so as to, A, not distract the Captain, but B, limit what information they were giving away about the status of the ship. Checking the damage reports, he highlighted the report of the hull fragment still lodged in the Manhattan. That was the priority right now, because until it was dislodged, they were still going to have a large weak point to try and protect.

CWO Darach - COO

Operationally, by all appearances there would need to be an outside expedition to remove the chunk lodged in the hull. Engineers on scene inside concurred with that initial examination.

=/\= Very well, then. As the agreed neutral party and mediator, I extend an invitation to delegations of both parties to come to the Manhattan for negotiations. We will allow for five delegates per side. No weapons will be allowed. You will be screened upon arrival. There will be no hostilities between the sides from this point in time until an agreement has been brokered or it is determined by the mediator that no such agreement will be forthcoming. Any such action will construed as an attack on this vessel, and we will respond accordingly. The delegations will be expected here in two standard hours. Please forward any requests for immediate assistance, and I and my team will prioritize and respond to the best of our abilities. Any specific needs for the negotiations can be forwarded as well. I look forward to a peaceful and efficient dialogue with both species. Cochrane out. =/\= and he closed the comms.

Turning, he looked at Faye. “Commander Calloway, get into every system you can; orbiting and planet-based. If anyone decides that now is a good time to try and take a bite out of anyone… brick everything they have. You have carte blanche to do whatever you believe necessary to protect us and anyone else… even if that means protecting them from themselves. Lieutenant T’Lara, increase Security presence in the transporter rooms and shuttle bays. And station a contingent in Sickbay, just in case. Mr. Darach, coordinate the rescue operations and keep a close count on how many we have on board. Mrs. McKenzie, may I suggest that you get the VIP quarters situated, keeping in mind the animosity present between these two, and have Chef Harv prepare the Officer’s Mess for the delegations. Lieutenant Creed, keep an ongoing tactical analysis running and weapons on standby. Commander Mal’athar… you have the conn. Once the delegations are on board, you and I will attend the negotiations. Everyone clear?”

“Okay, let’s get to it.” and he left the bridge and went to the Ready Room.

Cochrane, CO

Revna was already looking at the layout for deck 4. Once she had determined where to put them she informed the security chief in case she wanted to inform her patrols or increase them, just in case. “Lt T’Lara. Deck4 section D rooms 421 and 422 for the Trabe and Deck 4 section M rooms 497 and 498 for the Kazon. That will keep them as far apart as possible.” Then she left the bridge to go check the accommodations and speak to Harv.

McKenzie, DA

“Aye Cpt.” Shedda moved over and took the center seat, glancing at the interface on the arm rests. There were no questions or orders to give at the moment and barking some out just because she could would only add unnecessary confusion. Instead she watched as the senior officers moved about their tasks and she got a feel for how they worked.

Mal’athar, XO

=/\=McKenzie to Lt T’Lara. Chef Harv and I could use your expert opinion down in the officer’s mess for securing the area of the oncoming delegates.=/\=


“On it Captain,” Walker said as he shifted the viewscreen and put the number of survivors still to recover back up on the screen.

=^=Darach to Transporter Room. What is the status on recovering the survivors so far? =^=

CWO Darach - COO

OOC: Fixing Split.

T’Lara shifted her gaze to meet Cochrane’s, her facial expression was calm and composed in reaction to his directions, “Aye sir.” She immediately left her station and entered the turbolift stating firmly, “Deck four.” acknowledging Revna’s guidance. The lift doors closed instantaneously as T’Lara began her task of gathering the security team and strategically placing them in the key strategic areas around the ship to help ensure that they were positioned with an optimal chance of success.

  • T’Lara, CoS

=^=Luke here, We may need some more security officers Darach, we’re slowly being overwhelmed with the numbers and the problems presented to us by our guests=^=

  • Luke Wyatt
    =^= Understood. I’m not sure how many security officers we can spare at the moment, we are getting ready to receive delegations from both sides. But I’ve got able bodies that I can spare, relieve the security teams from having to do as much of the heavy lifting. And I’ve got teams helping to clear our Cargo Bay 1, and setting up cots. Star taking the Kazon survivors there. If you encounter any Tribe survivors, I don’t think I need to tell you to keep them very far apart. =^=

CWO Darach - COO

Luke nodded though the motion wouldn’t have been seen by Darach, =^=Understood, we’ll try and keep things civil down here. Transporter Room out.=^= He motioned to the others who were still trying to grasp what was going on, “Lets get these people moving, else were gonna have no more room left in here.” He suggested, his tone was by no means an order but it did carry a sense of urgency.

Luke Wyatt

Faye cracked her fingers with a grin and set about enhancing her readings. Tying them all together into a single readout, she set them to the left side of her screen so she had a constant overview of what was happening according to the sensors. But with her connection still active (OOC: I’m assuming) on the one Kazon ship, she kept a closer eyes on the group as a whole. In fact, Faye went so far as to have several infiltration programs at the ready for the other vessels. With a couple keystrokes she could deploy them.

~Faye Calloway, Counter-Intelligence

OOC: Back from an unexpected disappearance .. but nothing bad .. gene

The systems were pesky to branch out through. The digital beachhead that Faye had managed was an initial victory and the connection held. From this point it was patience to allow the other infiltration programs to find an open door to slip into.

With the channel closed it was uncertain just what was happening on the other ships for deliberations or choices of the delegates. However it might be, it likely would not be boring.
- Wookiee

“Come on baby, you got this. Work with me,” Faye said as she skimmed through the readings as her programs populated through the targeted systems. It was delicate work since she didn’t want to be too obvious and show her hand before she was ready. If they suspected the weapons failure earlier was malicious on her part then they could have had extra trouble, but by what was happening with the impending mediation, it seemed at least for now they assumed the ‘malfunction’ was because of damage.

~Faye Calloway, Counter-Intelligence

Mal’athar was curious where Calloway was with…well, whatever it was she was doing, but hearing her talk to the computer she decided her curiosity could wait and let the Cmdr concentrate. “Lt Creed, any indication that the Trabe have launched a shuttle to come on board or attempts to request transport?” Lt T’Lara had left the bridge to go take care of security and she expected an update on that from her soon. She knew that CRIT was handling getting the Kazon survivors settled and Mal’athar was not insane enough to bug sickbay for an update yet. Patients first, updates second, unless it was something major concerning ship security, she would be updated when things settled. “Chief Darach, any updates on repairs?”

Then Mal’athar turned to science, “Lt Cmdr Niam, any further information you can give us about this system? Any updates from astrometrics? When the hostilities are neutralized do you need a probe launched for more information? What about the planet and the structure of the floating colony? Anything we can do to make it more secure?”

Mal’athar, XO

Looking up from her workstation, Naim replied, “The planet is in a significant volcanic state. And I mean the whole planet. The orbital pattern is that of a loose figure eight around the two dwarf stars. It is the gravitational influences from those stars that wreaks havoc over the surface of the whole planet. So with regard to to planet I’m afraid there is nothing we can do to make it safer.” Her expression was slight apologetic, even though she knew of course that the news she was bearing weren’t her fault. “As for the floating city,” she continued, “it is in a thermally affected zone and the atmosphere around it is poisonous. They have a force field, though, and despite the fact that it apeares to fluctuating it isn’t critical. Yet. If we want to do something, helping them stabilise that force field might be thing to do.”

~Lt. Cmdr. Naim, CSO

“Working on getting updates right now Commander. Was just taking care of the rescue operations, having to clear up some open space for everyone. I have a team clearing out Cargo Bay 1 to set up a temporary barracks, and getting some of my non-comms down there to help with traffic control.”

Taking a second to pause, Walker brought up the latest repair reports.

CWO Darach - COO

The reply came back quite quickly with the Kazon. Two would come over, plus a pilot, from the ship and that they would shuttle over within minutes.

It took much longer for the Trabe, however, to get back to them. Three would request beaming aboard.

Science could do some analysis of the shielding around the Trabe facility. It was a mixture of simple force field to keep in the atmosphere and a metaphasic quality to protect the station. Scanners would show that one could beam through it safely.

Mal’athar was reaching for her combadge to page Cochrane back to the bridge for the rapidly approaching arrival of their ‘guests’ when he appeared. She stood from the center chair as he appeared and gave orders.

Cochrane stepped out of his ready room, PaDD in hand and looked up. “Ok, everyone… dignitaries arriving and they do not like each other. Mr. Darach, you have the conn. Commander Mal’athar, you head to the shuttle bay with a security contingent and ‘greet’ our Kazon friends. No weapons allowed, make that very clear. And full scans, but be subtle. Escort them to the Mess. I’ll do the same with the Trabe contingent. Mr. Darach, continue repairs and search and rescue operations. And keep an eye out. Anyone gives you any kind of hassle, inform them we are a neutral party and mediations are under way. If they push the matter… push back. I’m not in the mood to play pawn in anyone’s chess match. Everyone else… support operations and repairs as needed. Understood? Good.” and he moved to the turbolift.

Cochrane, CO

Mal’athar nodded to Darach as he took her place and she joined Cochrane on the turbolift. =^=Mal’athar to security. I need two teams to report immediately. One to the shuttle bay and the other to transporter room one.=^=

=^=Mal’athar to McKenzie and T’Lara, our guests are arriving.=^=

Mal’athar, XO

“Acknowledge, Sir,” Naim replied, only briefly lifting her gaze from her console. She then returned her attention to her sensors and took notes of everything she was seeing. After all, one never knew what they might need that information for later.

~Lt. Cmdr. Naim, CSO

Naim was able to start marking the gravitational mess that these two dwarf stars were causing and how it was affecting the planet below. The crust was highly elastic and thin and the mantle in a state of flux, so the world itself almost seemed to change its shape to match the gravitational forces inflicted on it. There were still a great deal of confusion of signals and energy readings and the like amongst the large number of wrecks and debris that was strewn about the region since the battle.

Was there anything specific you were looking into?

OOC: No, I can’t think of anything else to look for right now, but felt like surely Kiama would continue to do something.


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