Event Horizon Station- Promises

Posted Sept. 23, 2021, 3:55 p.m. by James Sinclair

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Faye Calloway (Counter-Intelligence Officer) in Event Horizon Station- Promises

Posted by James Sinclair in Event Horizon Station- Promises

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Faye Calloway (Counter-Intelligence Officer) in Event Horizon Station- Promises


Faye casually looked around and noticed people were watching her and heat rose to her cheeks, though lucky for her the dim club light made any obvious signs harder to see. Swaying in close to Dag, Faye grabbed one hand and began to dance with him. “All I care about is you,” she said sincerely. In this moment nothing else mattered. She was holding on to this last evening together before they were apart for what would feel like to be forever. Loving Dag wasn’t everything, but it was a lot and this week had proven to her well and truly that they were made for each other. Sure, it was bound to be rocky at times, but Faye knew that they had endured so much between the two of them that they were not likely to let strife get in their way.


Daggum smiled and leaned down and kissed her… a soft, gentle kiss… but filled with promise. “And all I care about is you.” he said into her ear as he leaned back up. He danced with her for a few minutes in silence, his eyes locked to her even as the music changed. And as he stared into those eyes… they were the only two people in the club.


A slower song had come on and Faye clung to him as they so easily found their rhythm, a fact that did not go unnoticed by her. Nothing else mattered and nothing could make this moment better. Well… maybe one thing. Without a word, she stepped backwards, pulling him along. With a grin, she winked as she led him off the dance floor, fully intending to find their way back to their room.

Bags packed and hotel key cards returned, Faye’s bag felt heavy on her shoulder as she walked him to where he’d catch a transport that would take him back to the Alpha Quadrant. Right hand firmly entrenched in his left, Faye was twisted the stunning ring sitting on her left hand with her thumb. Round and round, the weight of it was soothing, even if the action was one of anxiousness.

It wasn’t enough. She felt certain he felt it too. One week was not enough, even with the pledge of a future together. One with a wedding and possibly kids. A future. Their future. The Manhattan was the place that had cradled her gently when she wasn’t sure how to tackle this new adventure in making the most of this thing called Living. And as she fell and got back up over and over, she realized that the ship hadn’t made her but it had allowed the woman who walked along Event Horizon’s busy docking port deck, was there because the variables on her ship had allowed it all to coalesce together into a beautiful package. And Dag was a part of that. The image of her life wasn’t complete without him, and now she was letting him go back where he needed to be. But it felt wrong.

It was necessary. Faye knew that and as they came closer to his check-in, she tightened her grip on his hand, expressing things words could not.


=/\= Shuttle Tyson boarding in five minutes. =/\= came the announcement over the comms, and Daggum’s heart caught in his chest. His grip mirrored her own, tightening as if he was trying to hang onto her… which he was. They stopped in the line of the few people heading to his flight, and he turned to face her; taking her in his arms and pulling her close to him.

“I love you so much, Faye. And I will be counting the days until I get to see you…” he said softly, a single gold tear falling from his eye and sliding down his emerald cheek. He chuckled slightly and said “Hard to imagine the next time I hold you will be just before our wedding.” and he squeezed her to him.


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