Songz Office - Mal'athar's Evaluation

Posted Sept. 23, 2021, 11:29 p.m. by Commander Shedda Mal'athar (Executive Officer) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Civilian Sair Songz (Counselor) in Songz Office - Mal’athar’s Evaluation

Posted by Commander Shedda Mal’athar (Executive Officer) in Songz Office - Mal’athar’s Evaluation

Posted by Civilian Sair Songz (Counselor) in Songz Office - Mal’athar’s Evaluation


Songz considered Shedda for a minute. ” How does his process affect the process you’re going through” she asked, trying to understand it’s value in the conversation. This was a case where not everything a person shared was important but if it felt important to them, then it was necessary to get beneath the surface of those feelings.

~Sair Songz, CNS

Shedda tried to lean back against the chair, but instead it was more like she collapsed against it. “Nothing really, except it gives me hope that they won’t dismiss my application simply because I’d be a single parent of one child.” She leaned forward again slightly, palms braced against her knees. “I’ve never had any contact with my mother, nor has my father since he escaped with me. But I am apprehensive since they are conducting the background checks again. There’s nothing there, that I know of.” Shedda worried that perhaps her mother might have more information about her than ‘missing.’

Mal’athar, XO

“In these sorts fo situations, it’s important to remind ourselves of what we do have control over, since so much of it is out of our hands. Whether or not the adoption goes through, what do you know for certain you have control over?” Sair asked. While she didn’t adopt, she understood being a single-parent and it was easy to get overwhelmed by the ‘what-ifs’. Even if the XO could only come up with one thing, well, that was one thing she knew for certain and that was something.

~Sair Songz, CNS

“The only thing I have control over is myself. How I react, how I answer questions, how I help myself be patient. How I demonstrate my conviction and commitment to Mavva. Live call time back to the alpha quadrant is limited, so I’ve been recording messages for her, mostly reading stories for her. I don’t want her to forget my face or my voice. Karra the house mother, plays them for her and sends me recordings of her watching them. I can continue to work hard, stay focused on responsibilities here, and continue to work on completing all of the various requirements.”

Mal’athar, XO

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