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Posted Sept. 25, 2021, 11:20 a.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Namid Argimeau (Scientific Intelligence Officer) (Trinity Fister)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Kiama Naim (Chief Science Officer) in Lounge - Icebreakers and Appetisers (TAG Kiama)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Namid Argimeau (Scientific Intelligence Officer) in Lounge - Icebreakers and Appetisers (TAG Kiama)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Kiama Naim (Chief Science Officer) in Lounge - Icebreakers and Appetisers (TAG Kiama)


Seeing nothing but Namid, Kiama stared at them for a few moments that felt like an eternity to her. Suddenly rising to her feet, her hand still holding their’s , she said almost conspiratorially, “Come. I have an idea.” There was a glitter of mischief and excitement in her black eyes and yet she also felt more than a little nervous. This could go two ways. Not to mention that she might get into trouble. Though that part was something she wasn’t actually worried about.

~Kiama Naim

Excitement bubbled in their belly as Kiama urged them to their feet. What did she have in mind? Namid thought to ask, but they had a nagging suspicion that mischief would refuse them answers. And it only fueled their intrigue. Tainted with an impish glint, they gave her hand a little squeeze and urged: “Lead the way.”

— Namid Argimeau

With a soft giggle Kiama led the way towards the nearest turbolift. Once inside she said, =/\= Deck 6. =/\= She then looked at Namid and felt as if she had butterflies for lunch who were now flying around her belly. At the same time she felt her heart starting to beat fast. She really wanted to kiss Namid, but she didn’t want to rush things and very short ride on the turbolift … yeah that wouldn’t be a great idea. So she just looked at them during the few seconds the turbolift took to get from deck eight to deck six.

Animated, Namid slipped into the turbolift and shot their partner-in-crime a dimpled grin. Where was she taking them? Their eyes drifted to the scuffed, grey-washed floor before attaining the composure to meet her gaze. And they swore their heart leapt from its cage. Where was she… Namid realised they didn’t much care. Any excuse to steal another moment with her was incentive enough for them.

The moment the doors opened in front of them, Kiama pulled Namid out and let the way down a few hallways till they arrived just outside one of the many labs on the Manhattan. It was only then that she let go of their hand. Leaning towards them, she whispered conspiratorially, “Follow me.”

Her tug yanked Namid from their thoughts, urging them to wander into a network of tangled halls. They floundered only briefly before finding their footing. But it was accompanied by a burst of soft, bashful laughter. Right turn. Left turn. Right turn. Namid kept pace with Kiama only to come to an abrupt half before a familiar lab. Why—their lips parted in question, but she stopped them before the words fled their tongue. Namid managed only an affirming nod, curiosity aflame in their eyes.

Leading the way through the lab, Kiama chatted a little with some of the scientists there. Just as she would do any other day, even though she just wanted to get into her office. But she was supposed to lead by example, even she felt more like a lovesick teenager than a Starfleet Officer. But finally they reached her office and the doors closed behind them. “I thought here we could spend more time together and at least pretend to be working. Or really work while also continuing our conversation. If that’s okay for you. If not you can leave of course,” the mischievous and slightly sheepish grin on her face faltered a little as she started to think and thus started to worry whether or not this really had been a good idea.

~Kiama Naim

Namid offered a string of ‘Good afternoon’s and ‘How’s the project coming along?’s, but they were little more than pleasantries designed to appease than to engage. When they reached her office, Namid shot a final glance at the lab before ducking inside. They released a pent-up breath and turned to Kiama. She wanted them to stay? At first, they weren’t sure what to say. Their heart said: yes! But their brain had to wonder… was this right? Namid squashed the thought before it had the chance to permeate their mind with needless worry.

“Is that okay?” Namid echoed and took a minute step closer. “I’d be a fool to pass up the chance to spend more time with you.” Wooo… they winced …that was cheesy. “I mean–er–yes. That’d be… great.”

— Namid Argimeau

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