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“Easy there,” Jasmine said administering the hypos into his neck. “Try to relax and not talk. You have pulmonary edema due to the inhalation of the cadmium in the smoke. This medicine will help flush the toxins from your system. You will start feeling better but in the mean time you are going to feel like crap,” she admitted. Jasmine’s bedside manner was tailored to her patients. Some patient’s needed molly coddling words and attention so sickeningly sweet they could kill a diabetic in five minutes flat. Others, like the Kazon, were tough guys and usually did far better with direct, no sugar coating responses.

Placing another hypo to his neck, she continued. “I am giving you an analgesic to help with the sensation that someone is using an iron on your lungs. I am also starting you on an antibiotic. Monitor the patient for signs of chemical Pneumonitis due to Cadmium Fumes.” Her conversation was directed at both the Kazon and the attending nurse. “It should help you feel better but if you start trying to roam around and become a pain in my ass I am going to just knock you out for the next few hours. Capisce?” Cochrane was going to want as much info as he could get from this patient probably but even in the best times Kazon’s were not the most cooperative of species and with a sick bay full of wounded she did not have time to play nursemaid to those that were being dificult.

Looking at Pretha, she handed the woman a PaDD. “I am sure you have questions but try to keep it minimal. If you can have him type it out any responses.” Normally Jasmine was not this abrupt but they were still triaging the injured. She would be there if they needed her.

Jasmine Wynter CMO

The patient, between wheezing, appeared to try to focus on her words. The narrowing of his eyes here and there indicated some understanding. Even with the initial treatment he didn’t appear to be thinking of moving about in the short term. About this time three more came into sickbay, escorted by security. Each were more walking wounded than critical.

Jasmine pulled her hair back knotting it around a stylus seeing more Kazon entering the room. As emergencies went this was not as bad as it could have been. She was not hip deep in surgeries as people cried and staff screamed out a Litany of injuries Jasmine had to triage in her head prioritizing based on experience rather than visual inspection. Those situations always resulted in the loss of more life than needed. It was always just a matter of not enough hands and too many injuries.

Looking back at the Kazon on the table Jasmine laid a hand on his arm and looked into his eyes. “You are going to be fine okay. I promise. I need to look at more of your crew. I’ll be right back. Just relax.” She had been abrupt almost bordering on rude earlier. Hopefully he wouldn’t take her brusque manner as a typical thing. Moving away from the bed Jasmine saw Lavonne and Shavonne already taking charge of the entering Kazon. While the women were not doctors they were damn good nurses.

One male Kazon was cradling his arm that was twisted at a unnatural angle.

“Come here baby,” Lavonne said in her soft but soulful deep voice. “Lemme fix that in up.” The Kazon probably had never experienced the type of nursing he was about to get from Washington but that would not stop the woman. She did not adhere to the strict and rigid formality as most of the nursing staff did. Lavonne, like the rest of her family prescribed down home medicine much like one would remember given by a loving elderly aunt or a Grammie. It was personal. Maybe too much so for a Kazon but as sweet as Lavonne could be, her tongue had been known to cut an officer to them bone if they acted the fool as her grammie called it.

Pulling out a tricorder, Lavonne scanned the mans arm.

The Kazon gave her a look that, by rough translation might suggest his thoughts to be ‘what asylum have I gotten into’? The scan looked a but ugly. It was broken cleanly, though one bone just above the break was fractured.

Lavonne took the Kazon’s arms and gently positioned it on an ice-activated cold pillow to help ease some of the discomforts until she was able to completely set it with a bone knitter. As the beam moved over the injury, she looked at the patient. “Don’t you worry honey. This here looks far worse than it is. I am gonna have you fixed up in no time. In fact you might tell me to go slower just so we can spend some more time together,” she joked.

Lavonne Washington

A female looked like she had been tossed around. A slight limp and a large bruise forming on one cheek.

Jasmine moved to the woman. On the way over she grabbed a small silver bag that she began to knead and toss in her hands. Reaching the woman, Jasmine lifted it up and placed it gently on the woman’s cheek as her other hand fished the tricorder out of her pocket. “I’m doctor Wynters. Your friend over there is going to be fine. We’re you in engineering with him?”

She winced and pulled her head away in reaction to the touch, then accepted its application. “Just the escape pod. I was fine before getting on. Got this I guess when it went into a tumble and bounced off something. I bounced too,” she replied. “But not very well. I was out for a bit. I remember the hit, then nothing until just before getting transported here.” She was straining to remember, but that was all she could say.

Asking questions like this may have seemed abrupt but it was a way to kill two birds with one stone. Everyone always assumes a concussion resulted in a bump on the skull that formed a goose egg. What most didn’t realize was a brain was just a gelatinous blob half floating in the skull. Concussions resulted in rhe gelatinous blob impacting the hard surface of a skull. The bruise might have been on the woman’s cheek but whatever stuck her face that hard meant the woman’s Bell had been rung pretty hard. If she had fallen into something the possible injury would be to the anterior region of the skull. If the woman had been hit and thrown back the damage
would be at the brain stem which was far worse than most people always suspected. Then again it could have just been a cheek bruise. What the tricorder said would be backed up by the woman’s words. If she was clear, consider, and could answer it would rule out any head injury and help Jasmine plan for any future injuries.

A second male had the hair singed off on one side of his head and a flash burn along that portion of scalp and face. It was uncertain if it had gone further.

Three medical officer’s were on the last Kazon faster than women in the prowl during ladies night. One was already pressing a hypo filled with a strong analgesic to the males neck. Y the man not screaming in pain it meant the burns were at least third degree affecting the nerves. While there were so many levels to pain, burns were the most excruciating since it was essentially cauterizing the ends of nerve cells. When people screamed and cried it meant that the cells were still there and firing. Painful but a prognosis that was far better than the numbed expression one wore when the nerves were damaged too much to fire.

“I need some dermaline,” one of the medical staff ordered holding out her hand as if willing the medicine to find it. The third medical staff of the trio was already preparing a bed with a poly nutrient bag to begin a possible intravenous line to combat pain and infection if necessary.

Jasmine Wynter. Cmo

The burn was deeper than it looked. Fortunately his clothes caught the brunt of it and it was only mildly burned in localized areas which would be painful but okay. Readings showed shock had set in which likely caused him to not feel the discomfort of it on his skin, or the edges of the burn where it was not as deep. He took the attention dispassionately, detached.
- Wookiee

Pretha had helped get the Kazon stabilized and on the treatments as ordered. When the nurse and doc had moved off, she looked at the PaDD. She did have questions, but the first was how she ended up in Medical. With a quick comm tap she ordered the others in the transporter room to continue to bring in the survivors, unarm those who were and medical bay the ones needing it. Others were to go to the holding places set for them and try and keep everyone calm. Once that was done, she glanced at the one with her and shook her head. “Ok, I’m still trying to piece this together. Can you tell me what happened? You can type it or tell me. But don’t overdo it or Doc with have both our heads on pikes.”

She handed the man the PaDD and hoped this wasn’t going to be a teeth pulling session to get answers.

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