Event Horizon Station- Promises

Posted Sept. 28, 2021, 12:13 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Faye Calloway (Counter-Intelligence Officer) (Lindsay Bayes)

Posted by James Sinclair in Event Horizon Station- Promises

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Faye Calloway (Counter-Intelligence Officer) in Event Horizon Station- Promises

Posted by James Sinclair in Event Horizon Station- Promises
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“Twenty four weeks…” he said softly as he dropped his bag to the deck and put his arms around her. “Okay… so I have an idea. As we haven’t set an official date… how about six standard months from right now? This time, six months from right now we get married. What do you think?”


Rising up on her tiptoes, Faye pressed her lips against his with a resigned sigh, arms wrapped securely around him. Pulling back, she whispered. “Done deal,” before pressing back into a kiss she never wanted to end. It was hard to remember in this moment that there would be a lifetime of embraces and kisses and so much more. That there were more adventures to be had, vows to make and ordeals to overcome. More than anything, Faye wanted to imbed this memory into her mind as firmly as the Romulans had hidden their secret stash of info. Let this day be forever used to measure all the others, because as hard as it was it was filled with so much promise that it threatened to make her cry.


Daggum held the kiss for as long as he could, holding her to him as if he was trying to merge them into one physical entity. =/\=Shuttle Tyson now boarding. All passengers please report to your berthing assignments. Thank you for visiting Event Horizon Station. =/\= the announcer said.

No! Not yet! Faye wanted to scream at the announcer, at everyone around them, but it would do nothing to stop him fro having to leave.

Daggum broke the kiss and said “Does she have to sound so f@#king happy about it?” and then smiled at Faye,stealing another kiss and he bent down to pick up his bag.

“Let’s not test out how infamous my right hook is, right? I mean, I seem to have a good rapport with the station and it would be unwise to piss too many people off. Just antsy JOs,” she quipped with a grin that didn’t reach her eyes.

“Less than 24 weeks, now… see? Time’s already moving.” he said even as his eyes took on a slightly golden sheen. “Over before we know it, right my love?”


It was a kind of pain that could leave you breathless and while Faye had endured all sorts of physical and psychological pain, she had a hard time explaining why this moment was so damn hard. Maybe it was because it felt unfair, but a part of Faye understood that she had never loved someone as fully and deeply as she did the man before her. Ever. It made the next while tricky, since her BPD brain tended towards distraction rather than confronting her feelings. It might only be 24 weeks but they were going to be long weeks. Planting a brief kiss on his cheek, Faye took a large step back, needing space between them for this begin to even be somewhat bearable. “Right. Now go, before we change our minds and do something stupid. I love you, Dag.”


“Like what? Run off to the station administrator and get married right now, then buy an apartment here on the station and you work as the Station Computer Administrator and me as the Dock Master? Because I had never thought about that. Not even once this whole week.” and he grinned. He took a big step backwards and smiled. “But as appealing as that is… you and I both know that we’d be jealous of every ship we saw leaving. So…” and he glanced up at the station chronometer, “… 25 weeks, 6 days, 23 hours, 57 minutes and thirteen seconds. Thats when we are married. No backing out now, Calloway. You love me too much!” and he turned and sprinted towards the shuttle. He reached the door and turned back and yelled “And I love you too! More than anything or anyone!” and he ducked inside. A few people looked around and a couple looked at Faye.

Eyes fixed on Daggum, Faye just gave a lopsided grin, for once ignoring everyone else. A rarity, indeed. She didn’t care what anyone else thought, because what she and Dag had was special and incontrovertible. She moved to the nearest viewport, unwilling to let him out of her sight just yet.

A few moments later, the shuttle engines powered up and it slowly rose form the deck. Suddenly, a familiar green face appeared in the cockpit viewport....

Daggum was waving and smiling. He looked at Faye and blew her a kiss, and then the shuttle turned and slowly moved out of the bay, through the forcefield separating station from space… and was gone from sight.


Hand braced on the edge of the window, she rested her forehead on the transparent material, eyes tracing the path of the vessel she could no longer see. One week. In one week she had been on her very first proper date, promised a future to someone (a first), gotten formally engaged, held a wake and said goodbye to her past, her father and forgave herself, well, many things, discussed kids, and set a date for the wedding. One week. It felt like they had crammed months worth of growth and life events into this tiny parcel of time.

And now she felt adrift.

Stepping away from the docking port, moisture carved a path over her cheeks as she made her way, bag on shoulder, to where the Manhattan was docked. How was it possible to miss someone so much that you had just had your arms wrapped around? She felt the absence of him so keenly that she wasn’t sure she could make it six months. But with a date firmly set, Faye could make plans and really, if she paused to think about it carefully, she’d realize that the last time she had set a goal and made plans (other than her current Command training), was when Captain Jensson had gently told her she couldn’t stay on the Kodiak, that he wasn’t going to let her toss away the potential she had for an incredible future because she was scared and traumatized. No, he gently pushed her away just like Kodell had, and as that thought firmly settled in her mind she realized the main different now: she was no longer moving away from something, she was moving *towards something. And someone.

“Six months,” she whispered as she stepped up to the airlock and presented her credentials (needlessly, of course).

The ensign on duty took in the whole of Calloway and frowned. “You okay, ma’am?”

Faye turned her head and gave a faint smile. “Yeah, actually, I think I am for the very first time.” Leaving the poor young officer confused, she boarded her ship and current home to begin the process of charting a path forward towards a giant hulk of a man who had the tenderest soul she’d ever encountered. Yes, everything was not only good, it was amazing.


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