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Revna looked at him dead serious, “That’s why I asked for the fake biscuits. Cochrane told them no weapons, and it would be in bad form for me to show up armed.” Revna moved back towards the dinning area, “Thanks, Harv.” Revna moved over toward a table and sat, pulling the PaDD out of her pocket. She would work with what information she had until T’Lara got there. Revna wanted to hear what she had to say.

McKenzie, DA

T’Lara perked an eyebrow while she listened to McKenzie’s Comm and responded with a firm tone of voice.
=/\= I will be there momentarily. =/\=
She then put the final touches on her daily security report and began her journey towards the officer’s mess to provide her ‘expert’ opinion on something.

-T’Lara, CoS

=^=Thank you, Lt.=^= Revna closed the com and stared around at the mess. What she wouldn’t give for 20 shield-maidens, just in case. A basic honor guard, trained in hand to hand, obviously. She really liked her Harv’s idea for disruptor pistols taped underneath the table. She sighed, violence was not her usual go to, and not her job either, but Revna was realistic. There was no record of any attempts to negotiate between the Trane and Jason since Cot Janeway’s attempt. Repirations were needed but getting there would be a long road.

McKenzie, DA


The entry doors swished open and T’Lara entered the Officers Mess. Her green eyes scanned the room for Revna and then approached her walking in a professional manner. To other species they would probably think that she was literally uptight by the way she walked and needed to relax. She stood there making direct eye contact with Revna and tilted her head slightly, “Greetings, what did you need my expert opinion on?” Her expression was calm and it was clear that T’Lara was invested in assisting Revna with whatever inquiry she was had for her to resolve at the time. She held her hands behind back and stood with excellent posture as she waited. T’Lara definitely had other tasks to accomplish that day, but remained patient. It was something that she had to constantly be when working with different species.

  • Lt. j.g. T’Lara, CoS

Revna looked up. Ah Vulcan’s so wonderfully formally polite! The warm smile she greeted T’Lara with may be lost on her or not. Revna wasn’t familiar enough with her to know either way. But Revna had yet to meet a species she didn’t like. Wary of, yes, but not outright dislike. And she liked Vulcans. That’s one reason they sent her to work with Ambassador S’Tek. “Thank you Lt. Chef Harv and I were discussing arrangements for the delegates. We are thinking a u shape for the tables. Trabe and Kazon on opposite sides, the captain and whomever else he chooses at the head middle table. But we would like your input as far as security measures.” Then she got up and walked over the door to the kitchen. “Hey Chef Harv. Security chief is here. What questions comments concerns do you have for her?”

McKenzie, DA

The Bajoran chef stuck his head out of the kitchen and said “You know the Kazons and Trabe, L-T?”

Chef Harv

=^=Mal’athar to security. I need two teams to report immediately. One to the shuttle bay and the other to transporter room one.=^=

=^=Mal’athar to McKenzie and T’Lara, our guests are arriving.=^=

Mal’athar, XO

T’Lara peaked a brow appearing to be interested and focused on Mckenzie’s question in regards to the table set up along with what security measures would be most effective in their current predicament. She was about to respond, but paused as she observed Mckenzie move on to ask Chef Harv to ask her a second question. She thought about the fact that humans can be all over the place at times in regards to these types of issues and should preferably be more relaxed. She preferred to have one legitimate question at a time. T’Lara had a soft sigh as she listened to Chef Harv’s question and then heard Commander Mal’athar on the intercom as well. She was visibly un-phased by being pulled along in three different directions being unreadable emotionally as acknowledged her Executive Officers orders, since her sense of duty always came first.

=^= Acknowledged Commander. In addition to that, I will post two security officers outside of the Officers Mess Hall to ensure that every potential scenario is covered effectively. =^=

T’Lara then pressed her communications badge once again demonstrating her high sense of urgency to fulfill her orders immediately as requested.

=^= Ensign Gruver form a security team at transporter room one. Ensign Marshall place a security team at the shuttle bay. Ensigns Black and Rudd report to the Officer’s Mess Hall to provide a security detail effective immediately.=^=

Every member of the security team that T’Lara had reached out to responded almost instantaneously, the young Vulcan ran a tight department that was clearly evident in this case. She then fixed her gaze on Mckenzie, “The security measures that I just put in place are strategically logical in addressing this predicament. Your table set up is acceptable for the event.” Her head shifted to the door way where Chef Harv was in response, “Yes, I have an understanding of both species.” T’Lara answered their questions as they were simple enough to her and then politely paused as she awaited any further inquiries or concerns from Mckenzie or Chef Harv.

  • Lieutenant j.g. T’Lara, Chief of Security

Revna left the mess for a few moments while T’Lara and Harv got the mess ready. She returned having changed into a more formal pant suit with her long vest over it with the diplomatic seal. She remembered what Mike had said about taking her bow and arrow just in case things went sideways. Cochrane said no weapons, for their visitors. Well these decorative metal pins were just that, decorative, but well balanced and thin enough to be sharp. And Revna had excellent aim. Returning to the mess she looked around, the tables in place and T’Lara’s people as well. She’d prefer to have Wyatt there, but last she’d checked he was helping the CRIT team and she wasn’t going to pull him off of that if he felt his skills were put to better use there. =/\=McKenzie to Wyatt, if you are available could you join us in the mess hall with our guests. Your expertise would be appreciated.=/\=

McKenzie, DA

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