Midnight Musing and Starlite Snacks

Posted Nov. 7, 2021, 9:51 p.m. by Commander Shedda Mal'athar (Executive Officer) (Jennifer Ward)

Shedda smiled as the comm went blank. Her father had been with Ms Karra that afternoon. A lot was changing at home. She missed it and was impatient to hear back, but impatience wouldn’t make anything go faster. She was awake now, having made sure she had slept before the call so she’d be awake for it. Not for the first time and she was sure not for the last, she wondered if she was making the right choice. It didn’t just affect her but it affected Maava even more. She’d been asked if she was just checking boxes off a list, but she honestly wanted this because of Maava not because she felt she had too.

Shedda found herself wandering the corridors contemplating the situation and best choices and what she should or should not do. She spoke to a few officers and crewman that were out and about working as she wandered. Eventually she found herself in the officer’s mess getting ready to order coffee from the replicator and stopped with a heavy sigh. The man was a tyrant and a pain, but it was his domain, she should at least try not to antagonize him. Pitchers of coffee were still out and she sniffed the decaff, it still smelled like caffeinated, but she poured a cup anyway and tried it again. It was probably the last one made hours ago and was stale. Hopefully it was both late enough and early enough the king was not in his domain yet.

Nope, it was fresh, and it still tasted horrible. It had a too heavy acidic flavor to it. Shedda sighed and resigned herself to giving up her coffee habit. But before giving up she ordered almond milk from the replicator and added it to the cup, perhaps the alkaline in the almonds would balance the coffee…she hoped.

Mal’athar, XO

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