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Posted by Captain Alexander Cochrane (Commanding Officer) in Main Sim - Transporter Room 1

Posted by Captain Alexander Cochrane (Commanding Officer) in Main Sim - Transporter Room 1
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Pretha’s own weapon came out as the other fired. “EASY THERE!” She quickly glanced at Hans. “Any way you can remove whatever is they are holding or clinging to when they materialize? Maybe set it in security or at least over there?” She laughed, but it was a nervous sound. She wasn’t sure the split transporting was possible, but she had to ask, even if just to break the tension. Looking back at the others, she smiled and nodded to the transporter pad. “There is a battle happening, or did happen. And we are collecting the survivors. She nodded to Luke, smiling. “Welcome to CRIT 101,” she laughed and nodded to Kaia. “Ok, you get these two into the hall, medical and security are standing by. Zef, you take the next two. We need to reassure them they are safe. And we need to be sure no more weapons are around. Make sure security is aware of the possibility of weapons.”

“Who are YOU?” he asked. It was evident that not every Kazon knew or had much interaction with Starfleet or said collective races. “Are you for us or against us?” A spasm coursed through him at that point and he dropped the weapon, fumbling for it with fingers that would not cooperate.

Hans only gave a great shrug. “Filters are not that smooth. I could separate biological and non but that would probably include clothing.”

Looking at Luke, she nodded, “You are with me. I want to be sure we have an accurate count of those coming in and keep track of all weapons and possessions they are holding. Use the storage lockers over there for now. Make sure everything goes in there and we will inventory later.” Looking at the two on the dais, she tried to be calm. “I am Lieutenant Oberon and you are safe on the USS Manhattan. We are going to get you to sick bay and try and find more of your crewmates. Do you understand?” She asked not because of language barrier, so much, as shock. Reaching out her hand, she tried to silently ask for the weapon. Though her own hand wasn’t on hers, it was close enough to grab in a moment if needed. As well as her positioning to roll if they felt threatened and the weapon point came up towards her. “You are safe.”

((great entrances, all of you. Glad you remembered the crawl spaces Kaia, nice use for expediency. Now we just do what we need to keep them safe and see where life takes us lol))

She was able to nab the weapon by virtue of it having dropped. The Kazon, while he looked uninjured, certainly had some kind of injury or something wrong. He himself was finding his body wracked with spasms that had him barely able to keep a balance.

Kaia stepped over to the Kazon and held out her hand. “If you could give me your weapon and follow me out into the hallway, we’ll get you two some medical aid,” Kaia spoke, giving the taller beings a firm look. She wasn’t used to dealing with aliens, but she knew a few tricks. “You’re safe now, on the Manhattan.”

Kaia, Eng/CRIT


The second, with the broken arm, was armed with a blade weapon but was in no condition to wield it. He surrendered it, but had too, backed up against the wall. “I’ve heard you Federation torture your enemies. I will not divulge secrets but will die with honor.” His glance at the other Kazon caused his confidence to skip a beat. “What did you do to him? Am I next?”

Luke had silently acknowledged her orders and set about doing what Pretha had asked him. Firstly he opened the storage locked and saw that it was empty, good start he guessed placing the weapons the Kazon had brought aboard and had since been disarmed, he closed the locker for now figuring it was best that if things did get out of hand having an exposed locker wasn’t a good idea. He found himself next to Oberon again and waited.

  • Luke Wyatt, ML


As the first began to spasm, Pretha growled under her breath. “This is starting off great!” She felt the sarcasm oozing even in her own mind at the thought. She quickly went to her knees and cradled his head. Slapping her comm badge, she echoed her report to both medical and the bridge. =^=This is transporter room one, medical emergency. We have a Kazon presenting with siezures. Transporting him to medical now!=^= She glanced at Rollo. “Come take my place and get them both to medical, NOW!”

Hans said, “Transporting now,” as he worked the controls. Pretha was just able to get her next words out before the transporter effect took her ..

Looking at the one against the wall who doubted them, she smiled and shook her head. “We won’t torture you. We came to help. If we wanted, we would have just let you die out there. Now, you can either help your comrade here, or you can go lean on that wall over there and complain, but I need you off this transporter pad so we can save others.” She was in a good mood, but not willing to let the situation deteriorate because of bias and ignorance. She nodded to Luke to grab the dropped blade.


Pretha didn’t know what happened after that, but for those left in the transporter room, such as Luke, would see the Kazon slowly debate his thoughts and feelings as he shifted and worked to get his legs under him while still cradling his arm. “Did we win?” he asked as he stumbled down the low steps.

Hans continued, “Bringing in a couple more,” he said working the controls. The next two were together. Apart from them looking like they had been tossed about and singed - one of them had one side of his hair singed to the scalp and his skin was even more discolored possibly from a flash burn, but otherwise they looked okay. One was male and the other female. It was the male who had suffered the bad hair day.
- Wookiee

=^=Darach to Transporter Room. What is the status on recovering the survivors so far? =^=

CWO Darach - COO

Luke felt like telling Hans that perhaps he should wait but before he could voice his objection two more Kazon appeared looking equally dishevelled, not having a commbade himself he moved to the communications and pressed the communications link, =^=Luke here, We may need some more security officers Darach, we’re slowly being overwhelmed with the numbers and the problems presented to us by our guests=^= if anything should say we need help it would be the fact it was Luke responding and not the other CRIT members who were dealing with everything else.

  • Luke Wyatt

((ok… ummm confused. Pretha asked Rollo to take her place and get the others to medical… so why was she ‘affected by the transporter’ and suddenly not there? Where’d she go?)) lol
OOC: Given your positioning I gathered that Pretha was going too there and the taking her place was in the room .. my bad on that, though for the sake of a ‘oops’ moment, we’ll leave it as it is and consider that Hans mistook it as well and took the urgency of the moment to send you both along .. Gene

=^= Understood. I’m not sure how many security officers we can spare at the moment, we are getting ready to receive delegations from both sides. But I’ve got able bodies that I can spare, relieve the security teams from having to do as much of the heavy lifting. And I’ve got teams helping to clear our Cargo Bay 1, and setting up cots. Star taking the Kazon survivors there. If you encounter any Tribe survivors, I don’t think I need to tell you to keep them very far apart. =^=

CWO Darach - COO

Luke nodded though the motion wouldn’t have been seen by Darach, =^=Understood, we’ll try and keep things civil down here. Transporter Room out.=^= He motioned to the others who were still trying to grasp what was going on, “Lets get these people moving, else were gonna have no more room left in here.” He suggested, his tone was by no means an order but it did carry a sense of urgency.

  • Luke Wyatt

The following was a single Kazon who was unconscious, laying face down on the pad with injuries unknown.
- Wookiee

Luke haven finished passing on the information moved to the Kazon who appears to be unconscious, face down Luke slowly checked the Kazon over with the back of his hands checking every so often for blood. He then slowly pulled the Kazon onto his side to examine them visually to see if anything else would show upon a visual examination.

  • Luke Wyatt

The doors slid open and a medical team entered, followed by the Captain. “Mr. Wyatt, how are they?” he asked with concern as the medics went to the figure and began working, excusing themselves past Wyatt.

Luke acknowledged the Cochranes appearance, “A little worse for wear but I think they’ll be fine with a bit of bed rest” He explained, no medical degree Luke could still tell when someone was alive and breathing even if it wasn’t without some degree of pain.

“The Trabe contingent will be here soon, lets get then to sickbay and out of the way.” Cochrane said as the medics worked. One nodded in understanding and soon they had the Kazon figure on a stretcher and moved them out of the room. Cochrane turned to Wyatt and said “Mr. Wyatt… your diplomatic skills will be showcased today, I think. Trabe and Kazon… I’m sure you know their history.”

He nodded, “Ofcourse, I’d be a pretty terrible Liason officer if I didn’t know people’s histories” Luke joked, “I assumed however thay was just a question to check my credentials and that my skills maybe needed?” Luke had known Cochrane before and knew when he was about to explain himself so allowed him to respond.

“Well, today we will have a delegation from both here and we are going to try and mediate a solution to the current… hostilities. I hope you are up for it.” and he reached out to shake Wyatt’s hand.

Cochrane, CO

Reaching the Captain’s outstretched hand with his own Wyatt immediately sensed before feeling the phaser be rather craftily placed into his, he quickly curled his own fingers to tuck it up his sleeve and out of sight “Im always up for a challenge, thankyou sir” Given that he’d be soon trying to help with negotiations he figured he better get dresses for the occasion, that and he needed to better conseal the phaser.

After slipping Wyatt the Type-1 phaser just in case things went ‘awry’, Cochrane tapped his comm badge. =/\= Ensign Kaia, please report to the bridge immediately. I would like you to handle the repair operations to the Manhattan. Please coordinate from the bridge with Mr. Darach. =/\=

Cochrane, CO


  • Luke Wyatt, ML

“I know you are.” Cochrane looked around and then leaned forward slightly and said in a low voice “I’m glad you are back, Luke. Especially now.” and he nodded once and leaned back. “I’m sure you will be ready to assist Mrs. McKenzie to the utmost. Of that I have no doubt.”

Cochrane, CO

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