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Mal’athar was reaching for her combadge to page Cochrane back to the bridge for the rapidly approaching arrival of their ‘guests’ when he appeared. She stood from the center chair as he appeared and gave orders.

Cochrane stepped out of his ready room, PaDD in hand and looked up. “Ok, everyone… dignitaries arriving and they do not like each other. Mr. Darach, you have the conn. Commander Mal’athar, you head to the shuttle bay with a security contingent and ‘greet’ our Kazon friends. No weapons allowed, make that very clear. And full scans, but be subtle. Escort them to the Mess. I’ll do the same with the Trabe contingent. Mr. Darach, continue repairs and search and rescue operations. And keep an eye out. Anyone gives you any kind of hassle, inform them we are a neutral party and mediations are under way. If they push the matter… push back. I’m not in the mood to play pawn in anyone’s chess match. Everyone else… support operations and repairs as needed. Understood? Good.” and he moved to the turbolift.

Cochrane, CO

“Yes sir. I’ll make sure everyone understand our position here,” Walker said transferring his reports to the center seats console. He also put a small status monitor up on the main viewer, before moving towards the seat himself.

Mal’athar nodded to Darach as he took her place and she joined Cochrane on the turbolift. =^=Mal’athar to security. I need two teams to report immediately. One to the shuttle bay and the other to transporter room one.=^=

=^=Mal’athar to McKenzie and T’Lara, our guests are arriving.=^=

Mal’athar, XO

“Acknowledge, Sir,” Naim replied, only briefly lifting her gaze from her console. She then returned her attention to her sensors and took notes of everything she was seeing. After all, one never knew what they might need that information for later.

~Lt. Cmdr. Naim, CSO

Naim was able to start marking the gravitational mess that these two dwarf stars were causing and how it was affecting the planet below. The crust was highly elastic and thin and the mantle in a state of flux, so the world itself almost seemed to change its shape to match the gravitational forces inflicted on it. There were still a great deal of confusion of signals and energy readings and the like amongst the large number of wrecks and debris that was strewn about the region since the battle.

Was there anything specific you were looking into?

OOC: No, I can’t think of anything else to look for right now, but felt like surely Kiama would continue to do something.



“Find anything good about the planet Commander?” Walker asked looking over at Naim.

CWO Darach - COO

“That depends on how you define ‘good’,” Kiama replied with a wry smile. Without waiting for a reply she continued, “As I mentioned earlier: The whole planet is in a significant volcanic state. The gravitational influences from those stars wreaks havoc over the surface of the whole planet. The planets crust is incredibly elastic and thin, while the mantle is in a state of flux. As the planet orbits the two dwarf stars in loose figure eight it’s shape almost seems to change as different parts of the planet are affect more or less by the gravitational forces. I don’t think I’ve ever seen something like that before.”

Faye had a strange role in situations like this. Really she was just twiddling her thumbs waiting for something to do, but really, her skills were so specific that they hoped she wouldn’t need to deploy them again. And while she also was a skilled enough engineer to help, she was likely more use up here as Alex had suggested and that meant, watching the chatter between vessels (if there was any) and giving her programs time to percolate. She had shut things down, but they were monitoring everything as well. On flinch and she could jump into action fast. they all just hoped she wouldn’t need to. Yep strange.

~Faye Calloway, Counter-Intelligence

Walker nodded as Naim explained the situation the planet was in. His thoughts were interrupted as Kaia arrived.

A few minutes after receiving the summons, Kaia appeared on the bridge. “I was summoned, something about co-ordinating repairs and working with Darach?”

Ens. Kaia, Eng.

Looking up from her readings as Kaia entered the bridge, Kiama gave her friend a small, but warm smile before turning her attention back towards her tasks.

~Lt. Cmdr. Naim, CSO

“Welcome Ensign, hop onto the Ops station,” Walker said spinning around in his chair. “The Captain has gone off to try and play diplomat, and left us running the ship. I had started prioritizing repairs to pass along to the repair crews, and rerouting systems as needed. Priority is going to be getting the shields back to full strength.”

CWO Darach - COO

Kaia nodded quietly, running over to the Ops Station and using her U.R.I. to access the display and controls without having to get up to the console. Very useful for a short being like herself. “How can I help, exactly?”

Ens. Kaia, Engineer/CRIT

“The priority should be on the shields. Coordinate with the work crews removing the debris from where it penetrated the hull, and the crews repairing the shield emitters. We are in the middle of a powder keg Ensign, and we have a pretty big weak spot to try and protect right now.”

CWO Darach - COO

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