Naim's Quarters- Catching Up

Posted Oct. 18, 2021, 10:14 a.m. by Lieutenant Commander Faye Calloway (Counter-Intelligence Officer) (Lindsay Bayes)

She checked Kiama was off -duty and potentially available, of course, but even as Faye approached her friend’s quarters, her stomach twisted. It was the reality that there would be farewells in the near future and more than one of them would be difficult. Stopping at Kiama’s door, Faye suddenly chuckled as she was certain Kiama would know it was her before she even rang the chime, simply for her torrent of mixed emotions alone. She never asked, but she always wondered if her emotions acted like a radar system for telepaths. It was something she should probably be mindful of, but at this point in her life so far hadn’t seemed to be an issue. That she knew of.

Pressing the chime, Faye grinned.

~Faye Calloway

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