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Guess what, Manny-acks?!


Now maybe the XO will stop backing us up into asteroids and scratching the fenders so much.

I would like to welcome the very talented Sam Pennington to the family. Sam will be playing Jesrix Aevin, a Joined Trill Helm Specialist. Everyone say hello, and please… for all that is holy… NO PUDDING THIS TIME.


What? No pudding? This is an outrage. Thanks for bringing me in.


Welcome to the madness, Sam!! – Trin

Welcome aboard! If you don’t tell the skipper about the scratched nacelle I will get you pudding. Also stay away from Harv, the chef, he’s a tyrant. Runs and hides


Welcome to our awkward crew!


Hiya and welcome


munch this pudding is delicious.
Welcome to the crew!

  • Riley

Should one have to much pudding? I keep telling Engineering to check the replicators…


In best Forrest Gump impression… Which is horrible
You got yer
Puddin’ in a bowl
Puddin’ pie
Pudding’ in a plate
You got yer Triffle
And banana cookie puddin’ dish
You can have it with cake
With ice cream
With cookies
Yerppp… Can’t have TOO much puddin’

Meli the Mobstress

Welcome! And there is no cap on your daily pudding intake at this point.


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