Naim's Quarters- Catching Up

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Posted by Lieutenant Commander Faye Calloway (Counter-Intelligence Officer) in Naim’s Quarters- Catching Up

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She checked Kiama was off -duty and potentially available, of course, but even as Faye approached her friend’s quarters, her stomach twisted. It was the reality that there would be farewells in the near future and more than one of them would be difficult. Stopping at Kiama’s door, Faye suddenly chuckled as she was certain Kiama would know it was her before she even rang the chime, simply for her torrent of mixed emotions alone. She never asked, but she always wondered if her emotions acted like a radar system for telepaths. It was something she should probably be mindful of, but at this point in her life so far hadn’t seemed to be an issue. That she knew of.

Pressing the chime, Faye grinned.

~Faye Calloway

Kiama had been aware of Faye standing on the other side of her door before her friend had pressed the chime. But she had learned at the Academy that not everyone appreciated it if she opened the door before they had knocked or something. So it was only when she heard the sound of the chime that Kiama called, “Enter!”

As the door opened in front of her and Faye stepped into the room, she would find it very much as any other time she had been here before: On the wall next to the entrance door stood a bookshelf made of glass and grey metal. There were several actual books in there, but also photos and various objects. None of which seemed to go together. There was a piece of red rock, the model of a brain, a delicate glass vase, something that might be some sort of animal made of clay, an antique clock. The photos showed different people. A couple, from the look of them her parents, with a much younger Kiama. An older woman with the same dark complexion and a very stern expression. A photo each of her graduation from the University of Betazed and Starfleet Academy; both of them showing a group of people. One photo that looked fairly recent of herself with an auburn haired woman about 10 years older than Kiama. There were a few plants throughout the room, all of which looked a little sad for one reason or another. The standard armchair had been replaced by a scarlet winged armchair with matching footrest. There were a couple of pillows on the couch, matching the winged chair and blanket in colour, though not in shade. And the wall next the door to her bedroom was adorned with a large photograph of a beach on a stormy day with beams of sunshine breaking through the thick cloud cover. Several PaDDs were lying on her desk and small vase with a few white lilies stood in the centre of her dining table. The other noticeable thing were the soft sounds that filled her quarters: the chirping of crickets, wind blowing gently through leaves, now and then a frog could be heard and a brook running merrily in the background.

Rising to her feet from where she had been sitting in her armchair, Kiama draped the fluffy, navy blue blanket that had been resting across her lap, across the backrest of the armchair. She herself was dressed in a simple white cotton summer dress with capped sleeves and a little lace along the neckline and the hem. “Hey,” she said warmly as she walked over to Faye and wrapped her arms gently around her friend. “It’s good to see you. How are you doing?” she asked before letting go and taking as step back, taking Faye in with all her senses.

~Kiama Naim

Kiama’s hug cut through the mild apprehension she was feeling as she anticipated how her news might go down. But despite that, the smile that slipped onto her face was genuine, mirroring the happiness spending time with her friend gave her. “I’m all over the place!” she said with a laugh. “Up and down, up and down, it’s been a lot. But… I’m good,” Faye said as she moved into the quarters and took in all the details, as if seeing them again for the first time. And perhaps she was, as Faye herself was a different person than when she had roped Kiama into helping her pick out outfits for her date with Dag. “How are you?”


“I hear you,” Kiama laughed softly. “It’s been an interesting few weeks. To put it mildly.” Her black eyes twinkled with joy and the smile on her lips was wide. Yet underneath the surface there was more going on. “Come, have a seat,” she continued and gestured towards the couch. “Can I get you anything from the replicator?”


Calloway flopped down on the sofa. “Hot chocolate with dark chocolate and whipped cream,” Faye said, entirely on a whim. “Don’t know why but I feel like something warm and cozy and sweet.”

So much was going to change in her life a short time from now and as she watched Kiama she realized that she needed to make sure that some things wouldn’t change, even if she was going to be elsewhere.


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