"Roll Call" (Open to anyone interested in being on the CRIT team)

Posted Jan. 11, 2022, 11:44 a.m. by Lieutenant Pretha Oberon (Security Officer / CRIT Leader) (Melissa Aragon)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Jesrix Aevin (Helm Officer) in “Roll Call” (Open to anyone interested in being on the CRIT team)

Posted by Lieutenant Pretha Oberon (Security Officer / CRIT Leader) in “Roll Call” (Open to anyone interested in being on the CRIT team)

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The announcement had been sent to all personnel. Now all she had to do was wait and see who bit. She had hand chosen a few of those she knew were coming. The rest would be a pleasant surprise.

Putting together the CRIT team was something the Captain had asked of her. And now that there was a lull and time, she could do just that. Her ideal team would be made up of folks from all departments; Science, Security, Medical and Engineering. With luck, a couple bridge officers would be nice as well. Maybe helm, or weapons. She shook her head in musings and set about to program the holosuite two on deck ten to accommodate some nice and comfortable seating and a light snack with drinks. Today she would explain what the CRIT team was and how integral it was going to be in events in the future. From boardings, to diplomatic guests, and from Away Teams to ship wide issues. This was a small team of folks who would be working closely together and she hoped, with all her heart, she could make the Captain’s ultimate wish come true and give him the CRIT team he was dreaming about.

Lt Pretha Oberon

Aevin walked into the holosuite and looked around, seeing only Lt Oberon. “I take it you’re leading the meeting about the CRIT team?”


Pretha glanced up from the PaDD she was reading while half perched on the arm of one of the couches. “Aevin. Welcome. And yup,” she smiled and nodded as she motioned to the seats, “that’s me. Relax and we’ll get started soon as a few others show up. I’m glad you came. What made you want to join the CRIT team?” She had sent an announcement out to the crew in general and hoped more would show. And, she was curious of course, why they would come. If it was glory and recognition they were seeking, they would be sadly disappointed. It was the ones that wanted to be of the most help, and those wanting to expand their knowledge, that would intrigue her the most.

Leaning back on the arm of the couch once more, she set the PaDD beside her to listen to what he had to say.


“Huh,” Namid mused. They’d caught the announcement while drafting a report and idly munching on a regretfully bland muffin. While they were hazy on the purpose and function of the CRIT team, they couldn’t shake a nagging curiosity. “Doesn’t hurt to check it out, eh?” That was all the persuasion Namid needed to shut off their PaDD and condemn that dreadful muffin to dematerialisation. Straightening their uniform, they meandered out of the crew mess and toward holosuite two.

Moments later, they stepped onto the holosuite and briefly took in the scenery. It was about as much as Namid expected from an info session—cosy seating, light snacks, and a painfully quaint atmosphere. Fortunately, they weren’t there for the venue. “Got room for one more?” They greeted the pair in their approach, a slight smile playing on their lips.

— Namid Argimeau

“Greetings Lieutenant,” Walker said stepping into the room. “Just consider me your friendly neighborhood Quartermaster, here to make your dreams come true.”

With a chuckle Walker pulled a PADD out of a pocket on his uniform.

“But seriously, I’m here to hopefully get a better idea of what the team will need when it is out in the field.”

CWO Darach - COO

Pretha smiled and exhaled a breath she hadn’t she’d been holding. People were walking in. That made her feel better. She’d feared no one would show.

While waiting for Aevin to respond, she greeted the others, laughing at the banter as they arrived. “Welcome. Glad you came. We’ll get started shortly.”

Glancing at the Quartermaster, she laughed. “Well we’re gonna need several phasers, a few Multikinetic neutronic mines, and a place to store everything.” She winked teasing, “To be sure no one bothers the mines, of course.”

She wasn’t sure how serious he’d take her. The mines weren’t available on the ship and would end up getting them in more terrible than it would get them out of. But it was an interesting idea to ask for them, even if just for reaction sake.


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Walker raised his eyebrow at the request for the mines.

“Well I’ve already got a weapons locker full of phasers for just the CRIT team, take a look there Lieutenant. If you need more, just tell me the type and how many. As for the mines… How many, and how quickly would you need them?”

Walker would love to see the face of the person back at HQ when the request came in. It was definitely pushing the line of carte blanche he was given to fulfill request for CRIT. But the whole idea of CRIT was to think outside the box in the first place.

“As a heads up, I will have to let the Captain know about that request. The Manhattan isn’t rated to carry one, let alone several, of those mines. We’ll most likely have to arrange for a drydock period to get the proper containment added to the ship. So if you are needing them quickly, we’ll have to push through the paperwork ASAP.”

CWO Darach - COO

Pretha would have spit out her drink, had she been drinking. A laugh caught in her throat as she held up her hand and shook her head. “It’s all good, Durach. I was kidding. The ship isn’t rated for them and I highly doubt the Captain would approve it. But I am sure we can find time next time we’re near a planet base, to get you one or two to chuck around for fun.”

Shaking her head, she glanced at the others and nodded. “Well, how about you introduce yourselves and tell me why you want to join the CRIT team. I’m asking because I wanna know right now if you are here cause you want to be, have been told to be or think this is a glorious way to put bonus points on your next promotion exam.” She smiled and winked and then grabbed up her PaDD. Once the intros were out of the way, she’d get down to brass tacks and start with the outline. With luck, there would be time for some training.

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“I’m Lieutenant Jesrix Aevin.” The trill started the introductions. “I’m a helm officer and small craft pilot, and I decided to join the CRIT team because the skills of a pilot may prove useful. And if you recognize my second name, my symbiont has gotten around a bit so that’s probably why.”


“Welcome. I’m aware of your piloting skills and I’m sure they would indeed come in handy at some point.” Pretha smiled and glanced at the others. “Who’s next? One of the things we’ll be doing is learning a bit of each other’s skills. So everyone will know a bit of science, security, medical and engineering.” She glanced back at Jervis smiling. “Even piloting.”

She continued, “The point being so we can respond no matter the circumstances without trying to scramble folks together at the last minute.”


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