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It was hour three of a status report update with the principle officers** of the Manhattan. Taking place in the main briefing room all eight places were taken up plus a few extra chairs brought in for it. This was unusual. Typically this was done monthly with the senior crew and was quite brief. Thanks perhaps to bureaucracy it was deemed helpful to have everyone present and to have a long presentation of Federation news highlights so that the officers would feel closer to home than they were. Interesting perhaps to start, it went long. Outside they were stationary, hovering not too far from a system with an orange-yellow star and several planets - one of which might be able to be terraformed for habitation. Science and astrometrics were scanning as the meeting progressed.

Additionally, accompanied with this status report update where the ship and departments would give a briefing of their activities and goals for the new year was a trio of counselors who were conducting a group assessment of ‘officer dynamics’. As the Manhattan was in effect, so distant, Fleet determined that this would be a way to dynamically assess morale, realistic goals and interpersonal communication. In short, it was to the more cynical crew a group counseling session. To others it was a long meeting. To others, perhaps, the snacks were plentiful and good.

Breaks were frequent as well. At the moment Commodore Leilani Kahale had called a break where, when they convened, she would hear goals from science and engineering. Overall it has been long, dull and with little sign of it ending .. the audio was also muted on both sides.


** When I say principle officers I mean essentially all the crew on the roster who has a rank just to, you know, cluster everyone in one place so when a bomb goes off I get everyon .. er, yeah never mind that part .. ahhhh .. consider this a ‘oh wait, a sim starting?! post’ and for people to make a responsive post before …

Cochrane looked and listened attentively until the precise moment the Commodore called a break and the comm showed the brass all those billions of kilometers away had left their conference room, at which point he threw his head back and said to no one in particular “Three weeks leave on Delta V for anyone who cares enough to shoot me in the face. Just bring me the PaDD with the order on it and make sure your phaser is set to ‘End this excruciating existence’.”

Cochrane, CO

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Celina got up and moved around the room stretching her legs. Feeling her personal communicator go off in her pocket she pulled it out. The first smile of the day spread across her face. The room was way too crowded to take a call but they could send messages.
Rapidly she typed You shouldn’t contact me like this. My husband would freak out. Leaning against the wall she crossed her ankles and waited seeing the three dots moving indicating a response was coming.

Your husband is an idiot if he left you there all alone. What are you wearing? ;) The response elicited a chuckle from Celina as she rapidly sent back a reply biting her lip. Moments like this with Jack made the distance seem far less. He had only been gone a few days but the lonely housewife and milkman role play spiced up the time they were apart.

Black skirt, boots, and that oh so sexy tunic shirt with the pips on my collar. You know the one. she typed back stifling a half-laugh with the back of her hand and a cough reading his response. Life rarely worked out the way you wanted but adapt, overcome, and carry on was the Creed’s motto. The situation right now was temporary and Celina could sit around and cry or make the best of it. The best of it turned out to be channeling her inner teenager and texting Jack whenever she got the chance. Letting the room blur into white noise, she continued talking to him as long as the break would allow.

Celina Creed

Shedda rolled her shoulders and then arched and twisted her back from one side to the other. The next part of the meeting should at least be interesting, to her anyway. There was a lot going on science wise in the area and on the Manhattan specifically. But after the science update it would be another test of mental endurance of never-ending hours of ‘meetings.’ Shedda looked up rubbing a crick out of her neck, “Cpt I’ll take you up on that, but instead of 3 weeks on Delta V, you take a matching phaser we count to three and both shoot.” Mal’athar pushed her chair back, where she was on Cochrane’s right and hissed as blood flow shot through her legs and returned feeling to her lower extremities. Had they really been sitting there that long that her feet went numb?

Mal’athar, XO

Jasmine moved immediately to the snack table pulling Max’s arm along with her. She ignored his questions until she arrived. “Here hold this,” she handed him two plates and began stacking it with the largest items on the table available until it looked like a plate at a buffet and not a light refreshment.

“Okey, Honey.” Max’s voice had that tone where a guy was doing as he’s told but not sure why, or how complicit he was going to be when they were caught. Then, he frowned slightly looking at the food. “Are you trying to tell me something? You, didn’t like my cheese on toast for breakfast or you’re eating for two?” Watching as she kept stacking the plate, he changed the last word. “Three?”

“I am teaching you an old medical school conference trick I learned for Lauren. See,” Jasmine licked her thumb and then picked up two more deviled eggs placing one on Max’s plate as she started to fill up a plate of her own, “at those medical conventions there are pharma representatives. All they want to do is talk and sell you stuff. So you fill up a plate and if they try to corner you in a conversation you take a huge bite of something. This prevents you from replying.”

“Right, but I don’t see..”

“To answer why we need this is simple.” Motioning her head to the trio of new counselors in the room. “We do not want to get caught up in the happy patrol. Think of them as big pharma reps. If you are eating you aren’t talking and if you are eating it’s not rude to just nod so chew slowly and save the big things like the eggs for when they look like they are going to approach. Got it?”

It was not that Jasmine hated counselors or even disliked them. All the ones on the Manny were super helpful and easy to talk to but the trio of team builders, Jasmine found suspect. It was better to be safe than sorry.

Jasmine Wynter CMO

“Okay baby, stop for a minute.” Max pulled the plates away from her reach slightly. “Think about it, I’m an Engineer, when have you ever seen me chew slowly?”

Max thought for a moment and then looked at the three counselors, then pushed the plates back towards Jasmine. “I chew fast, so keep piling it up baby, stack it high. Gimme another one of them eggs, Engineers need deviled eggs.”

Max Wynter, CE

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All too soon the break ended and they could see the small tight knit group filing in all those light years distant, though by their look it was almost as though it would take years to get through whatever agenda they had planned. Those who had been tagged as ‘counselors’ were seated off to the side, almost like a game show panel of judges, and looking equally so. The other four slowly took their seats before the screen focused more upon the Commodore who was to start the session off.

When all was ready and the crew had taken their places the mutes were lifted. “Let us begin ..” was all that was heard before alert claxons sounded and a rushed announcement came over the comms =^= Brace for im .. =^=

In the midst of that the ship lurched drunkenly as a rowboat caught by a single wave that came and went leaving it bobbing on the sea. Those in the room were not thrown anywhere but felt more like someone bumping into them – if all in the same sidelong direction. The greatest tragedy would have been Max missing his mouth with fingers full of deviled egg, or Celina’s PaDD sliding along the table close to the XO, perhaps revealing an all too personal message.

Over top of that the computer voice came over the claxon saying =^= Proximity alert! Warning. Proximity alert! =^= Those near the viewscreen would see a large asteroid virtually the size of the Manhattan slowly tumbling by them, albeit within meters of the ship. Beyond that, a large red sun shone dully in the nearby system.

What was more, the transmission was cut (which, in all consideration, may have been the best part of the day). Two other things stood out. After some moments of nausea from the wave, everyone present had a touch of a headache. The other thing was that the food that was out was a black, mouldering, stinking mess.
- Wookiee

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