En route, or: A new posting

Posted May 11, 2022, 9:55 p.m. by Lieutenant Issac Forgrave (Chief of Security) (William Deaton)

Posted by Commander Shedda Mal’athar (Executive Officer) in En route, or: A new posting

Posted by Lieutenant Issac Forgrave (Chief of Security) in En route, or: A new posting

Posted by Commander Shedda Mal’athar (Executive Officer) in En route, or: A new posting
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=/\=About fifteen minutes out, Lt Forgrave.=/\= The sudden voice roused Issac from the half-awake state that he had slipped into. “Eh, what? Ah, yeah, thanks fer the heads-up.” Grumbling quietly, he straightened in his seat and rubbed at his eyes, forcing himself into wakefulness. He hadn’t intended to sleep at all, but he reckoned he was tired. He wasn’t sure of when last he’d been able to actually relax - sure, he’d made an effort to keep up with sleep (when he could), but that wasn’t quite the same thing.

Gathering the PaDDs that had slipped off of his lap, he stuffed them into the bag at his feet. He’d managed to make it through a few of the files, and he felt confident that he wouldn’t be hopelessly lost when he arrived aboard The Manhattan. Wonder what she’s like… He didn’t have as much experience as some of course, but there had been a vast difference between the Dresden and the Viking, and it made sense that this new posting would be every bit as different in it’s own way. Seems she’s got a good crew; at least according to tha reports. Not like that ever tells the whole story, but ah well. I’ll be finding out soon enough, I reckon.

=/\=Docking in sixty seconds.=/\=

Lieutenant Issac Forgrave

Shedda didn’t meet every new crew member as soon as they arrived. She did meet with them all at some point. But today she was in the shuttle bay awaiting the arrival of their new Chief of Security. One Issac Forgrave. The man came highly recommended and had experience with first contact situations, a skill they could use out here. He had also been through two decommissionings. Shedda wanted to make sure the Lt. felt welcome and had whatever he needed.

Shedda stood at 5‘6” with lime green skin, her red and black command uniform crisp. Her blue black hair was pulled back in a tight, neat bun while her electric blue eyes watched the shuttle glide in and set down on the bay floor.

Mal’athar, XO

Issac found himself mildly surprised as he stepped off the ramp; bag slung over his shoulder. He hadn’t expected to meet any of the command staff quite so soon; he wondered if the XO normally greeted new arrivals. But I reckon I ain’t able to slide under the radar any more - haven’t been able to for a while, really. “Commander Mal’athar, I reckon?” Despite the early hour, he managed a warm smile as he extended his hand in greeting.


Stepping forward Shedda shook his hand firmly, careful as always of her grip. “I am. Welcome aboard, Lt Forgrave, and welcome to the Delta. Hopefully your trip through was uneventful?”

“Nice and quiet, nice and quiet. A welcome change of pace after… well, after my last posting and all the fallout from that mess.” Issac smiled ruefully at his somewhat cryptic comment; as much as he missed the Viking, he was honest enough to recognize that the change of pace was welcome.

An Ops officer came over offering to take his bag and get anything else transferred to his new quarters. “We had a crate arrive for you yesterday and already moved it this morning. Don’t worry we fed her first.” The NE babbled as he worked.


Issac handed the bag over with a smile, hesitating only slightly - he always felt awkward letting someone else take his things; and he’d never quite gotten used to it. “Thank ya Ma’am; I appreciate it.” By the time he finally registered what the NE had actually said, they’d already scurried off, bag in hand. “Crate? What?” He turned to Shedda; bewilderment plain on his face. “Uh, did I hear that right? A… crate arrived, and she’s been fed? I uh… I’m missing something here, Ma’am. So far as I know, I did send some things ahead, but… ain’t nothing that needed to be fed.”

-Forgrave, the Confused

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