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Posted May 12, 2022, 3:51 p.m. by Fleet Captain Alexander Cochrane (Commanding Officer) (James Sinclair)

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Posted by Fleet Captain Alexander Cochrane (Commanding Officer) in side-sim: Stowaways (Tag Cochrane)


Alex watched her and was more than a bit surprised. Everyone… and he meant everyone… loved the Risean chowder. There had been people charged with breaches of Federation Security trying to get the recipe.

And then there was a laugh from the kitchen.

Shedda turned in her chair and glared at the kitchen and rolled her eyes.

Harv exited from inside and approached the table. “That’s what you get for not eating in here from time to time. Now here…” and he set a bowl of a different stew in front of her. This had a rich brown liquid suspending pieces of meat and vegetables. “Next time you come in, I won’t ‘doctor up’ the chowder so you can try it for real.” and he looked at Alex and winked. “You better make sure she’s coming in, Skipper.” and he turned and walked away. Alex shook his head and took a drink. “Leave it to Harv to punish people for not eating his food.” and he took a drink and smiled at Mal’athar.

“Told you he was a handful.”

Cochrane, CO

Shedda looked at the new stew, “If he’s trying to convince me to eat his food, telling me he ‘doctored it’ isn’t going to get me to eat it.” Then she smiled, it not quite reaching her eyes like it should. “Good thing I don’t need much food for my nutritional intake.” She did try the stew because, setting an example and all that. “He’s your handful, not mine, Alex. I’m just helping out once-in-awhile.” Shedda looked at the food in front of her - stew, a rather impressively large sandwich, and fries. The man was probably going to shove some desert or another 3 courses in front of them. Shedda couldn’t eat that much.

Mal’athar, XO

Alex gave her a knowing smile. “Nope. I am sorry to have to break it to you, but since you are now ‘in the club’, so to speak, you are now just as responsible for him as I am. His continued existence means we take all precautions to make sure he isn’t discovered. And we protect him from outside threats and, probably most headache-inducing, we protect him from himself. I’ve personally intercepted four separate communications he tried to send to people. Now, that usually is the result of his periodic depression. But I can’t fault a person who can’t ever go home again some dark days.”

Cochrane, CO

Shedda pinched the bridge of her nose. “Alex you need an intel team for that. I’m an archeologist, unless threats to him are hidden in the form of broken pottery that need to be pieced back together…” she held her hands out and shrugged. Shedda could use a phaser and was decent at hand-to-hand (mostly due to her increased Orion strength, which wasn’t something she could rely on to always be to her advantage), she most likely wouldn’t know a threat was coming till it arrived. That was Alex’s area of expertise, or at least more so than hers. But he was right, how could you fault a man for missing what he could never see again. It would be callous to just say he made his choices and live with it. That was, she supposed, was part of living with it. “I can monitor the ship’s communications. We do that anyway, all the way out here. Never know who is listening.” And information was often a premium item of trade.

Mal’athar, XO

“Archaeologist, yes… but also the Executive Officer of this ship.” Alex replied. “That means you have your eyes and ears open at all times. You should know before I do if something is off. Or at least at the same time I do.” He leaned back and drummed his fingers on the table for a moment. So… here we are. Yes, we will monitor comms. And yes, we will keep a surreptitious eye on Chef. Because that is what we are tasked with. It’s not ‘extra’… its part of the glory that comes with a chair on the bridge. And trust me… it only gets worse the higher you go, Commander.” and he chuckled slightly.

Cochrane, CO

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