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Posted by Ensign Reil Adami (Diplomatic Trainee) in Sickbay - Ensign Reil Adami’s Boarding Physical (Tag CMO)

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Ensign Reil Adami had just boarded the USS Manhattan, beginning her new assignment as a Diplomatic Trainee. When she had first gotten the assignment, she was unbelievably excited. Finally, some real-world experience! But now, seeing the ship in person for the first time, Adami felt extremely nervous. She really didn’t want to mess up. She hoped that her DH was nice and would ease her nerves.

Wanting to get all of the business stuff out of the way, Adami decided to head to sickbay to complete her boarding physical. She basically followed her map all the way there, not wanting to get lost. Once she arrived, Adami let a JO know who she was and what she was there for, sat down in a chair, and waited.

Ensign Reil Adami, Diplomatic Trainee

Across the room, LaVonne Washington saw the nurse show, someone, to a seat, however, at this second she was far too engaged with the woman on the other end of her comm call. Picking up her coffee, she leaned back and shook her head slowly.

“Girl I am telling you Abel is jus’ playin’ hard to get,” she made a yummy sound and raised an eyebrow at the woman on the other end of the console. “Don’t you shake your head at me. You ain’t on the Odin. You don’t see the way that man looks at me.”

“And I am tellin’ you if he ain’t slipping a ring on it Dr. Willing-and-Abel may not be as willing as you think,” LaVonne shot back. The play on the name was a joke the two women had about the tall, blonde handsome CMO of the Mythology class ship. Dr. Sigfried Abel was extremely handsome and also extremely wealthy. Since he arrive on his ship, LaVonne Washington’s cousin RayVonne had seen fit to do nothing but talk about how she was one step away from becoming RayVonne Abel. Until the ring was on her cousin’s finger and the invitations sent out, LaVonne as suspect.

“Well I think it would be great if LaVonne was willing and able to help with these intakes,” Jasmine Wynter, the CMO of the USS Manhattan spoke behind the duty nurse. “I also think maybe we should turn the chit chat to something more diplomatic when we are on duty. I mean really, yes he is hot as hell and yes bedside manner with him would not be hard at all but we do need decorum,” she said the last word slowly. “So who is waiting and for what,” Jasmine looked at Lavonne before picking up a PaDD and looking at the woman in the seat waiting.

“Probably a physical,” Lavonne said taking a sip of her coffee before going back to the console and call. “So enough ‘bout why you ain’t got a ring but planning out if we are eatin’ beef or chicken. Girl I gotta tell you about Brian,” she returned to her conversation as if Jasmine hadn’t ever spoke.

Rolling her eyes and taking a deep breath, Jasmine moved across the room to meet the person waiting. “I am so sorry about that. It is just,” she said and then stopped. There was no good reason for Lavonne to be acting like she was on a perpetual coffee break except that when something serious happened, Lavonne was the best nurse, Jasmine had ever worked with.

“Yeah, I got nothing. What she lacks in diplomacy with her verbiage she makes up for ten times over as a nurse,” she gave up trying to explain what was happening and stuck out her hand. “I am Dr. Wynters. Jasmine. What can I do for you,” she said with a smile.

Jasmine Wynter CMO

Adami laughed, shaking the doctor’s hand. “I will admit that was quite odd, but I’ve seen much weirder at the Academy. I’m Ensign Reil Adami, the new Diplomatic Trainee. I’m here for my boarding physical. And you can call me Adami. I was raised on Bajor by a Bajoran family,” she said.

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Ensign Reil Adami, Diplomatic Trainee

“So nice to meet you and maybe we need your services in here at times,” she leaned in pretending to whisper playing off the scene that just had been displayed along with the woman’s stated profession. “Welcome to the Manhattan. What if I take half a second to check you in and the other half a second to convince you I am not a total nut case with a cup of coffee after?” Jasmine smiled and gestured for the woman towards a biobed. She loved meeting new crew. It was fun and exciting. Reil also seemed to have a great sense of humor and rolled with the proverbial punches.

Jasmine Wynter CMO

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IC: Adami smiled. “I’ll take an excuse to get to know a member of the crew any day,” she said as she sat down on the biobed.

Ensign Reil Adami, Diplomatic Trainee

As if those very words heralded a hint of prophecy about them, the doors opened again and a man wearing the yellow of Engineering walked in. His shoulder was scorched by what looked to be a plasma burn on the uniform but if it hurt him or had actually burned him, he didn’t show it. “Jasmine!” The man half called out, looking around the room. “Where did you put my favourite Hypospanner? I put it on the table a couple of days ago and it’s gone! When I went back to look for it, your mother was calling. She’s called 26 times since we left for duty!”

His eyes finally following the curve of the room and landing on Jasmine and the woman he was with, he paused. “Oh hi!” He said and gave a wide grin, “Don’t mind me, you’re busy and I’ll be quick. I’ll just get a coffee. You two want anything?” He gave them a wave, but with the hand on the arm opposite the burn mark. That arm he was holding kind of still, but it still wasn’t showing any discomfort on him. He did seem to take care to hide it from LaVonne though, even though the woman didn’t seem to be paying any attention. Hypospanner he mouthed silently at Jasmine as he walked towards the replicator, the grin turning to a quick frown.

Lt Cmdr Wynter, Chief Engineer

Adami looked up when the Lieutenant Commander spoke to her. “Nothing for me, thanks. I’m Ensign Reil Adami, the new Diplomatic Trainee,” she said.

Ensign Reil Adami, Diplomatic Trainee


“I am Jasmine Wynters. Chief medical officer and this is my husband Max who seems to be forgetting that we are not in our quarters where he claims I purposely hide things,” she let out a small laugh. “Just give me one second,” she raised a finger and moved to go talk to Max.

Two minutes later, Jasmine came back shaking her head. “So are you married, Ensign Adami because if not I can tell you it is quite an adventure. Shall we,” she gestured for the woman to follow her towards a bio bed.

Jasmine Wynter CMO

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