Deck 4 Garden- Wedding Bells

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Posted by Fleet Captain Alexander Cochrane (Commanding Officer) in Deck 4 Garden- Wedding Bells

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Faye Calloway (Counter-Intelligence Officer) in Deck 4 Garden- Wedding Bells

Posted by Fleet Captain Alexander Cochrane (Commanding Officer) in Deck 4 Garden- Wedding Bells
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It was simple and beautiful. Cochrane was a great at speeches, Revna would give him that. The holographic feeds were a wonderful touch, and she knew how much it would mean to Faye. She wondered who had put that all together. Applauds erupted from around the circle along with shouts and whistles, Revna’s among them as Cochrane pronounced them.


Swept up in his arms, Faye kissed Daggum, her husband back and it was everything she ever thought it would be.

When at last her feet touched the ground again, she still felt like she was floating. Faye laughed. “Oh my Gods, we’re married! she said, utter joy written across her features. No stormy clouds in these eyes today.

And all too soon people moved to congratulate the couple. Shara would in a moment but she moved over with Cochrane to ‘sign’ the marriage certificate as a witness. And not unsurprising (but perhaps to those that only knew Shara Calloway as the scary Intelligence officer), the mother of the bride was crying.

“Those better be happy tears, Commander. It would be a damn shame to have to throw you out an airlock right now.” Alex said softly with a grin.

Shara shot him a look, but grinned nonetheless. She wiped at her cheeks and sighed. Could she explain it? Maybe, maybe not, but she suspected Alexander Cochrane would understand when at length she finally said, “I can stand down.” It wasn’t that she wouldn’t worry, or be motherly, but the incessant worry over Faye and whatever state she might be in was no longer needed. Faye was doing great, and if that changed at all, Daggum would be there working through it with his wife.

Alex gave her a skeptical side-eye and a grin. “Really? Can you?” and he smiled and chuckled as he walked away.

Well, a little bit, anyway, Shara thought, smirking through her tears. She was so damn happy for Faye, for all of them that they reached this place. They could all use a little bit of unabashed joy in their lives right now.

Faye leaned in towards Daggum. “In a few minutes we’ll send them over to get drinks and start the party, but there’s somewhere I want you to go with me for a few minutes, okay?”

~Faye Calloway, Bride

Daggum nodded, and made sure use his bulk to keep the press of people from overwhelming Faye. “Just married and already telling me what to do… whatever have I got myself into?” he said with a grin and shook hands with well-wishers.

Cochrane / Hammor

“All the best possible mischief, I promise,” Faye said as she watched her sister approach.

Nadine hugged Faye tightly. “Thank you for inviting me. I’m so glad I got to be here for this,” she whispered in Faye’s ear.

“I’m glad you came too,” Faye said, feeling teary again. Her sister was here and it was so nice to be face-to-face after all the subspace calls.

Nadine looked up at Daggum. “Does your new sister-in-law get a hug?” she said, opening her arms.

~Faye Calloway, Married!!

Daggum smiled and bent down and hugged Nadine, lifting her up off the ground and spinning her around. “I have a sister!!!” he said loudly and laughing. He set her down and grinned and said “You know what this means, right? You get to have your sister and alien brother-in-law to school for show and tell.” and he smiled and laughed again.

Nadine laughed. “Anytime you want to swing by Portland, you’re more than welcome.”

Micah approached and extended the metal hand to Daggum. “Congrats… son.” and he laughed and shook his head. “Yeah… thats gonna take some gettin’ used to.” Daggum took the hand and shook it and said “Thanks. I can’t think of a better father-in-law.” and he gave Micah a sincere smile.

Alex / Daggum

Faye gazed at Micah and shook her head slightly. She drew closer with open arms and a ‘you better hug me, dammit’ expression.

Micah smiled and gave her a huge hug, lifting her off the ground and squeezing her tight. He then set her back down and whispered “I’m proud of ya, Faye.” in her ear before letting go and stepping back.

Faye flushed, just a little. Micah Pikelsimer was a hard ass man but she was seeing a different side of him the longer he was around her mom and if anything was true, she knew he’d always have her back.

“So Nadine and I have been figuring out the best way to sort out all these dads of ours and we’ve decided you are Pops. If you don’t like it, too bad, you don’t get a say,” she said with a smirk.


“I can be Pops. That works. Better than what Shara calls me when she’s pissed at me.” Micah said with a grin.


“Damn right,” Shara said, slipping up behind and placing a hand on Micah’s shoulder as if she were just perched there. It lasted a moment before she kissed his cheek and then moved to hug Faye and Daggum in turn. “You two… I could say a lot f things but someone“-she shot Faye a look-“told me to save it for the wedding speech.”

“Oh no,” Faye groaned. “I was joking, really!”

Shara just laughed and winked. “Don’t worry, I won’t embarrass anyone except perhaps myself. Now, don’t you have a thing to do?” she said.

Faye nodded, slipped her hand in Daggum’s and dragged him off down the path.

Shara turned, as having gotten her marching orders from the bride, spoke loud enough to be heard over the chatting. “Alright party-goers! The Bride and Groom will return shortly. But for now, go on over and find a place at the large table. We’ll all eat together. The happy couple is at one end together, the rest of the seating is wherever you like. There are drinks , both alcoholic and non, so grab something and there’s be dinner, toasts and dancing to come,” she said with a beaming grin.

Nadine grinned and moved over and found a place not too far from the end where Faye and Daggum would sit, but she figured Alex and her mom would want to flank the couple, so she gave room for her and Micah on one side. Setting her bag down, she moved to the bar to grab a drink.

Gavin and his wife and daughter claimed space on the other side before also heading to the bar.

“What are our options?” Nadine asked.

“Well, the bride has suggested champagne, but also that whatever you felt like,” the bartender said.

“Champagne it is,” she said.

Meanwhile, Shara slipped up to Cochrane and leaned in. “Faye said you might be willing to share a special stone with her tonight. Something about wanting to have all the bubbly without getting into trouble?”

~Faye & Co.

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