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Posted by Gamemaster Wookius Furrius (Senior Gamemaster) in Main sim Sickbay
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“Pshaww,” she waved as if clearing the air. “It’s not problem and it ain’t like I got nothing to do. I was working the night shift anyway so at least now it will be a bit more interesting. Leaning in she nudged his shoulder. “I can put in anything you want for dinner…even if it ain’t what the doctor ordered,” she gave him a wink. “You want rare red meat…I will tell the replicator to slap it’s arse and just pass it by the flame. You want a burger that will make your taste buds say mmm mmm mhmm, I will replicate it and give you a hypoto drop that cholesterol as if I were Henry Podder with a wand. If you are into salad and vegan food best tell me know though”

“Medically, is there anything that I can’t have?” he asked, then inwardly winced at the way that question might go, still feeling her nudge and proximity. “Uhhh. Nice pork chop, mashed and salad?” he offered, then thought to push it a little. “Good white wine to match it?”

“Baby I make a mean pork chop. You are gonna eat it and be like Dang lord Jesus I have done died and gone to heaven,” Lavonne made a yummy sound to punctuate the sentence. “And you need elderberry wine. White wine is for someone that ain’t got their head on straight.”

She walked off to Make the pork chop.

Jasmine Wynter CMO

Brian appeared to have a reply of sorts ready but Lavonne’s response caught him up evidently unprepared and his mouth opened to reply, then closed again. “I, uh, will, well .. doctor’s orders,” he said at last.
- Brian …

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“My momma brews this from Elderberry plants back home in Chicago. She grows them right off the fire escape.”

Jasmine had to stifle a laugh with a cough. The only thing caught faster than the Levodian flu on the Manhattan’s sickbay was any single man by the Washington sister’s. Reaching down she patted Brian’s shoulder and gave it a small squeeze. Nothing would take your mind off your condition than trying to convince the happy-go-lucky cougar of a nurse that you were not in need of a date on Saturday. “Lavonne do you mind sitting with Brian while I check on the other patients?”

As she backed away from Brian she mouthed You are going to be fine. She would make it up to him later but for right now Jasmine had other people to see. Moving over to the monitor, Jasmine looked at the console.

As she waited for the results, Jasmine looked over at the girl. “And who are you,” she asked the girl while looking at Dees. One of them had the answer.

Jasmine Wynter CMO

“Nancy,” she replied with a sigh. “Science technician Nancy Turner.” She looked at her hand and how she looked smaller in her uniform. “What happened? I look like I’m 17 again.” She didn’t sound ‘that’ put out. “I’m not going to go through another acne phase am I? But I remember everything.”

The other was a woman, or girl really now, set in her mid to late teens.
- Wookiee

“Heck no. You get the best of both worlds until we figure this out. All the strength and energy of being a teen until we can get you back,” Jasmine patted the woman’s hand as she saw the tricorder preparing to deliver the results on Brian.

The tricorder blinked. Brian Bailey’s scan showed that he was otherwise in decent health. There were some aspects of bones weakened and a touch of arthritis in one hand starting, optical degradation (aka eyesight poorer) and low iron levels. Relative age estimation was that he was between 50 and 53 years old.
- Wookiee

OOO: Fixing the Split
Whereas Sair was fair haired, her mother Kel was dark haired, the long thick strands twisted up the back of her head and neatly secured. She was a no-nonsense kind of person, but deeply empathetic. She was used to emergencies unlike the toddler Sair whose hand she was holding. Little Koro had a mass of brown fluffy curls framing the long brow ridge, the side ridges tiny at this point.

The trio of Kobliads walked in, the two adults being the ones who were more at risk due to their need for dueridium, but Sair was internally panicked about something also being wrong with her little boy. And yet, the former physician turned counsellor was too good at hiding her feelings from the public to let that terror be so easily seen.

Both Sair and Kel had their own dueridium supply, each specially made for their biochemistry. She lifted up Koro and set him on one of the few free biobeds and told her mother to wait there while she moved over to Wynter. “Can I help with anything? Same with my mother. She’s a trauma nurse back on Kobliad. If you need more hands, just let us know,” she said, wanting to feel useful in a situation and on a ship where she was still trying to find her place. Was it strange being a part of the team as well as the patients? Absolutely. But the Kobliad adults were well used to this sort of situation.

~Sair Songz, CNS & Family

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“Medically no for now but counseling yes,” Jasmine said with a frown. “We have Brian Bailey getting older and Nancy finishing puberty. It is probably gonna screw with their minds. How are you feeling? Can you handle your and your mom’s deuterium needs though? It is complex and you both are by far the experts on it.” Moving around the table, Jasmine looked at Kodos with a smile.

“We can handle our injections,” Sair said. Dueridium was a high-need item and she shouldn’t be due for a dose, but she felt like she was. But to take it early? She’d never done that before. Their medical regimes were intensely calculated to the point of minutiae. So it would never occur to someone to take more, more often. Never. “I don’t feel unwell at this point, so I’m stable. I’ll let you know if that changes.”

“How are you doing Kodos?” Pulling out a tricorder, Jasmine began to scan the child.

Jasmine Wynter CMO


Koro hid slightly behind Sair but his mother just crouched beside him, letting her hand drop away from him so he could be scanned independently. “Koro, this is Doctor Wynter, one of the people I work with. She’s just going to take a peek with the scanner, just I would. Is that okay?” Her son gazed back with wide brown eyes and nodded. Sair smiled. “Okay then, stand still.”

OOC: I’ll let you determine the results Gene. :)

~Sair Songz, CNS

Scans on Kodos would show that he was a healthy child of … estimated a year older than the last scan. Dueridium levels were at peak stability, however. His height, however, evidently enlist any real growth spurts but, in looking, he did seem to be a touch taller.
- Wookiee

Jasmine looked at the results and smiled producing a lollipop from her pocket for the small boy. “He is in perfect health. The scans are saying he is a year older physiologically but there is nothing wrong with him at all,” she stated looking at Sair.

“Grape or Cherry,” she held out the lollipop which was found in just about every civilization in the known universe. Candy on a stick was not new but the concept of getting one from a doctor visit was an Earth thing.

Jasmine Wynter CMO

Koro looked up at his mother and Sair just smiled and nodded. He didn’t know what those flavours were but he was curious to try things and read for the purple one. “Thank you,” he said softly. Sair ran a hand protectively over his head, nodding to Jasmine gratefully, mouthing her own thank you. It was hard to explain how miraculous Koro was. That he didn’t require dueridium the way her mother and her did. He was a part of the first generation free from the terrible fate the rest of Kobliad’s face. And because of that she would give her own life to keep him safe if needed.

Meanwhile, Kel had retrieved their dueridium and used a precious dose to top herself up before moving back over to her daughter. Sair just tilted her head, moving her lilac hair to the side and Kel administered the dose. “I guess we’ll worry about extra doses later, hmmm?”

“Yes,” Sair said quietly, tamping down her worry so as to not frighten Koro more than he already was. She looked to Jasmine. “I’ll go check on the patients and see if I can ease their worries a little,” she said with a nod.

Kel took Koro’s hand and gave it a squeeze. “I’ll keep an eye on my grandson and we’ll get out of your way, but should you need an extra pair of hands, please just call me.”

~Sair Songz & family

“Wait,” Jasmine said and moved over the replicator. A beam of light showed and the medical chief came back with a small toy medical kit, a large jar of lollipops, and a white lab coat with the designation for the Manhattan over one pocket and the symbol of Kobliad medical over the other. “I think I could use six more sets of hands.” Bending down she came eye level with Koro. “Do you think you could help me, your mom, and your grandma? I could really use someone to help me check people in and out. I also need someone to man the candy jar. Do you think you could sit with Shavonne over there at the desk and help us?”

Koro looked between his mother and grandmother and nodded wit vigour. Though just a toddler, he appeared older and Kobliad development moved a slightly faster clip than Humans. Besides he liked watching people work.

It never did any good to separate families. Jasmine had no idea how much help they might need so she wasn’t going to toss it away. She also knew Sair would continue to worry over Koro. It was natural. She was his mother. Having the child with them if another blip happened meant Sair could immediately check on her son.

Jasmine Wynter CMO

Kel took the coat from Jasmine, though she was a nurse not a physician. It signified an immediate trust she found interesting and heartwarming. Whatever she could do, she would. “Just point me at where you need me and I can follow your treatment protocols.”

“You are a doctor too right,” Jasmine handed her a tricorder. “I am not sure what the protocols are right now so anything you come up with yell it out. The most important thing is keeping everyone calm.”

Jasmine Wynter CMO

Kel shook her head. “No, ER nurse. My daughter’s the full doctor,” she said, not miffed at all by the mix-up. “I’ll just get stuck in. I’ve been in a lot of medical spaces and the supply systems are never that different. I’ll figure out your quick and ask if I can’t find anything.”

Sair gave Wynter a warm smile and a nod, appreciative of helping her find a solution that allowed them to work and not worry about Koro.

~Sair Songz & Family

Pulling out a chair to the front, Shavonne set up a small folding table and laid a PaDD on it. In a large script, she wrote Dr. Koro and propped it up so everyone could see it. “Com’mere baby,” she patted the chair with a warm smile. “You got some work to do Dr. Koro.” The warm,rich tones of her deep alto voice were soothing to most that came in the room. It was why she was such a great nurse and why Cochrane put up with her spicy attitude at times. When the Washington sisters spoke, it harkened to a time when one was younger and being addressed by a grandmother or elderly aunt who thought they hung the moon and would murder anyone that dared tried to prove different.

Lavonne and Shavonne Washington

The toddler tracked the nurse with curious eyes and at least seemed to be interested at the game at hand.

~Sair Song, CNS & Co. (and a small bump for Gene)

Meanwhile, the lilac-haired Kobliad moved over to Nancy, whom Jasmine had mentioned going back to puberty and gave her a sympathetic smile. “How are we holding up?” It had to be disconcerting for anyone to suddenly be a different age physically than they were, and working with patients would keep her mind off her own problematic health state.

~Sair Songz & Co.

OOC: I want to be able to participate here, but I might be mistaken that Nancy was a GM character? If I’m more use in a thread elsewhere, that’s totally cool. I can just slip out. ~Linds

OOC: Nancy Turner is one of mine …

A moment of vertigo struck everyone but for Brian and Nancy who were laying down already. Then it passed. Nancy rubbed at the skin on her arm. “I have no idea what happened. Can I go back to what age I was? Am I going to bounce about looking like .. what? A toddler?” She looked at Brian? “An old lady?”
“Steady on,” Brian called over. “Young at heart. Ish.”
“What happens if we revert around to being .. before I was born?” Her face flashed with fear. “As it is it might not be so bad knowing ‘then’ what I know ‘now’ in a way if we don’t move about more. What is going on, Counselor? I’m a science tech but this seems science fiction stuff. Like out of some old space holo.”
- Wookiee

It took Sair a moment to recover from the wash of vertigo and she could all but feel her mother’s concerned gaze upon her. But instead, Sair sat on the edge of Nancy’s bed and gave the woman a rueful smile. “It does at that. I don’t know what’s going on but I do know that while I’ve only been here a short time, this crew is resourceful and will do everything they can to figure it out.” She reached a hand out and rested it on Nancy’s. “I also know that we’re in this together, okay? I know it’s hard, the uncertainty. I understand what it is like, and there is no easy fix for that fear. It’s okay to be scared,” she said, almost as if she were reminding herself as well.

Glancing up at the biobed readings, Songz was trying to decipher if there was something there they had initially missed. The nice thing about having been an emergency room doctor before was that she was very well used to working on a time crunch.

~Sair Songz, CNS

While Nancy put on a brave face her readings did show stress. “Yeah,” she said, not that convinced as she glanced over to Brian. “I’m younger. He’s older. Tomorrow it could be the other way around. Not knowing. I don’t know. I’m the science girl here. Shouldn’t there be some way to shield this?” She snorted suddenly. “Yeah, shield time. My mom would have loved that. Half her life was battling age. She’d have loved to be in my place now.” She paused. “Sorry, I’m babbling. I thought I left that behind when I was,” she laughed. “when I was a teen.”
- Nancy

Sair reached out and rested a hand on Nancy’s arm. “This would be disconcerting for anyone. I know what it’s like to not be able to trust what’s happening to your body and it can be scary. But we’ll get through this.”

She withdrew her hand. “For now, let’s focus on something we can do. You’re a scientist, I’m a doctor by training, maybe we can brainstorm ideas about what’s going on. I should get an update from the bridge soon, and maybe that will give us something to work with. You might appear as a teenager Nancy, but you have all your knowledge and experiences. Maybe we can put them to good use?”

~Sair Songz, CNS

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