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Posted by Fleet Captain Alexander Cochrane (Commanding Officer) in Arrival

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Malazan stepped off the ramp of the shuttle Hercules that had brought her to the Event Horizon station in the Delta quadrant. Dar, curious eyes darted all around, taking in the sights and types of life forms and technology that surrounded her.

Excited to start her new assignment, she’d been quite restless during the trip and was feeling the need for a pick me up to fire up her attention and reaction times. Standing on the deck of the station, she watched as her considerable crates were unloaded and left on a hover cart near where she stood.
In full uniform and face paint, minus weapons, Mal felt a little conspicuous as she studied the individuals around her trying to see if someone was there to meet her.
While also trying to find a place where she might get a cup of strong coffee, a man approached on her right. “Excuse me, are you Omhyr Malazan?”

Brows raised. “Yes, I am. And you are?”

“I’m Mr McKenzie, part of the diplomatic team here in the Delta Quadrant. I’ve been looking for you for the last 24 hours.”

She gave a small smile, “I’ve been jumping from shuttle to shuttle trying to get here as quickly as I could but there was a delay with the Hercules.”

The man returned the smile and waived a hand back and forth between them as if to say, ‘no, no, no’. “I didn’t mean to imply anything, Omhyr Malazan, I was just…never mind.” He clasped his hands behind his body, looked over to where the hover cart was being guided by an Ensign toward another docking port and continued. “If you’ll come with me to the Valiant, another shuttle, I’m afraid, I’ll take you to the Manhattan. I’ve already notified them of your appearance here and they’ve dropped out of warp and are awaiting your arrival. The trip should take about nine hours.”

She was disappointed that Cochrane wasn’t there to meet her, but more so that another shuttle ride was involved. Drawing in a deep breath and centering herself, Mal nodded. “That’s fine, Mr McKenzie. Thank you for your trouble.”

“No trouble at all, ma’am. Please follow me.”

“You’ll want to wake up now, ma’am.” Mal sat bolt upright in her seat. “Mr McKenzie…I apologize. I didn’t know I’d fallen asleep.” The last several days of travelling had taken a toll on her normal sleeping routine.

“Nothing to apologize for, Omhyr. You aren’t the first to grab a nap on the way to their new ship. Many do it.” Then he pointed out the viewscreen. “That’s her…that’s the Manhattan. We’ve been cleared to land and the Captain is waiting to meet you.”

As the tractor beam drew the small ship in and guided it to a safe area, Mal shook herself awake and ran in place for a moment to get her blood pumping. When the hatch opened and she walked down the ramp, one would never know she’d been in deep sleep not ten minutes before.


Cochrane had received word that the new observer from… from… oh hell, he couldn’t remember right now but that was irrelevant to the fact that they were arriving in a few hours. So he made sure to let Darrach know and to make sure she had quarters ready. He made sure Forgrave had her security and access credentials assigned as well. No sensitive areas and no bridge access. They were, after all, a non-Federation affiliated species there to observe how the crew of the Manhattan dealt with other and perhaps heretofore unknown species on behalf of their own race. A race that up to this point was holding out on joining the Federation until they were satisfied that the Federation actually put their stated ideals into practice; and weren’t just trying to smooth talk them into joining. Cochrane stepped onto the lift from the Bridge and made his way to the shuttle bay, PaDD in hand and reviewing the file he had been sent.

Arriving at the shuttle bay as the shuttle itself came through the forcefield separating ship’s atmosphere from the vacuum of space, Cochrane made sure his red Command uniform and was presentable; and then stood relaxed with his hands and the PaDD behind his back. As Malazan stepped off the shuttle. He inclined his head slightly and fixed ice blue eyes on her and said “Omhyr Malazan. I am Fleet Captain Alexander Cochrane, Commanding Officer of the USS Manhattan. Welcome aboard.” and extended a hand towards her.

Cochrane, CO

Mal quickly took in the man before her. Tall and slender with a commanding presence and eyes that made her smile a bit with their beautiful color. She grasped the hand held out to her in greeting. “Thank you for meeting me Captain Cochrane. I have been looking forward to my arrival ever since I was given the assignment.” She looked around the shuttle bay. It was spotless and very large. “Your Manhattan is very impressive. Much more considerable than any of our ships.”


“She is a fine ship, for certain. But I have been accused of being partial.” Cochrane said with a shake of her hand and a friendly smile. Letting and gesturing towards the door, he continued. “She is the preeminent science vessel in all of Star Fleet. Her size is due to the fact that she was constructed on a dreadnought hull, making her one of the largest ships in the fleet as well. Ideal for scientific exploration and extended deployment far from home.”

He led her through the door and into the passageway. “I’ll show you to your quarters first. Then, when you’re ready, I will give you a tour of the entire ship. You’ll have a chance to see and meet some of the crew and civilian contingent, as well as get a feel for the ship. Is that acceptable to you… forgive me. How do you wish to be addressed? Our cultural familiarization file was lacking in a few areas.”

Cochrane, CO

Following along at his side, Mal nodded as he explained what they had laid out for her first few days. “I am a soldier, Captain, and Omhyr is my rank. I looked at your military hierarchy and it is equivalent to Commander in your fleet. However, my name is Malazan and you are welcome to call me that outside of any professional situation.” She had no idea what would qualify as a ‘professional’ situation in her current position, but best to set some guidelines.

“How much freedom will I have on the Manhattan? What will be off limits?”


Cochrane nodded and said “Omhyr. Very well.” as they walked towards the turbolift. “You are in a bit of a gray area right now. While the Federation has allowed your people access to some of our ships, you are still a non-Federation species and as such you cannot access some of our more sensitive areas. That would include things like the Engineering Core, our secure labs, computer core, and both the main bridge and auxiliary bridges. At least on your own. In discussions with the Diplomatic contingency of Star Fleet, I suggested that since many of our interactions are ship-to-ship, allowing you access to the bridge when requested should be allowed. Fleet Security agreed, with the caveat that you would be escorted to and from the bridge by ship’s security. You and our new Chief of Security Lt. Forgrave will sort that out between the two of you. Additionally, I thought it prudent that you, as an observer, get a look at the day to day operations of the crew and the ship. To that end, you will be working with our Security and Diplomatic departments. I will also call you to the bridge when we are engaged with known or unknown species so you can see how we conduct our dealings. My caveat to that is that you remain as an observer.” They reached the door to the lift and stepped inside.

She’d been about to protest about not having access to the bridge when he continued and told her the arrangements that would allow her to be there. “My assignment here is not to interfere with how the Manhattan runs, Captain. I am an observer only and we appreciate the opportunity we’ve been given by Star Fleet to live among your crew to see what interactions are really like. Thank you for making it possible for me to spend some time on the bridge where I’m sure a lot of what my people are interested in, happens.”

=/\= Deck 4. =/\= Cochrane said and the lift began to move. “Under no circumstances are you to try and intervene in our dialogue. I am always open to new perspectives, and if you have something you feel is pertinent, you are free to convey that to myself or the Executive Officer. Is that acceptable to you?” and the doors opened and he gestured for her to exit.

Cochrane, CO

Mal leaned against the back wall of the lift during the ride. “Your terms are gracious and I will conduct myself accordingly.” Stepping out into the corridor, she turned to look at Cochrane. “It isn’t necessary for me to wear my uniform all the time now that I’m on board, but the face paint is part of my identity so it will stay. I want this assignment to run as smoothly as possible and I will do my best to make that happen. I do appreciate your openness for my input should a situation merit the inclusion. Are my quarters set up with a communication station so I can contact the Council to report in?”


As they walked towards the VIP quarters, Cochrane nodded. “You may wear your uniform if you like. In fact I would recommend it if you are acting in an official capacity with anyone outside the ship. Otherwise, you are free to wear what you want. We have several species represented where ornamentation is part of their cultural identity. We have no rules against such expression. And yes, your quarters have a terminal that can connect you with your Council. I don’t think real-time communication will be possible unless they have an agency in the Alpha Quadrant, however. The communication network the Federation created is in place in the wormhole between here and the Alpha Quadrant, but it hasn’t been replicated in the wormhole between Alpha and your home quadrant, I’m afraid. But you can send and receive messages as quickly as they can be relayed between the Bajoran wormhole and your home world.”

Malazan nodded. She would send a message within the hour to time how long an answer took to reach her.

They arrived at a door and Cochrane handed her a commbadge. “Please wear this at all times. It will allow you to access the computer as well as get directions or find anyone you may be looking for and send and receive messages. Like so.” and he tapped his badge and it chirped. =/\= Cochrane to bridge. Status report. =/\= A woman’s voice came through a second later. =/\= All systems within normal parameters and no vessels in scanning range, Sir. The Science teams are compiling the latest data on the Borellian cluster of extraplanetary objects surrounding our current objective: the white dwarf currently designated Helios 97954. =/\= Cochrane said =/\= Understood. Carry on. =/\= and the comms went silent. He looked at Malazan and said “Simple as that. Tap the badge, say who you are and who you are talking to, then just talk. Any questions?”

Cochrane, CO

She palmed the badge, turning it this way and that. “It is very small. We have something similar but it is built into the uniform.” She tapped a shiny ribbon of metallic material in the collar surrounding her neck. It went all the way around and was about one inch wide. “Of course, mine won’t work now, there is too much distance between myself and another Liir. Those who aren’t in the military often have the device implanted into jewelry or clothing. There are many who don’t utilize the device though.”

She looked from Cochrane’s intriguing eyes to the door they stood at. “Is this where I am to stay? Will your people know where to send my belongings?” She’d packed sparingly, however, having no idea how long she would be on board, and since the Liir didn’t replicate on a whim, there were several containers she’d brought with her.

Also, she was seriously in need of a good wash and some sleep, then food.


Cochrane nodded. “Your quarters, yes. All of your belongings should already be inside, but if you find yourself missing anything you can contact Chief Warrant Officer Darach, our Chief Operations Officer, and he can find it and get it to you quickly. Once you are settled, you and I will meet with both the Executive Officer - Commander Mal’athar- and our Chief Diplomatic Liaison Mrs. Revna McKenzie. If Lieutenant Forgrave is available at that time, he will join us as well. Just a meeting so we can discuss particulars and what you wish to learn from your time here. And in a few days time, I would appreciate it if you would conduct a Cultural Familiarization talk with our Command Staff. Just so we all learn a bit about you and your people.” Cochrane looked at the chronometer on his wrist and said “Omhyr, I know you have had a long journey. Please… make yourself at home. If you would like, I can arrange for an informal dinner this evening in the Officer’s Mess with a few of our officers and myself. Just a welcome meal for your arrival. No pressure. Feel free to relax and unpack today if that better suits you.” and he smiled and chuckled softly. “I mean, it’s not like any of us are going anywhere without the others.” and he smiled broadly and extended his hand.

“Welcome aboard. I hope your time with us is informative.”

Cochrane, CO

Once again, she clasped his hand and shook it. “Thank you for everything Captain. A shower and a few hours of sleep and then I would enjoy meeting with you and some other officers for a meal. The shuttle hopping has taken a toll so a little time to refresh and rest is a good idea. You can let me know when to meet you later this evening. I can unpack anytime.”


“1900 hours, Officer’s Mess. If you have any dietary restrictions or needs, please contact Chef Harv and he will accommodate you to the best of his ability. See you then, Omhyr.” and he inclined his head slightly and then turned and walked back towards the lift.

Cochrane, CO

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