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“Damn right,” Shara said, slipping up behind and placing a hand on Micah’s shoulder as if she were just perched there. It lasted a moment before she kissed his cheek and then moved to hug Faye and Daggum in turn. “You two… I could say a lot f things but someone“-she shot Faye a look-“told me to save it for the wedding speech.”

“Oh no,” Faye groaned. “I was joking, really!”

Shara just laughed and winked. “Don’t worry, I won’t embarrass anyone except perhaps myself. Now, don’t you have a thing to do?” she said.

Faye nodded, slipped her hand in Daggum’s and dragged him off down the path.

Shara turned, as having gotten her marching orders from the bride, spoke loud enough to be heard over the chatting. “Alright party-goers! The Bride and Groom will return shortly. But for now, go on over and find a place at the large table. We’ll all eat together. The happy couple is at one end together, the rest of the seating is wherever you like. There are drinks , both alcoholic and non, so grab something and there’s be dinner, toasts and dancing to come,” she said with a beaming grin.

Revna milled about with a few of the other guests and then given direction the rest of the guests started heading either directly for food or to claim a place at the table. Revna held back and watched. Yes she was making some predictive comparisons to the next time she went home, but in a happy way. She was thrilled for Faye and hoped today was everything she needed and wanted it to be.

Nadine grinned and moved over and found a place not too far from the end where Faye and Daggum would sit, but she figured Alex and her mom would want to flank the couple, so she gave room for her and Micah on one side. Setting her bag down, she moved to the bar to grab a drink.

Gavin and his wife and daughter claimed space on the other side before also heading to the bar.

“What are our options?” Nadine asked.

“Well, the bride has suggested champagne, but also that whatever you felt like,” the bartender said.

“Champagne it is,” she said.

Meanwhile, Shara slipped up to Cochrane and leaned in. “Faye said you might be willing to share a special stone with her tonight. Something about wanting to have all the bubbly without getting into trouble?”

~Faye & Co.

Alex was standing to the side just watching when Shara came up to him. His face didn’t change expression, nor did it seem that he moved at all, but suddenly there was something smooth and oddly cool in her hand. He then turned and looked at her and smiled. “I get that back or it’s your ass, Commander.” and he chuckled.

“I’ve kept a lot more safe than a rock, I think I can manage.” Shara winked as her fingers closed over the stone.

The stone was a deep, brilliant red and seemed to have black veins swirling inside it. It was cool against her skin, but didn’t warm up as she held it. “Tear of Kvaar’ton. Ask Faye about it.” and he winked and then made his way to the bar.

Cochrane, CO

Oh, I will, Shara thought before she beelined for the bride’s spot at the table and set it carefully in the glass set in front of her plate. Surveying the setting, it suddenly gained that much more ambient when all the fairy lights they had strung up in the trees, and around the dance floor, turned on. She smiled. Right on time. Satisfied, she moved to join everyone at the bar.

Gavin surveyed those gathered and, naturally at ease in a crowd, he casually introduced himself to the first person he came across who happened to be Revna ad stuck out his hand. “Hello, I’m Gavin Conner, Faye’s uncle.”

Revna turned away from the fairy lights, a knowing look on her face and then smiled at the man. She took his hand and shook it politely. She had a firm steady grip of someone who was comfortable with herself and the crowd around her. Revna didn’t miss details and had already seen and made note, not only of the dress uniform but the four solid gold pips on the lapel. She also noted he introduced himself as family. So if he wanted to be just family that was fine with her. “Pleasure to meet you. Revna McKenzie, I’m a friend of Faye’s.”

“That’s Captain Conner,” Shara said, sidling up to her brother, winking at Revna. it was so strange, this urge to wink today. Like a tic she had developed but was born of utter joy. What crazy nonsense.

~~Wedding Guests

Revna grinned with a chuckle. “It’s good to see you again Cmdr Calloway. Under a much more joyous occasion than last time.” The line was moving and the bartender looked at her and smirked, reached under the counter for a black-bluish ceramic bottle with a large cork stopper. He grabbed an oven fired ceramic cup and poured it 3/4th full and then put the bottle back under the counter. Revna laughed, “Apparently I’m predictable.” The bartender chuckled. “Your husband sent that, said to give it to you, but if you want the Paannaaq” and the man stumbled over the word, “Mead to…ummm…well I’m not repeating what he said, but you have to go home.” Revna laughed, the sound getting a bit of attention, and her eyes danced, she was sure it had something to do with her derrière. “Do share the bottle with anyone who wants some,” and Revna moved out of the way.

McKenzie, wedding guest

“Oh, hey, never one to shy away from something new,” Shara quipped as she stepped up. Gavin snorted and shot his sister a long look. “Don’t start with me, baby brother.”

“Hey now, aren’t we a little old for that?” Gavin said with a glimmer in his eyes.

Shara took a cup of whatever Revna’s mystery drink was an winked at Gavin. “Never too old,” she said as she swept away.

The drink was mead, a fermented beverage made of honey, water, and yeast, often misnamed as “honey wine”. Very sweet and smooth. This particular bottle had a heraldic crest on it. Anyone who had been in Revna’s office would recognize it as the same one mounted on her wall. This came from her family’s meadery on Earth.

Rather than look disgruntled, he just watched her walk away with a content smile on his face before returning his attention to Revna. “She’s the mother-of-the bride. I’m sure there’s some rule that she gets to get away with things,” he joked.

~Wedding Guests

Revna broke into a huge grin, “My mother would agree wholeheartedly with that, and will be very cross with me that I eloped and stole her chance for mischief.” Revna took a long sip from her glass and then sighed happily afterwards.

“Either that, or the phaser and score of knives I’m sure she has secreted away on her person.” Alex said as he approached. The bartender nodded once and brought out a glass with three fingers of very good Scotch in it. Alex looked at Revna and Gavin and raised his glass. “To the bride and groom.”

Cochrane, CO

Revna smirked, refraining from calling Cochrane ‘Fleet Captain’, no need to remind him of that now, maybe later. “You know I just feel better knowing Faye’s mother is armed to the teeth.” She raised her glass, “To the bride and groom,” and took another pull of her glass.

McKenzie, DA

“Cheers!” Gavin said, sipping from his drink. “You know, I don’t doubt she’s armed in some way, but I tell you ever since we were kids, all Shara needed was her death stare. Damn right intimidating that. It’s not improved in all these years,” he said with a grin.

Two women approached and the older one, with darker skin and ebony eyes, slipped a hand on Gavin’s shoulder. “Have we started talking shop yet?” she asked innocently, though her eyes gleamed.

“Oh give me some credit, Love,” Gavin said, kissing her on the cheek and then grinning. “I’m not here as a Captain, despite the uniform.”

“She’s just being realistic,” the younger woman said.

Gavin laughed openly and shook his head. “Outnumbered entirely here. Captain Alexander Cochrane, Revna McKenzie, this is my wife Taleel and my daughter Lahala.”

Revna turned her gaze on the two women and smiled. “L’kash-em solir-e. Morblas fal aelas.” (Much joy and peace on this happy occasion.) For the second time that day the women were greeted in Betazoid along with the familiar facial and small hand gestures. “It is a pleasure to meet you both.”

McKenzie, DA

“A true pleasure. Welcome to the Manhattan.” Alex said and shook their hands in turn.

“You have a lovely ship, Captain,” Lahala said. “Daggum gave us a bit of a tour earlier and it’s very impressive.”

“Thank you. She is a true wonder.”

“And we’ve seen a few over the years,” Taleel added before turning to her husband with mock concern. “Not that the Hampton isn’t just as lovely.”

“You wound me,” Gavin deadpanned.

~Wedding Guests

Alex smiled. “The Hampton is a fine vessel. I saw her…” and he thought for a moment and then said “… six or so years ago. DS Five. She was the last Star Fleet vessel I did a Security inspection on at the station before leaving for the Klingon War College. Beautiful ship.”

Cochrane, CO

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