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Posted by Civilian Revna Freya McKenzie (Diplomatic Attache) in Crew Lounge - Open

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“But over such a long life you get a very unique perspective on history and the universe, I would imagine.” After taking a sip of her tea, Revna set the cup down. “Hmmm well I don’t know about anyone else, but for me it seemed at the time the next logical choice. Before I was doing this, I was a trauma counselor for Star Fleet. I spent a lot of time working with people to find a way to keep going forward, people who couldn’t talk to anyone else for one reason or another. A year and a half ago,” had it really been that short a time…and that long ago? “I was injured in the line of duty. After my recovery I decided to resign my commission and try something else. There was an opening in the diplomatic corp and I took it.”


“I can see the connection actually, between counseling and diplomacy. They don’t seem that different. Listening and offering understanding.” He sipped his drink. “Same skills, a lot more reputation as a diplomat. So they just sent you out to the delta quadrant?”


Revna nodded, “Pretty much. Ambassador S’Tek needed someone and our files were sent out, he made his choice and…”

“Excuse me,” Walker said as he walked up to the table. He had stopped by for a quick drink after the end of his shift. In his hand he carried a rocks glass with a single large ice cube, and a pour of whiskey in it. “Ma’am,” he said with a nod towards McKenzie.

Revna paused in her reply and nodded to Walker. “Hello Chief, join us.” There was always plenty of room at the table. And if there wasn’t Revna would find a bigger table. It was how she was raised.

“Absolutely, the more the merrier.” Aevin smiled.

“I hope I’m not interrupting, but I wanted to take a second Lieutenant to welcome you to the Manhattan, and say it’s nice to have a competent pilot at the helm again. I’ll just say that the ship was getting pretty rocky before you showed up,” he said with a slight chuckle.

CWO Darach - COO

McKenzie, DA

Aevin shared in the chuckle. “Happy to be aboard Chief. I’ll keep the turbulence to a minimum for you. Do join us, if you’re so inclined.”


“Thanks for the invitation,” Walker said as he pulled out a chair and took a seat. “I hope I wasn’t interrupting anything interesting.”

Taking a sip of his drink he looked between the two of them.

CWO Darach - COO

Revna grinned, “We were discussing safe escape routes and how we ended up out here in the delta. So what about it Chief? How did you end up out here?”


“Bureaucracy,” he said with a chuckle. “Someone thought it would be a good idea if I went for warrant officer, and I guess I wasn’t thinking the day I put in the paperwork. And well there aren’t a lot of ships looking to take on a warrant officer in operations, so my positions were sort of limited. At the time the Manhattan seemed like a pretty good option. And honestly, I was kind of looking for a change of pace. I had done enough tours back towards the core of the Federation, I was ready for something a bit more exciting.

“Though maybe not this exciting.” Grinning Walker took a sip of his drink. “As for an escape route, that is t he one downside on being this far out. We don’t exactly have an easy line to fall back to.”

CWO Darach - COO

Revna waved her cup toward Darach. “Too true, but hopefully we are making headway in at least finding friendly territory.”

Aevin nodded. “That’s why I was asking our friendly neighborhood diplomat for at least non-hostile places we could retreat to in an emergency. Personally I think Starfleet got tired of explaining, no they didn’t demote me, I changed hosts, and the new host happened to be an Ensign at the time. So the Delta quadrant.” This was mostly a joke, and Aevin smiled jovially as he said it, but some part of him did wonder. Governments and military organizations did stranger things.


“Well you certainly are among a prestigious group. Only a handful of Star Fleet pilots have flown out here.” Revna gazed out the window. “We have barely made headway into these systems. ‘Travel far and wide, and you should posses the secrets of man (Norse Proverb)’.”


“We are definitely in for some travel far and wide,” Walker said as he followed Revna’s gaze out the window. “Have either of you had a chance to travel much of the Federation before getting sent out here?”

CWO Darach - COO

Revna nodded, “I did. Before this I served in Star Fleet. My last posting was the Atlantis. Before that I spent almost my entire career on the Shogun.” Which was the chief M.A.S.H. vessel for the fleet. It went wherever it was needed. “We went all over, but we didn’t get off ship a lot. Not sure that counts.” She grinned as she refilled her tea from a teapot sitting on the table.


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